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Smokin’ in the boys room: 1998 Honda CBR600 Smokin’ Joe’s

The Honda CBR600 is a legendary motorcycle. Introduced as the Hurricane in some markets, the CBR600 was Honda’s answer to the middleweight sport bike conundrum. Long celebrated as a “do anything” type of motorcycle, the CBR600 was a mainstay in the showroom, in satisfied owners’ garages and in the winner’s circle of racetracks around the country. It is the racing connection that brings us this, uh, special livery. It is easy to look at this 20-something and make Prince jokes, deriding it as a Purple Rain homage. But you see children, way back in the stone age motorcycle racing was sponsored by something other than energy drinks. Alcohol and tobacco were the deep pockets that funded many a racing exploit, and this Smokin’ Joe’s replica celebrates Honda’s success in AMA.

1998 Honda CBR600 Smokin’ Joe’s Replica for sale on eBay

Joe Camel – the cartoon spokes-animal mascot for Camel cigarettes (owned by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company – who also owns the Lucky Strike brand) – was the basis for the Smokin’ Joe’s racing livery. This “smooth character” festooned both the race team as well as this replica model. This is usually the area in the post where we say how this Special Edition bike is different than the standard model that you could buy for less dosh from any dealer in the country. But really, Joe Camel stickers and the purple paint scheme is all that there is to this particular model. The rest is pure, stone stock, Honda CBR600F3. That is not a bad thing, as this is a very well regarded model that lived in glory though 2006. The name made a resurgence in 2011 – and continues to this day – however these models are considered the same line in name only.

From the seller:
1998 Smokin Joes – CBR-600 SE – Race Replica

Purchased from original owner – I acquired the bike 12+ years ago – The Owner was an Helicopter Mechanic.

Mechanically And Cosmetically this bike is a 10.0 Out Of 10. Excellent condition for a 21 year old ICON in the Motor Cycle World. I want to place this bike with the one serious collector who understands what it is and appreciates it’s excellent condition.

I’ve posted as many HD pictures as ebay allows.

If you’re a serious buyer and need pictures of something else – you can ask.

It has been perfectly mothballed & stored in my museum over last 12+ years.

This Motorcycle is titled in Oregon. Totally stock other then a little tail clean up – The bike comes with ALL The OEM Tail Parts Removed For The Tail Clean-up. If the winning buyer wants them you’ll need to work out with your shipper having them come with Bike in a box when shipped – OR – I can package them up for you but you’ll need to cover the shipping costs.

The SJ model is a unique addition to the CBR600 lineup. This is a two year only motorcycle, but unlike other limited editions this was not a contiguous offering; it was only available in 1996 and 1998. Available in North America and Australia, there were a reported 500 units of the 1996 bike, and 1,500 examples of the 1998 model imported. Those numbers qualify this bike as rare, although many will point out that these are really just “kit” bikes; new fairings and stickers result in yet another SJ replica. As a result, there are more than a few faked Joe Camel Hondas floating around. This does not appear to be the case in this instance, however all SJ bikes can be verified through the VIN sequence. As always, RSBFS recommends interested buyers to do the requisite homework.

Values for Joe Camel scooters have not exactly skyrocketed. Today the whole concept of an animated mascot hawking addictive cancer sticks seems distasteful, at best. With most alcohol and tobacco advertising banned from motor sports, this replica represents a different era and a very different palette. Sporting fewer than 2,500 miles and claimed to be a museum-quality example (although the Micron pipe looks oddly out of place on a Yosh-sponsored bike) the opening ask for this particular bike is a strong $5,995 (no reserve!). For those who are willing to forego the auction and must have it right now, the BIN stands at $7,750. Those are big numbers for a relatively standard CBR600 that failed to generate any serious collector value. This bike is clean enough to be worth a look (check it out here), although the auction has had no action as of yet. Is the Smokin’ Joe’s Racing replica a legit RSBFS model, or just the work of a colorblind paint sprayer? Jump to the comments and let us know. Good Luck!!


