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Modded 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R On Ebay

1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R On Ebay

When I started reading the details in this auction I realized this is a very interesting bike.  Not necessarily because of the bike but what has been done to it.  It has a had a couple of minor tasteful modifications done to it along with a rather large mod.  It has the front end off of a 2009 GSXR installed (professionally).  So this brings up an interesting question when it comes to rare bikes:  what does that do to the value/price of the bike?  For the collector types I’m sure that is a turn off.  For others, I’m sure it could be seen as a positive.  A nice modern touch to popular older bike.  Now this seller has covered his bases.  He has kept all the original parts so it can be changed back to stock.  Smart man.  What do you guys think of the overall question though, do you see modifications as a positive or negative?

 Here is info from the auction:

For sale is a 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R. Factory upgrades that came with the “R” model include the full power motor, an aluminum gas tank, 39mm flatslide carbs, high performance camshafts, slipper clutch, full race close ratio transmission, upgraded suspension and brakes, and a solo seat. Its the real deal and a very sweet example. I still remenber seeing those ram air scoops going thru the tank for the first time. It just screamed “Superbike”. I always wanted one. However, the R model sold for over $11,000 back in the day. The passage of time made my dream a step closer. I had been looking for the right ZX7R for several years and when I came across this bike, the search was over. I purchased this bike about 2 years ago from the original owner. At that time it had approximately 15k miles. Many people only want stock examples which they don’t ride. This isn’t me. I enjoy riding my bikes as well as giving them an upgraded restoration.  The bike has what I consider very tasteful upgrades which were all done to a very high standard. For starters, this clean example came with the only pipe I would consider: an era correct Rob Muzzy stainless full race exhaust. No longer available, this was a critical criteria for me. Muzzy made the best pipe for the ZX7, just look at the race history. I upgraded the front end using a 2009 GSXR750. The conversion was professionally done by motorcycle fabricator Wyn Belorusky. Look him up. He custom machined a top triple clamp from billet aluminum that exactly matches the look of the factory ZX7R upper triple. Its amazing and was not cheap. Included in the front end upgrade are the 09 gsxr forks, front wheel, rotors, radial mounted brakes, master cylinder, clipons, superbike braided brake lines, and a carbon fiber fender. I had the gsxr front wheel and OEM factory rear wheel freshley powdercoated green. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this upgrade is. The front end feels so much lighter. It handles, brakes, and rides like a modern bike. Most people dont notice the upgrade, it looks correct. Before you ask, yes I have the original front end complete with forks, triples, brakes, wheel, tire, fender, everything, that goes with the sale of the bike. On the rear end, it has a Penske shock with remove resevoir, as well as woodcraft rearsets. The swingarm had some minor scratches on the right side. During the build I had it removed and powdercoated. The bike has a brand new Vortex 520 chain sprocket conversion, custom billet rear stand spools, steering dampner, and brand new tires. I just changed the oil and filter with Repsol synthetic. The bike starts right up and runs strong. The flatslide carbs really come alive above 6000 RPM, and the pipe sounds great! Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed owing and building this bike, and spared no expense in the improvements I made. Someone is gonna get a sweet machine!


I know Doug has talked about this before but how many of you guys realized the ZX-7R’s had a slipper clutch back in the day?  I know I usually say this but it will be interesting to see what this bike sales for.  It isn’t a garage queen but it has obviously been well taken care off.  It has a couple of mods that give you a little modern with the old:  and heck you get the stock stuff too so you are covered.  It has aif you are interested.



  • The RC30 had a slipper clutch in 1988 🙂

  • Joel,
    The only problem is that is Honda and no one likes Honda’s. I’m obviously just giving you a hard time. That is some good info. Is it set up and ready to go or do you have a make a small modification to make it work. If I remember correctly that is how the Kawasaki works. It has to be modified per the kit manual to operate. I may be thinking about the ZXR400R though.

  • They were stock and ready to go. Keep in mind, those old “slipper” clutches did not work anywhere near the ability of a modern one. They used a different mechanism and were quite crude. My NC35 also had one as well. Ah, well, I love Hondas, but I do have a Kawi H1 tucked away, but don’t tell anyone.

  • As far as the modifications go, I am all for them if they are an improvement, as I am sure is the case here. I ride a 1990 FZR 400, and although I have all the Racetech goodies up front I would love the have the adjustability of a modern front end. I say that as someone who rides his bikes rather than look at them in the garage.

  • These mods are something I would consider doing myself, so I see them as a value add. Whats more, every bike I’ve owned I’ve wanted to make some kind of significant mod to but never had the cash to follow through, so for someone to have taken the trouble to make the mod for me already….all the better!!

    Lovely specimen this. Wish I had a bigger garage and a fat wallet

  • I’d argue that the fork mod is necessary, K models had adjustable suspension, no doubt the GSXR unit is more adjustable and lighter, but the K front end with Race Tech internals isn’t far off. The extra braking power would be nice but again six pots from a GSXR could have been used and it would have been about the same. One thing I’m not sure of is the difference from the Kawi 52mm uppers to the GSXR 50mm units, front end stability is part of the ZXR legend, it would be a shame to ruin that. I like the Penske Shock upgrade, these bikes needed an upgraded shock to be streetable, I’m also a fan of the Woodcraft rearsets, I plan on adding them to mine, a must for riders over 6′. Pipes are subjective, given a choice I’d stick with the factory part, next I’d say a Hindle high mount then the Muzzy, I’m not sure I’d use anything else except possible the Akro, but they are extinct. Overall it’s tastefully done but I don’t think he will get near the money the K1 sold for last year.

  • Am I reading you guys correctly? You would pay more, all other things being equal and pretend he still didn’t have the stock stuff, for the modded bike compared to a bone stock example?

  • Well ,
    I say good on him !! I see both sides of the coin . It’s always gret to update an already decent bike (or not) ….to taste . I do comment him though for saving all the OEM goodies to put back sghould some die-hard purist collector be offended that he changed everything + well as keeping its original value that way for sure . Just my 2 cents ……..
    I’ve had more than 6 RC30s in my lifetime so far and I love the slipper clutch . you appreciate it when you come in to a corner too hot on a rainy day and downshift whist entering a turn and downshifting too quickly……….

  • Personally I would not pay any extra for the mods, they may add value to a standard model but not a limited edition bike such as this. It is nice that he has kept the stock front end so I would consider that a wash, as for the pipe and the rear shock, that lowers the value in my opinion, those parts are hard to replace in original condition. Rear sets are the same across the ZXR line so they are easy to find and neither add to or decrease the value of the bike. These bikes are most valuable in factory condition so to me it’s is worth less money as it sits even though he has the front end.

  • Bidding is pretty high, the reserve isn’t met! Hope it keeps going up! w/16000 miles, I guess the previous one that just sold with 1461 miles was a steal at $5500.

  • […] While the bike does have 15000 miles on it and minor cosmetic issues my guess is the owner knows his stuff and looks after the bike.  It certainly is an exciting bike to own.  I think we may have seen this before,  Interesting that the mileage is the same now as it was back then: Old RSBFS Entry […]

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