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Hamamatsu Hammer: 1999 YAMAHA R7 0W-02


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.


In the world of street-going unobtainium, you are gawking at a unicorn. Built as Yamaha’s answer to Honda’s RC45, the R7 was homologated to the tune of just 500 units. With a potent 100+ HP in stock, street trim, this World Superbike contender could unleash 160+ snarling beasties when fed the right spinach and tickled by the right technician. This particular bike is said to sport the YEC goodies to unlock the second bank of fuel injectors – bringing about 140 HP to the party. With a frame designed with lessons learned in GP racing, top-shelf Swedish suspension units and pretty much the best of everything else available for the track in the day, the R7 looks as good as it performs. This particular bike has low miles and looks terrific. Who doesn’t want a pet unicorn?

1999 YAMAHA R7 0W-02 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
1999 YAMAHA R7 0W-2. The bike is perfect. has about 1800 miles on it. Full factory YEC racing kit installed.This includes the kit fuel injectors, ignition, radiator shroud/mod, titanium Promotive full exhaust so this example is making about 150 rear wheel hp. Also included are two boxes of unopened YEC kit parts. Currently has Marchesini wheels but will be sold with the perfect stock wheels with stock tires. This is the bike to show case in your collection. I have two of them so this one needs to find a new home.


The R7 was a $30k+ machine when it was new. The YEC race kit parts were not cheap either (seriously, when is racing *ever* cheap???). The limited nature of homologation street bikes means that this one is rare, rare, rare. Check it out here and try not to drool on the keyboard. Maybe not as universally well-loved as the RC30, the Yamaha OW-02 is in a special class of bikes that ooze respect. Come visit us in the comments and share your thoughts!



  • last of the great 750’s, Haga was a monster on this thing.

    • Marty, I wholeheartedly second your comment regarding Haga. Nori was the Bellof of the Superbike world. Godspeed to both.

    • Oops,i just realized that my previous comment made it sound like both Haga and Bellof were dead…that is obviously NOT the case. I was trying to make the point that both Bellof and Haga were/are two of the fastest participants in there respective motor sports to have never realized a championship. So much potential, just not the right circumstances.

  • It looks like very nice but some parts are not stock, front discs, black ruber tube from the tank…
    And some signs of circuit-race use: wires from front calipers, fork adjusters with some cosmetic marks…
    Only 1.800 miles…mmmmmm

    • “… black rubber tube from the tank …”

      that’s NOT stock? I thought they came like that

  • THE very definition of Rare Sportbike For Sale. The quote in the listing says it very well in my opinion: “‘This has to be the greatest looking road bike ever to roll out of Japan, no question. The R7 somehow manages to be aggressive, pretty, perfectly formed and exotic in one utterly balanced package.’ – Performance Bikes magazine.”
    Derestricted with rare factory parts included, and Pete the seller is well known in the superbike collector world, so that’s another positive.
    Epic want!

  • Spectacular looking machine. Too bad I wasn’t born rich.

  • Ahh yes…this is the most beautiful bike in my collection. One of the coolest sounding motors in the 4 cylinder world. It has a nasty sound! 14,000 rpm of pure race motor. The only reason this is going is due to no more room in my garage to move around and I have another one in race form…..so who really needs two unicorns! Its mint and ready to be ridden daily. I would much rather sell it to someone who is going to ride in the good old USA than send it off to europe to sit someones living room. Hope someone in the USA gets it.

    • Pete, do you know if the crank recall was done on this bike? I almost bought one locally a few years ago but the owner couldn’t confirm if the recall was done or not so I decided to pass. Best looking Yamaha put out IMO.

  • Though a V-4 Honda guy I have to give props to the R7 as well . It really does have an awesome and I would even say timeless look to it . You have to love it when someone has too many of them already ! Anyways I am sure it will eventually go to a good home ! 🙂

  • I’m thinking pretty hard about this one. Just trying to decide if the desire to own this is greater than the fear of a good woman who keeps telling me, “No more bikes!”

  • When these were released a potential buyer was required to have an AMA pro license. These were built for one reason and truly were a ‘race bike on the street.’

    Pete, who did your tuning? I’m going to be installing the race harness/ecu on my R7 this spring. Also if you happen to have and spares you’re looking to part with let me know.

