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Fly(er) Weight – 2006 Aprilia RS125

Regularly seen in racing livery and worn around the edges from track use, here is a mint example in factory paint with just 637 miles.  Built to accompany the RSV1000R to the showroom, the RS125 is a lightweight but surprisingly accommodating to an adult rider.

2006 Aprilia RS125 for sale on eBay

The RS125 was heavily revised in 2006 and styled in admiration of its big brother.  The twin-spar alloy frame is lightly polished and coated to stay nice, as is the banana swingarm.  The 28 hp Rotax-based single is very advanced, liquid cooled with a counter-balance shaft and Nikasil coated aluminum cylinder.  Seventeen-inch wheels and upside-down forks aspire to a larger machine.  Brakes are big 4-piston Brembo but singular of course.  Wind-cheating bodywork is occupied by the angular corporate lion.

A SoCal native, this RS hasn't much history, apparently quite stock and without damage.  From the eBay auction:

2006 Aprilia RS125 two stroke bike has a clear California title. Registration is valid till October of 2018. This bike is factory stock except for Arrow full exhaust system that make it sound unique. Bike is in great condition with very low mileage.

A bit of Dr. Jekyll as a starter bike in progressive licensing countries, and Mr. Hyde when a gateway racing motorcycle, the RS125 can take you there.  Pricing by cc was outlandish when new, and a decade later the ask is more than a lot of new singles.  But then this is undeniably sporty, one of the last road going two-strokes ever, built using Aprilia's long knowledge of the lightweight classes.





  • These bikes were available in 3 different power outputs. It would be interesting to know which one this is. Very nice bike and I would be interested, but too rich for my blood.


  • These are some of the most fun you can have on two wheels provided you weigh 180 pounds or less. They are not freeway bikes nor commuters (Aside from in Europe) but they will cruise in the slow lane on the freeway all day long with appropriate gearing (i.e. 17×40 at roughly 60mph at roughly 6-7k rpm). As far as the power output, the real line in the sand is if it is power valve equipped or not. The lowest output versions had a block off plate in place of the power valve which makes the engine operate as though the power valve is closed. Depending on the level of derestriction desired, most people buy the oem parts (powervalve blade, stepper motor etc.) to get the 30+ horsepower levels. The wiring looms will accept the power valve motor plug in even on the most restricted versions so it makes for a relatively simple modification. Obviously carb jets would be adjusted to “full power” or “racing version” specs when doing so and plug heat range will need to be spec’d as well. The next best thing about these bikes second to the fun factor is that parts availability is outstanding and still relatively cheap considering this mk is less than 10 years old (produced through 2009 I believe). 600+ miles, road ready and the right price, cannot go wrong! Note that if your hands are more than seven inches from wrist to tip of index finger, you will have a hell of a time working on these. As with most modern bikes, they are delicate, interconnected, and require a good deal of disassembly for “proper” maintenance practices. If I didn’t have 5 broken down bikes at the moment I would be sweating out how to come up with the money. Can’t go wrong at this price IMO.

    • Thanks for the detailed info 2t!



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