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Suzuki September 27, 2016 posted by

Unobtanium Alert: 1986 Suzuki GSX-750R LE with only 6 Kilometers in Australia


1986 Suzuki GSX-750R LE with 6k on ebay australia

Yes, you read that right: 6 kilometers, essentially 4 miles,…since new,…30 years ago!  And its the LE version, which means its a homologation bike. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means, here is a bit of history:

Back in the mid 1980’s the heads of professional motorcycling decreed that race bikes had to be based on something the public could actually buy.  The idea was that this would keep racefans interested and help drive both interest in the race series and sales for the manufacturers.   But this presented a dilemma for the manufacturers – their bikes would have to be able to be setup to be competitive on the track but also not end up killing any noobs who bought one and rode it on the street.  Many manufacturers quickly realized the best way to resolve the dilemma was not to try to make a “one-size-fits-all-bike” but instead offer two bikes; a standard bike that looked like the racer and had about 70% of the performance, and a”limited edition” bike that was pretty much an actual race bike except it came with lights and license plates.  While the limited editions would be sold through the same dealers, prices would be very high and production would be extremely limited.  The resulting series of homologation bikes included the Suzuki GSX-750R LE, Honda RC30, Yamaha OW01, and Kawasaki ZX7RR.  Even Harley Davidson got into the act, producing 50 street versions of their VR1000 racebike. While some of the homologation bikes were considered sales failures at the time of their introduction, the have all pretty much become highly desired items for most collectors and true sportbike fans.

Even though the GSX-750R had only been introduced the previous year and was already nearly 50 kilos lighter than the competition, in 1986 Suzuki produced 500 ‘limited edition’ models.  The GSX-750R LE offered true race-bike technology, including different brakes, new/anti-dive forks, an upgraded shock, dry clutch, factory fiberglass solo seat, lightweight aluminum gas tank, and a revised swingarm.

Here is a link to a retrospective on the LE.


Given the mileage, there isn’t much to talk about regarding condition/service history.   Instead here are a few of the pics from the eBay listing but don’t blame me if you end up suddenly realizing you are drooling!




So what is it going to take to add this to your collection?  Short answer – a lot.   These were pricey to start with, cost about 50% more than the standard GSX-750 of the same year.  Also there just weren’t that many produced and many that were ended up being raced and crashed.  From what I have been able to find, a handful went to Europe, Canada and Japan, so the location of this one in Australia means you probably won’t find another one in this condition in the area anytime in the near future…if ever.

The few previous ones of these that we have had on RSBFS seem to have gone for $16,000-$19,000 USD and those had either higher mileage or weren’t completely stock.   I would not be surprised to see this one require a price of over $25,000 USD to go to a new owner.  While that is a lot of  money, this is one that I feel confident saying that will continue to appreciate if its kept in the same condition it is now.


Unobtanium Alert:  1986 Suzuki GSX-750R LE with only 6 Kilometers in Australia
Sport Bikes For Sale March 14, 2013 posted by

Another 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU For Sale!

Glenwood Springs, CO – 36,000mi – $2,500 BIN

This is the third FZR750 we have featured in as many weeks. I am wondering if the sale of the first one has inspired people to list their rides. The second one is still for sale and current bidding is well above the price for the BIN for this bike.


These are know as the predecessor to the OW-01 (this one seems like a steal if it checks out!) and were homologated for AMA racing, meaning that roughly 200 were brought to the US for sale. The current bike for sale here has significantly higher miles than the last two with a whopping 36k on the clock. It also doesn’t appear as stock with some little mods here and there and most noticeably the Japanese flag style main lower faring.


From the seller:

1 of 200 imported into the US, 36k miles, spares, custom Kerker exhaust, runs great, ready for street or museum. Located in Glenwood Springs, CO, USA

This bike was the immediate predecessor to the famous OW01. It is extremely rare to have an oppurtunity to acquire a homologation race bike. They were the fastest bikes made at the time and there were very few produced….just enough (200) to meet homologation race rules and qualify as a “production” bike. It runs, sounds and handles like a race bike because it is one…..only made street worthy with lights and signals.