  • Definately, OW02 belongs to holy grail group of SBK homologation specials like Honda RC30, RC45, Kawasaki ZXR750R, ZX-7RR, both Suzuki GSX-R750R and Yamaha OW01,OW02. Strange that all japanese produced 2 homologated single seat models. OW02 is the newest one, so also design is very modern.

  • That has to be the most beautiful Yamaha ever built.

  • I hate EBAY! Some guy busted my balls saying that this was a R1 with a airtech fairing? Another asked me how didi I bore it out 10 750cc from the original R6 motor. I don’t think I could release this beauty to the world. I will not sell this unless the prospective buyer gives me a resume! Thank the good lord for Rare Sport Bikes for Sale. Real enthusiasts checking out sick ass bikes! Thank you Doug for working so hard to get the real story out.

    Sincerely Pete

  • Lovely machine, and a tasty 851 Kit lurking behind it, but my favorite part is that either the seller’s garage has hardwood floors or he put an overhead door straight into his living room – that’s doing it right! (…and living single, grin)

  • Just a quick question for Pete:

    Do the stock rotors come with the stock rims? Also, the stock Exhaust?


  • I will vouch for Pete as I bought an OWO1 from him for my collection. He is up front and honest and takes care of all of his bikes in his VERY IMPRESSIVE bike and car collection. A true collector, fellow racer and all round passionate soul for motorcycles. I spent 4 hours oogling over his collection. – rows and rows of you name it motorcycle exotica. He has a solid knowledge of the history of all of them. Good luck with the sale Pete, wish I was in a position at the moment to buy it myself. Take care, Christian

  • not to knock the bike, but this was interesting reading


  • Keep it Pete!

  • Hi Pete, I have bought one recently. One of the nicest bikes ever built
    Please, let me ask you a quick question: It has the race kit, and it doesn’t have idling (if I don’t turn the throttle all the time the bike stalls)
    The previous owner tried to fix it with bests SBK teams that raced the R7’s in Spain and they could’n fix it. Does it happens to yours?

    Best regards!

  • From the missing fairing bolts, AM wheels and brakes, no turn signals, wear on the fork adjusters, etc, I suspect this one was the track bike, while the other is the “baby.” Probably a hard 1800 miles and alot of molesting from trading parts. Just my .02 .

    • …..Fair call.

  • A unicorn indeed, really awesome! I want to buy this! Pete, I realize this bike is worth every penny but if you can work with me on the price and get me closer to the 20K mark I’d jump on it in a minute. Obviously you want to see how it does first and I’m in no rush but if you don’t get full price, look me up. It’s not a matter of grinding, it’s just one of those things…I’m good at 20 but 25K plus transport, plus taxes, plus fees…Too rich for my blood. Tired of Ebay killing us all on fees so dropping you a note through my favorite MC site. Good luck man! Adam.

  • So at least you guys here on RSBFS know what your looking at! I have had the most frustrating phone calls in the last 24 hrs. Any way to clarify for all who are interested. The stock wheels and rotors come installed on the bike, I do not have a “stock” exhaust but it has the YEC Promotive full ti system on it . And Lou my other R7’s are full on race bikes so this was my street “baby”. It has never seen the track while in my possession over the past 8 years. I bought it from Kie at Red Label Motorsports in Oregon about 8 years ago. When I bought it he said the crank was replaced at 400KM. I bought it with about 1400 km on it. My price of $25k is the asking price. I want $26k if someone wants to really buy it. It’s more than a fair deal. I will help with shipping any where in the USA . You will get my rate of $600 anywhere in the USA from daily direct. You will pay for the shipping. I truly want this bike to stay in the USA, I have three overseas offers now but those dudes get everything cool over there so it’s staying planted in the good old USA!. I’d venture to bet that here are less R7’s in the USA than there are RC30’s. If the total production was only 500 worldwide I’m sure that less then 75 made it to the states. I have three and know where there are 5 or 6 more but this fucker is a rare bird. Pull the trigger and enjoy!

  • I hear you brother and you’re right, 25K is a solid deal. I’ll watch the auction and think about it some more. You know how it is…I tend to freak out a bit at tax time so I cut back on the toys…. When I sold my last few bikes, can’t tell you the BS comments that came from Ebay. Have to just delete and move on. Thanks Pete, I’ll drop you a note on ebay bud.