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Even Readier to Race: 2015 Ariane Moto2 Race Bike for Sale


Racing at the highest levels is a game with very high stakes, and teams are willing to spend a fortune to eke out the smallest advantage over their competition. So if you’ve got a race series designed to showcase up-and-coming riders, how do you limit costs and make sure the playing field is relatively level to make sure it’s talent that makes the difference between victory and defeat? Well, rules that require every machine be powered by the exact same engine is a good start, and that’s the idea behind the current Moto2 series that replaced the 250cc two-stroke class in 2010. Today’s Ariane-framed Moto2 machine is shown in Pramac colors with Andrea Iannone’s #29, so I’m assuming it didn’t compete looking like this, but the important parts seem to be there.

Not long ago, Grand Prix racing was divided into 125cc, 250cc, and 500cc classes, and all used two-stroke engines. But when rules were changed to allow four-strokes to compete against the two-strokes with a significant displacement advantage, the writing was on the wall. The rules should have made the two configurations approximately equal in theory, but in practice the four-strokes were much faster, although more expensive to run, and eventually both Moto2 and Moto3 switched over to four-strokes to match the premier class bikes.

Moto2 machines used the familiar 599cc inline four from the CBR600 up until this year and no internal modifications are allowed, which keeps costs under control and help to keep performance between the different bikes relatively equal. Teams use different frames and suspensions and obviously bodywork, but power at least should be very, very close. In addition to the light, stiff aluminum beam frame, the bike comes with with OZ wheels, Öhlins suspension front and rear, and Brembo brakes. Moto2 is a prototype racing series: aside from the engine, these bikes are pure racing machines, with nothing, other than that Honda engine, in common with any roadgoing bike. So don’t go thinking you’ll be able to slap on some lights and a plate and take this down to the local bike night.


From the original Craigslist post: 2015 Ariane Moto2 Race Bike for Sale

2015 MotoGP moto2 bike for sale. Racing only.
Extra Faring x1.
Extra engine.
Extra Akrapovic Moto2 exhaust.
Extra OZ wheels.

There’s not a ton of detail included, although I’m sure interested parties can probably get more information from the seller. I’m not sure if this bike actually competed in the 2015 Moto2 series, or if it’s just built to Moto2 specifications. I’ve looked through the lists of competitors and I don’t seen anyone running an Ariane frame so I’d love a bit more history for this bike. As far as I can tell, Ariane has had some success in European and Spanish Championships, but hasn’t competed internationally. The $25,000 asking price would generally be considered a lot of money for a 600cc, Honda-powered machine, but that doesn’t sound outrageous for such a purpose-built race bike.


Even Readier to Race: 2015 Ariane Moto2 Race Bike for Sale
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Hurricane Season – a pair of mint CBR600 F1s on eBay

Two minty CBR600F1s on eBay


Here’s a chance to jumpstart your vintage sportbike collection with not one, but two VERY clean first generation Honda CBR600s.  The CBR600F1 debuted in 1987 and was Honda’s first fully faired inline 4 cylinder sportbike so there’s definitely some historical significance here.  Dubbed the “Hurricane,” these CBRs featured a 598cc engine pushing out approximately 85hp.  Honda certainly sold plenty of Hurricanes, so they weren’t really rare, but finding a pair in this condition certainly is.  Considering that they both appear to be completely stock, down to the exhausts and even rear mudguards, they would make a nice addition to any collection.



The seller gives some good details on the condition of both bikes, in his eBay auction seen here: two CBR600F1s on eBay

I am cleaning out the shop and have decided to part with my two Honda Hurricane 600 CBRF1 bikes.  I have a 1987 and a 1988 model.  Both are in excellent running condition.  The white (’87) has a little rash on the right side from a standing still drop but the black (’88) in absolutely MINT condition.  Both are all original stock bikes, and I just had both carbs totally rebuilt with OEM Honda parts by Opie Caylor of CaylorMade Motorsports.  Would prefer to sell both together but would consider splitting up the pair.  These are both very nice classic bikes and are in perfect running condition.  Non-ethanol gas used since carb rebuild so no problems at all.  Clean clear Georgia titles in my name.