The bike looks clean from the photos. There are no straight on shots of the pipe-side of the bike, so its hard to tell if there are any frame or crank case scratching to indicate if it was ever down. I would be curious as to why the lower fairing was changed from stock (crash or style preference?). Regardless, its still a cool and uncommon bike with a relatively low BIN. Want it? Then check out the auction here and act fast!


Ducati April 16, 2012 posted by

Italian Special- ’93 Ducati 888 SPO

Location: West Hampton, New Jersey

Mileage: 19,000

Price: Auction, with a reserve

I find most all sportbikes cool looking in their own way. I’ve made it no secret that even the 90’s super graphics on many a Japanese bike appeal to me. But for pure looks, Ducati is hard to beat. And in the world of sexy bikes, the 851/888 bikes are about as good as it gets. This SPO is simply stunning. Bike art in my book. A total living room piece.

However, this bike doesn’t just stop at looks. You like limited edition, homologated specials? Okay, here you go. Ducati brought this four valve liquid-cooled bike for AMA purposes. So you also got an Ohlins rear shock and awesome solo seat.

From the seller-

1993 Ducati 888 SPO

One of a kind – probably one of the nicest condition Ducati 888 out there… 

I am the original owner, and this bike has been babied since I got it new in 1993.

Runs Great, Sounds Superb and looks red hot!   I’ve posted a short YouTube video of the bike, so please check it out …  

Bike has/had …

  • New Timing Belts
  • New Barnett Clutch
  • New Front/Rear Tires
  • New battery just installed 4/2012
  • Custom Corbin Seat
  • Carbon Fiber Front/Rear Fenders
  • Carbon Finder – Instrument Panel
  • Tinted Windshield

 Bike will come with …

  • Rear Pit-Bull Stand; a must for sport bikes.
  • Original front/rear fenders
  • 2 sets of keys
  • All service paperwork and original manual

Bike is located in New Jersey. Local pickup preferred, but will ship and will run around $600-$700.

And the pics-

This bike certainly looks clean and the seller includes the original fenders for those who like all stock. These are collectible bikes, so stock parts are important. At 19,000 miles, the bike has been ridden. But if maintenance has been done that shouldn’t be a huge issue. The seller also includes a Pitbull stand, which is a nice addition.

These are beautiful bikes. Who knows where the reserve is, but I would guess a bike like this would likely approach the $10k mark. I  would also guess that these bikes will hold their value over time. So if you have the means, here’s a investment you can ride (well, occasionally). Anyway, if you’re interested, go check this auction out.


Sport Bikes For Sale December 14, 2011 posted by

Potentially Very Special ’99 Yamaha R7 (OW02) Race Bike

Location: Norwalk, Connecticut

Mileage: Race bike

Price: Auction, starting at $20,000

Originally listed in September, this bike is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

So I just have to be up front here and say I’m not sure what to make of this bike. Clearly it is advertised as and looks like an R7-OW02, one of the coolest, limited production, homologated specials ever. Certainly for that reason alone it deserves attention. However, this bike is also advertised as a full factory race bike that does’t have the OW02 750cc engine, but a built 1000cc R1 motor. Clearly that would mean that it’s not a stock R7. But if it is a factory race bike, then it could be something very special.

Here’s important information from the seller that may help figure this thing out-

Here’s your chance to own one of the rarest superbikes on the planet. This is a full factory prepared R7 superbike. This particular bike contested the Unlimited 1999 Macau GP with Michael Rutter then went on to compete in the Island of Man and the Northwest 200.

So lets start with what this bike is. This is a full factory Yamaha R7. If you know what a R7 is then you’ll understand that this is the Godzilla of R7’s. Spec wise we have a full factory R1 (1078cc) Superbike motor with TI rods, knife edged crank,3mm big bore,YEC kit cams, full YEC kit tranny and KES quickshifter, its fueled by a very unique Motec fuel injection system, it all flows out a Promotive custom Ti exhuast that weighs next to nothing!.You get your dash info from a Stack tach metering system wired into the Factort YEC kit racing harness. Ok here’s the cool stuff this bike was tuned by Slick Base (Fogerty’s championship mechanic). I dyno’d it on a DynoJet 200 where it made a strong 182.4 rwhp.All that power and heat is cooled off by a full length Superbike R7 Febor radiator (about $5,800 at the time).

