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Keeping It Interesting: 1983 Rotax Powered Spondon SP7

Keeping It Interesting: 1983 Rotax Powered Spondon SP7

These are the bikes that keep it interesting.  I love running across a bike I don’t know a damn thing about and that is exactly what this is. Most of us know Spondon as a company that builds exotic frame kits for RG500’s but we’ve seen a few of their older race bikes here on RSBFS lately. I believe, but can’t confirm, this 1983 SP7  was built/sold as a complete package.  Post away in the comments section if you can provide some insight into the bike.

Since I lack any real knowledge let’s have the seller explain:

1983 Spondon Rotax Inline 250cc two stroke racer. Excellent condition and very rare. Approximately one of only a few made with the new Rotax tandem 250cc motor. Ultra simple and light frame with a new generation racing engine very rare and unusual bike from Altinier Racing , Treviso Italy. Excellent condition and ready to race or show. An excellent motorcycle for AHRMA racing or for any collection. Selling on a bill of sale only with no title!


Looks like a snowmobile engine hiding in there.  If you were a small manufacturer and wanted to build a 250cc race bike in the early 80’s you probably built it around this engine.  Do a Google Image search for “Rotax 250cc” and see what interesting stuff pops up.

Hmmm, not very official but I guess that is your model number.

Spondon Engineering is still around and I wonder if they’d be able to give details on the bike?  Might be worth an email if you are interested.

While searching the depths of the internets for info on the this bike I did stumble onto a listing on a high end bike dealer in the UK and  I believe this bike was listed there (no pictures):  for quite a large sum of money.  If you’d like to take your chances on the auction click here.



  • hi the bike is not a spondon it,s waddon rotax http://www.waddon.me/members/

  • This bike was offered at The Bator auction in Vegas some months ago and was one of a group of bikes brought over by Altinier Motorsports in Italy for the auction. One of the other bikes was a TZ 250 represented “AS NEW” and purchased by someone I know. The TZ turned out to be a “Bitsa” and not as represented. Bator took the TZ back after a giant hassle. Food for thought.

  • Good stuff guys. I can see this one requires some homework if interested. As far as the make, it does resemble a Waddon but I also found a picture from Brands Hatch in 1982 that shows a Spondon/Rotax.

  • hi ian if you can give me the frame number i will ask stuart at spondon for you as my frame is there at the moment if its a spondon it will have the numbers under the headstock

  • Dean,
    It doesn’t look like the seller posted any photos of the frame number. If you are in contact with them maybe just ask if they ever built something called an SP7 with a Rotax engine in 1983.

  • the bike is a waddon rotax 250. not a spondon. waddon never put chassis nos. on their bikes. this has works magnesium chain adjusters and the tank unit is of 82 vintage. it does have a later 256 engine in it at quick glance. how do people not even realise what they are selling and who put sp07 on it?!!!!!

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