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Meaty Beauty, Big and Bouncy – 1996 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

With apologies to the Who, this cheesecake of a sportbike is one of Guzzi’s greatest hits.  The design was based on the Daytona and shown in fall 1993 as a 1994 model.  One of the last carburetted Guzzis, the 1996 model had fully adjustable suspension front and rear, and the company’s torquey 2-valve L-twin.  This higher-mile example has been well-loved and presents well.

1996 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport for sale on eBay

No denying the 1100 Sport tends toward the traditional, with the slightly oversquare air-cooled mill and 5-speed shaft drive.  But a new frame design began the updates, W-P provided the outstanding forks and monoshock, and un-linking the brake system was a nod toward sportier riding.  The riding position and fairing compare to other supersports of the day, and the company eagle soars over a nicely finished machine, this time in the deep red.

This owner’s mods show the sportier side, the factory’s catalyzer traded for a full Termignoni exhaust, and the airbox removed in favor of foam air filters, which also gives a good view of the rear shock.  Fork tube cozies and head guards are a nod to the realities of road riding.  15 years and 30,500 miles on, the owner has been in for the long term and provides a maintenance update in the eBay auction:

I’ve decided to part with this beauty after owning her for 15 years. I’ve owned 2 of these up until a few years ago. I bought this one at Meyers Ducati/Moto Guzzi in Asheville (since closed). I’ve always considered these to be one of the sexiest Italian V twins of the era. I’ve read there were 215 of this year produced. Not sure if that’s accurate. They are getting rare these days and are destined to become more valuable. This Sport 1100 is equipped with a few extremely hard to find after-market performance parts including Termignoni stainless exhaust full system and Marvic wheels, UNI Pod air filters (air box was removed before I got it). It runs strong and starts easily. It’s always had good maintenance, regular valve adjustments, and primarily full synthetic oil. I only run ethanol free premium fuel. Most recently serviced at HCV Motorsports in Asheville NC. 

A regular in supersports and thunder-twin race series, the race-developed frame was shared with the 1100 Sport.  The weight can’t be erased but the biked tested as good to hold a line once turned in, and strong torque numbers make the back roads unwind.  No worries about the longevity of the drivetrain, and with a fan’s updates and up-to-date care, this might be a good entrée into a classic sportbike…



  • This is one of my top 10, maybe 5 favorite bikes in the world for sport(y) riding.

  • Yes, please! Incredible riding bikes – solid, planted, communicative, responsive, confidence-inspiring – and with engine & exhaust noises from the gods. Removal of the airbox makes sketchy carburetion worse, so hopefully, that’s sorted. Functionally, the later i.e. models were the way to go, but somehow the aethestics aren’t quite as “right” as the carb model. In both the red & black variants, these are, to my mind, among the best-looking road bikes ever made. Funny thing: the stylized “Sport” decal on the tail looks either like “Spat” or “Spoit” – the next gen went to block letters. If I was in the market, I would go see this bike & likely make a bid.

  • Big Guzzis are a world of their own-and their unbroken heritage of making bikes since 1919 gives them a credibility others lack.
    They can’t really be compared to other makes without pain for the lover of Guzzis.
    Slow, simple, basic, old fashioned -the list goes on -but they are like bears in the forest-a proper growling motor, torque where you need it and a lazy loping manner that still manages to cover the ground quite quickly.
    Sadly Guzzi has been run by gutless clowns for many years who ignore an engineering heritage that includes a 500cc V8 made in the mid 1950s and a wind tunnel that goes back to the same era.
    Check out the amount of people who have continued to tune and race Guzzis despite the lack f support from the factory. Even the MGS-01 got canned by the gutless wonders.
    Now if Cagiva had bought Guzzi instead of Ducati then things might have been very different.

  • Got enticed by one of these some years back after having had and loved an original V7 Sport. Thought it would be all the V7 was (relatively light and agile but with modern looks, power, handling, braking, etc. Bought it without riding it first. BIG mistake! Guzzi’s have always been a bit “contraptiony” and more farm implement than scalpel. The emphasis on this bike is on FARM IMPLEMENT! Big and bulky, and slow by any comparison to just about any other “Sport” bike of the period. Definitely more power than my V7 but much bigger, slower handling, less than comfortable, and the tractor part… the transmission is definitely from the farm. Makes an old BMW seem like a smooth speedy shifter. Yes it looks nice (for a Guzzi), but my was gone in less than a month without regret. Some folks love them and know how to make them handle better and go faster, but better handling and faster than what becomes the question. A lot of work and expense when there are plenty of great alternatives out there. And funny, still have the V7 and still love it!

    Chuck S.

  • I had to weigh in, this is a great bike,I have one and have covered a lot of territory & it is a very alluring planted nimble ( chuck …I know) isn’t feathery under 30…& shakes at low speed,…..but who stays there……I have risked my butt and been saved by this bikes planted nature & woud reccomend it for anyone ..with some experience …mines a dark brown ,beautiful details,….sound ,love it. Buy it.

  • I agree J Frost…..I bought my dark brown 1100i new back in ’97.

    I’ve bought and sold many bike in my life and I’ve never considered letting this one go.

    I looks , sounds and performs exactly as I want it to.

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