Lets talk about the subline chassis of this trick R7. The R7 was already known for awesome handling and this bike brings that legend to a new level. Spec wise we have a YEC kit swingarm with quick change front and rear spindles. Of course there are the GP spec Ohlins (unobtainium) front 43mm fork supported in a magnesium and aluminum Harris adjustable triple clamp. In the rear there is GP spec TTX22 Olhins attached to a YEC Kit linkage.

When it comes to braking nothing but the best was sourced for this monster. AP six piston calipers grab 330mm cast Brembo superbike rotors with a Radial AP 30mm master cylinder. The wheels are very trick Magnesium Marvic Pentas 3.75 front, 6.25 rear…these are ridiculously light wieght. It’s got a new set of Dunlop Ntech’s with one track session on them.

The bodywork is all YEC Spec fiberglass painted up in HAGA R7 colors by Dreamworks.

So that’s the bike. Very trick,very rare very cool. In it’s day this thing was the dream bike of all racers. I assume your looking at $100k plus invested in the development and assembly of this bad boy. I’m selling it because I’m a pig and have three more R7’s in different confiqurations and I just have’t used this bike in over a year. I actually started racing my Ferrari 430GT this summer and need another $20k set of ceramic brakes (this is the second set!!!) so this bike will be sold to fund a new stupid expensive passion. I know sic bike for a set of brakes wtf is the matter with me.

Anyway this R7/1 would make a beautiful addition to a superbike collection, a wicked cool track day bike (you’ll be the only one EVER!) or you could cut up the fairing add a single light and do a 8hr Suzuka Replica for the most rare street bike ever. Desmosedici’s look like a moped next to this bike!

I have several more (over 100!) sic superbikes that may come up for auction in the next couple of months so save me as a seller because the stuff I’m selling never comes up for sale. There’s a Muzzy Raptor racer, Chandler’s ZX7RR AMA Champ bike,a slew of FUSA racers.

If you have any questions drop me an email. I’ll help with domestic or overseas shipping but I would like to keep the bike in the states because all the good stuff is leaving our wonderful country lately.

There’s no reserve, it’s starting at $20k . It’s definately a once in a lifetime opportunity, if it doesn’t sell at this listing it just goes back in the collection and gets listed for lot more next time!! Good luck!

Here’s some more pictures before we get back to the analysis-

Okay, so the seller states the bike was campaigned at the 1999 Macau GP, Isle of Man and the North West 200. I would want to get some information that would verify the bike was ridden in those events, especially when linking the bike to Michael Rutter. If that can be done, then I’m assuming the price becomes more justifiable. And of course that would also speak volumes about the modifications to the bike. Clearly anything that is factory prepped is special and the photos seem to show the special parts highlighted by the seller that come with that.

Condition is difficult with race bikes, but this one does’t appear to have been wrecked. However, confirmation of that or whatever has happened to the bike would also be good. This may be one hell of a machine when it comes to build and parts, but really the thing that puts it into a higher category is the heritage. If it’s there as the seller claims, then you really have something. In terms of price, this one is hard to gauge. I think it really is the market and who’s buying that will determine price.

So, I guess all I can say is if you like this bike, do your homework. If it checks out and you have the means, congrats to you. You got a one of a kind. Regardless, this is an interesting machine and I encourage you to check it out!


Honda October 26, 2011 posted by

’89 Honda VFR750R (RC30)- Canadian Style!

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mileage: 14,511

Price: Auction, opening at $18,000 US

Well, here we go. Another Honda RC30/VFR750R for sale. I’m not going to go into all the detail about these bikes cause you can get that information by reading Jared’s excellent write up on RSBFS from about a week ago. And I’m sure most RSBFS fans already know plenty about the RC30. Really what this bike represents is the finest in sportbike design and manufacturing. It’s a truly special machine.

This one isn’t quite the pristine example that was posted by Jared but it’s still the real deal.

Here’s the photos-

The information from the seller-

For sale is a rare 1989 Honda RC30 with 23,354 km (14,511 miles) on the speedo.  This is not a museum quality bike as the pictures show but if it was in any better shape I wouldn’t want to ride it. That said I’ve only put about 200 miles on it in the past 14 years since I bought it. Please look at the pictures closely as I have tried to show any flaws.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have but please don’t ask about trades. Shipping is up to the buyer and I will not crate it but I will drop it off any where inside Calgary Alberta Canada.