These weren’t garage queens, with almost 50k miles combined showing on the odometers, but from the looks of them (and the seller’s garage) they would appear to have been very well maintained.  Collectable classics that you don’t have to feel guilty about riding on sunny days are always a good thing in my book!


Hurricane Season – a pair of mint CBR600 F1s on eBay
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Beautiful time capsule: 1990 Honda CBR600F


Even the Ninja fears a Hurricane. Classic advertising from a quarter century ago. The Hurricane was Honda’s answer to the liquid cooled, inline four, middle weight sport bike question. Competing against the ultra-successful Ninja 600R, the CBR600 held its own. While styling was a bit pudgy when compared to the edgy look of the Kawasaki, this is a form that has held up over time. There is no question that this is not a modern bike – yet it has a very classic shape that shows purpose and sporting intent. It looks every bit as good as more modern machinery, and at least in my eye surpasses the current trend of bug-eyed asymetrical organic design. Sure, it is nearly 25 years old, but in the hands of a decent rider this will transport you through canyons quite efficiently. If you have even a hint of nostalgia, read on. This one looks sweet!


1990 Honda Hurricane for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This bike is practically brand new …The miles are original 5123 …not a typo …. It had had been ridden very little …. up until it s last 5 years where it sat idle .. I just had the entire bike gone through… All carburetors , fluids, oils changed, new tires , I have all receipts ..It rides incredible …. And looks brand new …. ! This is a true find …. The only flaw is that the side mirrors are discolored … But I have the paint and will include in the sale …. See photos .. This bike is a gem …..If you love this styling like I do .. You will not be disappointed …


Special thanks to RSBFS reader Erik who not only made us aware of this bike, he penned the title of the article as well. This is indeed a beautiful time capsule. It may not be a rare model, but finding a bike this age in this condition is a rare happening. We *expect* to find Ducati MH900e examples with zero miles, but coming across a gem like this really makes me smile. This one will find a good home in someone’s collection I am sure. The best part: You can buy this one out of the auction for a scant $3,500! The auction still has days to go, so chances are good someone might ride it off for even less. Hmmm, Erik. Maybe you should have called that a Beautiful *bargain* time capsule. Good Luck!!



Beautiful time capsule: 1990 Honda CBR600F
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It Was Fun But Not Real Fun: 1379 Mile 1988 Honda CBR600F Hurricane

cbr right
Back in 1988 someone must have had a nice summer ripping around on their brand new Hurricane. Then, just like a real Hurricane, it was time for this one to fade away.  Lucky for us, someone took the time to tuck it way in a safe place.  All too often bikes like these end up behind the shed with barely a tarp on them.

cbr left

Walk into a Honda dealer today and say you are looking for a 600 Hurricane and see if the salesman has a clue what you are talking about.

Here is the story on it:

All original except for Supertrapp muffler, The preferred Red with White, Needs carbs cleaned and battery to run, engine has good compression and turns over fine, tires have zero rot and are not hard all rubber and seat cover are nice and pliable, paint has zero fade not even the mirrors that are known to fade easily if left outside much, this bike has been stored properly. Absolutely beautiful, please know all the black pieces are all original and have not been treated with back to black or any restoration product. Same with the red and white painted pieces


cbr naked 2

Danger!  Looks like all the fun factory stickers have survived.

cbr dash

Does the odometer lie?  I sure don’t think so, it is one nice example.

cbr front

This one is residing down south in Atlanta and the asking price is $3,350.

Click for the Craigslist ad.


