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Gilera posted by

I want it: Stock Gilera CX 125 in NorthWest Italy


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.


For a short time back in the 80’s, bikes with fully enclosed bodywork were all the rage.  Bimota had the Tesi, Ducati had the Paso, BMW had the big K1, Honda had the CBR/Hurricane, etc.  At the same time numerous european countries passed laws restricting the displacement of motorcycles that new riders could own.  These “learner” models often had race-replica sport-bike styling to appeal to the 17 year old who had just gotten their license and wanted to look fast, even if their machine couldn’t have more than 15bhp by law. Also, most of these learner specials shared styling with their larger parent bikes so you could get a mini YZF-R, CBR, or even Ducati 916 (via the Cagiva Mito).

There was, however, one notable exception, one manufacturer that went all in and gambled on producing a totally unique 125 design. Gilera produced what was possibly the weirdest 125 sport bike of all time – the short lived and radically-styled Gilera CX125, which had some of the most futuristic design to ever grace a “beginner” bike.

gilera 4

1991 Gilera CX

The CX concept was unveiled at the 1989 Milan EICMA show but was scarcely believable as a potential production machine. Here was a tiny sport machine with fully enveloping bodywork that looked like something straight out of a sci-fi cartoon, with a remarkable single sided suspension on both ends. But unlike a lot of concept bikes, the CX  hit the market in 1991 as an honest-to-God working motorcycle that featured the same space-age styling and bonkers suspension that the 1989 prototype had introduced.

Gilera CX125 Motorcycle Suspension Chassis

However, even though the CX had a unique look the design is actually conventional. In the press the CX was well received but there was a strained quality to the reviews that showed the reviewer’s apparent disappointment with how ordinary the CX was on the road, like they were desperately trying to find a way to make it sound as cool as it looked. It’s not that the CX was wasn’t a good bike, but it felt far more conventional than the styling suggested.

gilera 5

While the CX garnered attention due to its radical styling, it performed like its sister bike (the Crono model) but was slightly slower and cost more money. It probably didn’t help that popular opinion of the CX varied between “incredibly cool” and “tragically ugly”. Thus production of the CX125 was discontinued after less than a year with only 1000 examples being made. Parent company Piaggio discontinued Gilera’s motorcycle production in 1993 so the only Gilera you can get now is a small displacement scooter.

Here is the listing translated from ebay.it via google translate.

  • KM 15163


gilera 3

The bike is located in Northern Italy with about 15,000 KM . Asking price is a cool 4000 3800 euro,which is about 5000 USD.   Is it worth that? Well its a bit rough with no rear mudguard and the chain looks a bit slack. But the only other one I have ever seen is currently on display at the Barber museum in Alabama USA and only 1000 were made for a single model year. Therefore, the price may be about right.  All I know is if I could figure out a sure fire way to  get it into my living room I would be bidding.




  • Hi there…when I lived overseas I actually saw one of these girls brand spanking new in a dealer’s showroom!!!…thought abought buying her but passed and instead bought an NC30 gear drive cams 400cc Honda….Our commerce stopping government prevents me also from bidding ….dose any one really know how to import such toys for certain?????…have not been able to find out such information???…take care

  • Megaforce!

  • I have one like new with less than 1000 miles on it.
    i have bought it 10 years ago and i have driven it only 2/3 times.
    I’m italian and i remember well the times when Gilera release it…it was the most expansive 125 of the Gilera range and most expansive of Cagiva and Aprilia models for this reason and becose the styling was probably too mugh ahead for this times people in most cases decide not to buy it…this is the reason now is so rare…les than 1000 were produced and most of them were destroyed by young 16 years boys ,many other were disassembled for making specials using front and back suspensions…
    The quality of the bike rage from optimum to very scarce ,some parts are very well built,some others are totally crap especially the quality of plastic of the bodywork that after 2000/3000 miles starts to crack and if you don’t reinforce with carbon fibre the inside parts of bodywork completely destroy after few time…all my friends that bought these bike in the 90 were driving them without bodywork 😉 . this is the reason why is so rare to find one in this shape nowadays…. i think the price is reasonable too….

    • Thank you for your kind reply…I’m a Pizza eater too!…love Italian bikes…I have a Benelli and an Aprilia…but also admit that I have many Japanese bikes , love them also!!..it’s not so much that the asking price is high it’s the problem with trying to import our toys into the home of the free and brave…. .importing is the main problem and also finding parts ..I’m looking for an upper left hand side fairing for my2008 model year Benelli 1130 cc Toranado Tre in the original factory made injection molded plastic green and silver color combination…can’t find it for love or money!!!..so the repair parts lack of availability also affects a bike’s value / asking price…. take care …good luck with your girl….

  • What a cool bike!

  • I have a Gilera CX125 that does not exactly fit your description. I am in Orlando, Florida. If you want to contact me via email I would share exactly what I do have.

    • thank you…yes please tell me more…

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