$1,000 deposit is required via Paypal within 48 hours of the auction closing.   Full payment with in 10 days via cash or bank transfer.  The bike will not be shipped until the funds clear my bank.


Engine: four stroke 90° V-4, liquid-cooled with gear-driven double overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder.

Bore & Stroke:  70.0 x 48.6mm

Displacement:  748cc

Compression ratio:  11.0:1

Carburetion:  Four 38mm Keihin

Exhaust system:  Stainless steel, four-into-one

Ignition: Computer controlled CDI

Transmission:  Close-ratio six-speed

Primary Reduction:  Straight-cut gear: 1.94

Final Drive:  O-ring sealed chain; 2.50

Chassis: Twin-spar aluminum frame using engine as a stressed member; Pro-Arm single-sided aluminum swing-arm

Suspension:  Front – Center-axle cartridge-type fork with quick-released axle clamps.  Rear – Nitrogen pressurized shock absorber with remote reservoir, adjustable for spring preload and compression and rebound damping.

Wheelbase:  55.5 inches

Brakes:  Front – Dual 310mm floating discs with four-piston calipers.  Rear – Single 220mm floating disc with twin-piston caliper

Fuel capacity:  4.75 gallons

Dry Weight:  407.9 pounds

The seller highlights above and the mileage shows that the bike has been ridden. And with that come all the standard dings and scrapes featured in the photos. So for someone looking for a museum piece, this may not fit the bill. However, it’s still a fairly stock (Yoshimura pipe being the exception) VFR750R. That means you will have one of the most collectible and well built sportbikes in existence. For me, it also takes the crown of best looking bike ever made.

The seller is starting this auction at $18,000 US, which seems somewhere in the ballpark for this machine. The earlier RC30 hit the $30k mark, but this bike can’t be compared to that one. The market continues to develop on these bikes and premium examples will command premium prices. However, this bike is still very desirable for collectors and should increase in value over the years.

So if you couldn’t quite reach the last RC30 on RSBFS but are still looking, this bike deserves your attention. Time to get in the collector bike game? Well, make the jump and place your bid!


Update: Our Facebook page has had some comments on this bike from those who have seen it first hand and some interesting notes on current market values. Make sure to stop by and chime in! -dc

Sport Bikes For Sale September 14, 2011 posted by

Best Suzuki of All Time? ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 750 LE

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Mileage: 3,000
Price: Auction, $8,950 BIN

A lot has been written about the GSX-R 750LE here at RSBFS and in recent issues or motorcycle magazines highlighting 25 years of the GSX-R 750. And all of that has been earned in my opinion. In the Suzuki world, it’s hard to think of a more important bike. Gamma’s and RGV’s are all very nice, but for me this is bike number one for any Suzuki collector. Limited numbers and rare, hard to find parts all make up why original versions of this bike command big dollars. I would argue they are still undervalued. You may think different. But you would be wrong.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this particular bike-

Up for sale is my Limited Edition GSXR 750R race bike with flat slide smoothbore racing carbs 24k gold plated petcock, new avon tires, new custom made D & D pipe professionally cut down to 13″. I have had this bike fully tuned up with new plugs filters,wheel bearings,powder coated white wheels, Lockhart fairing screen, new petcock, battery,coated tank, front blinkers, fuel filters, rebuilt carb, new fork seals, and lots of Chrome plated parts all around. ( the carb and forks were done Jan 2011 ) I have been watching these on Ebay for over 2 years and they all sell for $10.000 to $19.000.. This one has 3000 miles on it.. I purchased it from the owner of a Suzuki dealer. This was one of his personal collection of bikes. I purchased this bike in 1989 and i have had it in my garage ever since. I ride it about 3 to 4 times per year.. Wife said “get your bikes out of garage” …. Bike runs like a race bike and has current tags… When the bike was new it was wrecked at low speeds by the new owner coming out of the drive way of the Suzuki dealer with under 5 miles on it.( he didn’t know how to ride it ) The dealer somehow had the bike totaled because it needed a new tank and front fairing. ( i have the paper work on the damage, i have to look for it in my filing cab) In my personal opinion i think the dealer was tring to buy the bike back cheep. So anyway the dealer purchased the bike back from the insurance company and bought a new oem tank and fairing. He kept it in his collection untill he retired and then sold it to me with a builders blue Texas title. The bike wasn’t in my opinion in the building condition. Because all it needed was a fairing and a tank. I had the bike checked out at the dealer and the frame and everything else was in perfect condition. So i purchased the bike back in 1989 and i have owned it ever since. I would like to see this bike sold to a museum or collector. Most Suzuki collectors i’ve talked to say there were under 300 of the 750 Limited Editions made. Garage kept, never driven in the rain or been rained on. and NO RUST…

