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Another Autumn’s Best Find: Ducati 851 (Switzerland)

This 1990 beauty from Borgo Panigale, carries only 16.500 km on its tacho. It looks 100% stock. How much does it cost ? How about, less than 4500 EUR ? Now, if this isn’t a great deal…well, let us know what you think.


As an owner of an 888 Strada, I obviously love the first 4 valve Desmo and fuel injected engine produced by Ducati. This motor was the the thesis work of a student who was doing his apprenticeship at Ducati. While the 851 came with a standard front fork as opposed to the USD on the 888, I do like better the classic colour scheme with the white frame and rims. When pushing the bike around during an inspection, if you hear a scary metal rattle coming from the front axis, don’t panic, this is normal. The 851 and 888, came with full floating discs at the front, which means that when the wheel isn’t spinning fast enough, the disc moves up and down on the circular springs it is mounted on.


These Ducati bikes are obviously of huge historical importance as they opened the way to what is now the modern Ducati. The 888cc powered race version of the 851 came as a storm in the first years of the World Superbike Championship. Some of us, refer to the 90s WSBK era as the Golden Era of this category. While the successor model, the 916, is undoubtedly more sexy, it is also an easy find on the market. This 851 in these conditions and for this price is for sure an investment. And then, there is the noise…The low frequency smooth and torquey characteristic of this bike’s motor is one of the best representative of the L twin from Emilia-Romagna.

I love this bike, if you think likewise, check it out yourself here:

Low Mileage 1990 Ducati 851 in Switzerland




  • Am I the only one on here that could give two shits about “rare” bikes in places that I couldn’t possibly purchase it? Yes… This bike is cool and we all know what it is. But a classified listing in Switzerland? I don’t know. I realize that the site needs new content, but if it’s not in North America it’s really not interesting. If there was a post for Randy Mamola’s 500cc Cagiva for sale in Italy i would understand. If I’m alone with this sentiment then tell me to shut up.

  • I see your point. But even though I could not afford most of these motos (I am doing well keeping my RZ running), I still am entertained with seeing their listings. I wish I had the problem of having he means but not the ways to buy some of these dream motos!

  • About us:-

    We scour the internet looking for publicly posted classified advertisements of rare and exotic sport motorcycles. We post the best finds on this blog.

    FYI – the internet covers a little more than just North America. I’m sure there are readers in Switzerland that would be interested.
    Maybe opportunity for a sub-site http://www.raresportsbikesforsaleinnorthamerica.com ?

  • david that is a truly parochial and dimwitted comment. Enthusiasts, not just in Switzerland, but anywhere in the world would be interested in any rare sportbike for sale worldwide. So what if you cannot afford it or do not have the nous to go through the import song and dance; aren’t sportbikes interesting even when unattainable?

  • I guess some people just don’t understand what the term “worldwide web” really means…..

  • I agree as well. I’m a serious collector and I buy bikes all over the world. One of the highlights of my day is coming to this sight and seeing all the eye candy. I’m mainly a Ducati guy, but love seeing all the other rare motorcycle featured here. It’s also a great wealth of knowledge. Keep up the great work guys!!!!!

  • David…. Yes you are alone in this sentiment – please shut up.

  • Cool… I’ll shut up, then. Thanks for being honest.

  • Wow, David do you realise that stuff does exist or happen outside of the USA? maybe that’s part of the reason your country is in the state it currently is!

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