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Clean 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 For Sale!

Lake Forest, IL – 29,981mi – $3,500 w/ Reserve


We feature a healthy amount of early GSX-R’s here on RSBFS, and for good reason. To me, these bikes represent a large part of the ever growing market for collectible sport bikes. Sure, they weren’t designed to be collectible or low production bikes when there were released. But what makes them collectible now is essentially that. Hardly anyone “saved” these bikes. We see plenty in very good condition for sale, but locating them can still be difficult. To me they represent an affordable way to collect and enjoy a kick-ass early sport bike.



This bike looks like it is for sale via a broker who is helping someone liquidate a large motorcycle collection. It has nearly 30k miles on the clock, but it sure doesn’t look like it! This bike looks as stock as it did in 1986, even down to the original pipe. The seller offers plenty of description about GSX-R’s in general, but doesn’t highlight any other details about the bike except for mileage and the exhaust being stock. There is however a video of the bike running and being ridden on the auction page.


Because we have seen a good selection of early Gixxers with varying mileage, condition, and levels of originality, we have a very good sense of what they are selling for. I can tell you one thing; we have seen these steadily increasing in the last couple years. RSBFS resident expert Rem thinks this bike is roughly a $6k bike. Of course this can go up depending on how many people really want it bad. Bidding is active, but still low with plenty of time left. You can check out the auction here and get in the mix!



  • California model.

  • Sold for &7,000- JS

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