I talked to a GSXR collector who has 3 of these and he said there were only 208 built. So the value of these bikes in the future is going to be BIG…

I have rare original chrome pipe, front blinkers new foot peg rubber covers, fuse box cover( took fuse box cover off to clean fuses before i took pictures ) and chain guard. 

you looking at around $500.00 to $800.00 for shipping to the upper 48 states

Latley i have been riding the bike 2 times every month or so around the block to keep the carbs fresh.

I also have a 1983 GPZ 550 with under 10k miles on it also for sale.

Thank You for looking at my auction. Bike is located in San Antonio , Texas

Bike is ready to ship or drive it home

And more pics for you-

The seller gives a good history of the bike above and the photos show a clean ride. The description also speaks to the bike being dropped early in its life and the steps taken to restore it. The seller highlights the replaced parts being OEM. This is important because collectability is a big thing with this bike. Go check out the June 2011 issue of Motorcyclist to get the lowdown, but the production on this bike is low (200 or less for AMA Superbike purposes) and again the parts (dry clutch, flat side carbs) are exotic and rare. The seller is right to highlight the issues and replaced parts as those things need to be considered when determining the value of the bike.

Speaking of value, the seller lists this at BIN for $8,950. I think that’s a pretty good price for one of these, replaced parts and all. Bottom line is these things are rare. As collectors take the pristine models and hide them away, all that will be left are less than perfect versions. But demand is still there. So I think you can figure out what happens to the price.

If you are a Suzuki fanatic or a collector, this bike is a good start or finish to your collection. Or maybe you just want one of the rarest, coolest bikes on earth. Whatever the case, you should check this beauty out!


Sport Bikes For Sale July 12, 2011 posted by

The Last Great Yamaha: 1999 YZF-R7 OW02

Location: Clovis, California
Mileage: 3,955
Price: Auction, $15,000 starting bid

Okay, well here we have something special. While Yamaha built many, many bikes in the new R series when it came to 600’s and 1000’s (R6 and R1), that was not the case with the R7. This bike was limited run (500 produced), made for racing and only built so it could qualify for World Superbike (of which a title was never achieved but is an interesting story if you want to look it up). The other way this bike was different from everything else? The price. You want to take this baby home in 1999, get ready to fork over $32,000. But with that $32k came front and rear suspension and steering damper from Ohlins, titanium valves and connecting rods, vertically stacked close-ration gearbox and a frame specially braced for stiffness. The five valve per cylinder in-line four only cranked out around 100 bhp (purposely restricted) from Yamaha, but the addition of race parts from the factory could take you well beyond that.

Here’s some more photos-

The seller provides very limited information, especially for a bike of this significance. Here it is-

1999 Yamaha YZR R7 s/n ——-406, 6365 km 3955 miles,as of 07-08-2011.  Brembo Monoblock front brakes, Marchesini front wheel w/rotors, Track body panels (tail/front/bottom)

Brembo clutch & front brake master cylinders, Carbon air box, New tires, OEM front wheel/rotors/brakes included. 

The seller does highlight some of the changes to the bike, notably the Marchesini front wheel and Brembo monoblocks, maybe not unusual for someone looking to race the bike. It looks as though the original parts are included here, which is good for those looking for originality. The windscreen also looks to be a replacement as does the exhaust (I believe it should be carbon fiber). The only other comment I would have is there are few photos of the bike, so you may want to request more.

Outside of those concerns, which are minor, the OW02 is one special machine. I think anyone serious about collecting can’t overlook one in terms of its significance. Certainly, if Yamaha is your brand, this has got to be near, if not the very top, of the list. If you agree, check out the auction!