It Was Fun But Not Real Fun:  1379 Mile 1988 Honda CBR600F Hurricane
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Oh So Interesting: Never Used, Kitted Honda 2008 CBR600RR

cbr left front
I think this is the first time I’ve seen this. A production bike, kitted up and then tucked away for safe keeping. Situations change, injuries happen and we all know about money. Whatever the reason, here is your chance to jump back to 08 on a massaged CBR.

2008 Honda CBR600RR with Race Kit for sale on eBay

cbr right
If you are a Honda guy you probably noticed the Erion sticker.  Yes, the receipts say Erion as well.

Here is the goodie list:

HRC Power up kit

HRC ACG assy

HRC trans assy

HRC Radiator set

HRC air funnel set

HRC electric set

HRC steering dampner

HRC meter assy

HRC PGM FI serial USB com cable

Ohlins front fork cartridge kit

Ohlins rear shock

Marchesini forged black wheels front and rear

Dunlop sportsmax GP tires

Brembo brakes Front and rear calipers and rotors  with s/s brake lines

Dyno jet quick shift module w/ linkage

Dyno jet power commander III

 Erion racing TI full exhaust system

 Sato Racing foot controls & frame sliders

Ohlin front and rear suspension

 Sharkskinz full fiberglass fairings

& much more!!

cbr topAnd the story on it:

This is an extremely rare opportunity to showroom condition fully built 2008 CBR600RR race bike. The list of upgrades and modifications exceeds $30,000.00 there is a full detailed list invoice/receipt from Erion Racing. No expense was spared during this build mainly HRC Honda Racing parts used in the build. After the build the bike was drained and prepped for “long term” dry storage and shipped back to it’s home in Paradise Valley, Arizona where it has been stored in a climate controlled environment.

This is a beautiful machine showroom condition everything is brand new!!

cbr mufflerI don’t think you can argue about the quality of the upgrades but what is she worth?  The BIN is $13,500. I know racing equipment ages practically overnight.  There is an interesting story out there in the world of amateur motocross though, there is a kid racing a 1985 CR250 against all the 2013 equipment and doing quite well. Hmm…..

Here is the auction.


Oh So Interesting: Never Used, Kitted Honda 2008 CBR600RR
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Month in Review: June 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged a record 60 bikes in June and readers purchased 14 bikes in total.

Lowest sale price: $2900
Highest sale price: $19800

Congratulations to June’s buyers and sellers!


Let’s get it started with this 1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that had a buy-it-now of $3600 and sold after one relist for $2950.

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

This Yamaha YZR500 replica build in the UK was first listed for about $22,600 but ended up selling for $20,500 after two relists.

Yamaha YZR500 replica

In Arizona this 2002 Aprilia RS250 MKII sold for a shade over $9k.

2002 Aprilia RS250

This red-headed Moto Guzzi V11 Rosso Corsa sold for a very reasonable $5500.

2003 Moto Guzzi Rosso Corsa

Here was a sharp 1997 Yamaha YZF750R that sold for a mere $3700.

1997 Yamaha YZF750R

Next is this 1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane that sold for $3950.

1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane

A cult favorite, this 1985 Yamaha RZ350 sold for just $5000.

1985 Yamaha RZ350

This 1982 Ducati 900 Supersport pulled in $17,100!

1982 Ducati 900SS

After being relisted once, this 1996 Bimota BB1 is going to sell for $5444.

1996 Bimota BB1

With one relist, this Yamaha FZR400 sold for $3450.

Yamaha FZR400

Combining items in a single auction almost never works, but in the case of this lot with a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 and 1987 GSX-R50 sold for $13,100.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Here’s an ugly duckling that sold for just $2900.

1996 Yamaha FZR600

In the Pacific Northwest, this 1990 Honda NSR250R (MC21) sold for a mere $4825.

1990 Honda NSR250R

While not a Formula, this 1999 Laverda 750S sold for just $4550.