  • I’ve seen this bike in person, and saw it run. Simply awesome. Without a doubt, Pete has the most incredible collection of bikes I’ve ever seen. Like the Barber museum, but better. Pete keeps his bikes clean and mechanically sound. It could not come from a better home, the buyer will get an incredible machine. If you make it down to Daytona for bike week, give me a call. Good luck with sale. Jeff.

  • It should be easy to get an fair indication if the bottom-end campaign has been done.A quick check of all the engine fasteners on the frame,crankcases,heads,exhaust,injection manifolding,etc. will bear witness to removal and replacement..The standard of crankcase sealant will also quickly reveal the work of a dealership technician as apposed to the factory labourer/robot.

  • Welcome to my world Pete with the ridiculous phone calls. Lol. Whoever (Albert?) said the tube on the fuel tank is not stock needs to be slapped. I’ve been lucky enough to take 2 new R7 models out of the factory crate. This very bike being one of them as I was the 1st owner. That tube is absolutely the way it came from Yamaha. This R7 for certain had the crankshaft recall/repair done. I was personally operating this bike on a group ride when it started to make noise. The mileage was very low at the time. It was repaired for no charge at I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah, WA. The technician was named Mike and he is now at Ducati Seattle. Pete if you go through those boxes you should find the receipt for the repair. If memory serves I spent an additional $4k on all those race kit parts in 1999. Ignore the naysayers and trolls Pete. This a special machine and an informed buyer will come along I’m sure. Hell it might be me! Kie. Red Label Moto LLC. Seattle.

  • The bike appears legit and all, but all this reaching around and self gratifying buddy back slapping means nothing and is a bit ridiculous. I mean its not like multiple people have not vouched for crap bikes and cars that have come up for sale in the past.

    As always buyer beware and do your own research and where possible lay eyes on any bike or car you are about to buy.

    BTW, are you self promoters always in the habit of safety wiring street-only bikes? 😉

    • Rc45, you obviously don’t know much about the OWO1 as they were intended to be sold to race teams and Licensed racers only. A racing license was required to buy one hence the prevalence of safety wiring on a lot of the bikes. Yes, I safety wire all my bikes from the rc30 to the concours and the ysr50s for my own safety not to impress the likes of you. Move along troll…

  • No bids but raised the opening bid to $30k. I’m out. Good luck with that crap.

  • “pete” January 22, 2015 5:20:10 am
    I hate EBAY!……..

    Really!!?? You tapped a few buttons on your keypad and it’s gunna make you an additional five grand. After you said,right here,that you would take $26,000. GO EBAY!!

  • Well this has certainly taken a turn for the worst. By far one of the most acrimonious postings I have witnessed on this site.

  • Thank you RSBFS being so gracious to feature my R7. I moved the price to $30k because I don’t know how to end the auction and I have fielded my last “Will you take $15k and my 72″ Hodaka combat womat as trade” phone call. It was probably naive in putting my phone number in the add but I truly wanted to speak with any potential buyers. So sorry to have offended anyone here. This is a great site and I have had many dreams come true with purchases from RSBFS contributors. This R7 has already found a new home with a friend so I guess any prospective buyers can just choose one from the next 20 or 30 that come up for sale.

  • Don’t know you Pete but thank you for that explanation. I look forward to your upcoming auctions. If you’d like to shoot me an email on what you’ll be offering please do. My email is bill999s@hotmail.com. Thanks again. Bill

  • I was thinking of bidding on this bike (on the somewhat shallow grounds that I’m a sucker for a pretty face and a sexy voice) even though I’m Canadian and the Canadian dollar has totally fallen in the crapper recently. While the seller may be and likely is, an honest and straight up guy, there were legitimate observations made on this site that suggested this may have at one time been a track bike. Those observations weren’t addressed and unfortunately did cast doubts on the other claims about the bike. So even though what the seller stated may have been 100% legit, it dissuaded me (and possibly others) from bidding. Oh well, next time….

  • […] in line with previous auctions.  Now I know that amount of money could get you something like the Yamaha R7 OW02 we listed earlier this week .  Also while this bike would not be able to be ridden right away.   So why would someone pick […]

  • Hi, I have one R7 and is completely stock.
    The rubber tube from the tank is transparent-red so it made me think it was replaced in this bike
    Maybe they mounted different units depending the year and/or market…


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