1999 Laverda 750S

And this nearly new 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss sold for an astonishing $19,800!

2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss

At the other end of the spectrum, this 2001 Ducati 996 with just 1100 miles sold for $7500, which I think might be the best Ducati of the month.

2001 Ducati 996

Another 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100, and this one sold for $5400.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Month in Review:  June 2013 Sales Report
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One-Owner Survivor: ’87 Honda CBR600 Hurricane

Bradley, IL – 8,149mi — $3,550 No Reserve


Long before the days of bikes and cars only being identified by alphanumeric codes and acronyms, there was the CBR600 Hurricane. The name just makes it sound awesome, and it is kind of sad that U.S. doesn’t have the Fireblade name for our 1000RR. Only a couple years after its introduction, Honda dropped the stormy moniker in favor for some numbers and letters.


Obviously, this bike isn’t going to compete with today’s 600 supersport class, but that isn’t how you should think about this bike. For the same price as a new 250cc from Honda you can have this inline-4 rocket. Also, if you wanted one of these so bad back in the day, but there weren’t enough lawns to mow to cover the cost, now is your chance.

From the seller:

NO RESERVE !!!!! 1987 Honda CBR 600 Hurricane.Only produced 2 yrs with the Hurricane script on the tank. I am the original owner of this bike . Always stored in inside, covered and meticulously maintained. Never raced or dropped and dusted, debugged ,and waxed after every ride. Has never been in the rain. The bike is completely stock with the exception of a few things that I will elaborate on. The F1 all-aluminum silencer is probably the first thing that will be noticed. I do not have the original silencer anymore. Tires have been changed only once since the removal of the stock rubber and Pirelli Sport Demons were installed which now have approx 500 miles on them. Photos will show the manufacturing cast tips on the tires to give you an idea of how new they really are.

The stock air filter has been replaced with a K & N product. Passenger footrests were removed shortly after the purchase of the bike to streamline the look in the rear. The original brackets that supported the foot rests were taken to a body shop and a friend of mine at the time did the work himself by cutting them off and smoothed all the roughness away and repainted both with a high gloss black finish. The end result is a look that turned out factory perfect. The front fairing has a small crack directly to the lower right of the headlight as you face the front of the bike. (See photo of headlight area) This crack is a factory defect and it was on the bike when it sat on the showroom floor. The seat is in perfect condition without a single flaw.

The tank has not a scratch or dent in it. All of the bodywork pieces have the original fasteners that secure it to the frame All bodywork and paint is ORIGINAL. Absolutly no scratches.No key fobs or other matter were attached to the starter key so as not to scratch the top clamp,If that will give you an indication on how picky i am.The actual mileage is 8149. Every gauge on the dash works perfectly including speedometer and tachometer. All lights work and switches too. There has never been any electrical issues. Brakes and calipers are in perfect working order . Last year I installed new float bowl gaskets; OEM float valves and an OEM petcock. Absolutely no oil or radiator leaks. Shocks and forks are original equipment and never an issue with either.

Also note; the plastic housing on the rear view mirrors has discolored slightly simply due to age and the inevitable breakdown in plastic properties through the years, which is, sadly, unavoidable.Not a showstopper but it still needs to be mentioned because the photos won’t be able to show the hue difference compared to the color of the fairing they’re attached to.The rear 42-tooth sprocket was replaced with a 44-tooth sprocket and I still have the original. Chain is original too.Original owners manual and Honda Service manual is also included with the bike and yes, all pieces in the tool kit are also intact. Swing arm stand included with the sale of the bike.

This one was featured on the site back in 2011 with a premium starting price. It didn’t sell back then, but it is going to sell now. This is probably the cleanest Hurricane 600 I have seen and being a one-owner bike, it is clear someone has loved this bike it’s entire life. I know a certain RSBFS author that is going to be pissed that this bike isn’t closer to his location… If you want to take home is super clean survivor, you can check out the auction here!