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Always Bet on Black: 2004 Aprilia RSV1000R Nera for Sale

Somehow, in spite of their achievements, performance, and reliability, Aprilias generally qualify as “bargain exotica” instead of blue-chip collectibles. But if you were looking to bet on a particular Aprilia that might qualify as collectible, other than the RS250, the RSV1000R Nera might be worth a look. The upstart Italians were dipping their toe into Ducati’s waters, and the Nera was intended to be the first bike in Aprilia’s “Dream Series” of ultra-premium motorcycles and a kind of “lifestyle experience,” but the whole thing flopped. The world wasn’t quite ready for a $39,500 Aprilia, even if only 200 were made, and each one was every bit as good as a Ducati of the period.

The most obvious thing that set the Nera apart was a complete set of carbon fiber bodywork, including the tank. The frame was painted gold, and forged magnesium wheels saved a couple pounds over the already light hoops on the Factory. A then-new Brembo radial master cylinder was matched to radial Brembo calipers, and the bike had blingy Öhlins at both ends. Some additional engine tweaks and a set of Akropovic cans helped liberate a few horses and some v-twin boom, but the big performance gains came from the reduced weight, down to a claimed 386lbs dry.

Like many high-dollar Ducatis, the performance increases certainly didn’t justify the price tag. The RSV1000R was already an excellent motorcycle, with Ducati sound, power, and handling, but uncharacteristic reliability from the Rotax-built 60° v-twin that included balance shafts and their PPC or “Pneumatic Power Clutch” is basically a slipper clutch that uses engine vacuum to allow a bit of clutch slip during downshifts and lighten the clutch effort in general.

The Nera maybe wasn’t worth Aprilia’s wild asking price, but it was intended to be a premium product so build quality is excellent, and the clearcoated carbon-fiber perfectly compliments the second-generation RSV’s’ stealth-fighter styling.

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Aprilia RSV1000R Nera for Sale

This is a RSV 1000 NERA model, only 20 sold in the United States. Carbon fiber fuel tank, fairing, seat, magnesium wheels, only 984 original miles. EXCELLENT CONDITION

There’s not much to report on the history: the bike only has 984 miles on it! The $14,500 Buy it Now is steep for an RSV1000R, but you can always think of it as a $25,000 discount, compared to the 2004 list price. That’s a screaming deal, especially adjusted for inflation! The RSV1000R is already a highly competent sportbike, and if you’re looking for a functional and collectible Aprilia, this might work for you.



  • pictures dont do this bike justice, when these are out in the sun the look incredible.

    Not going to see one of these with this low mileage again anytime soon and should definatily be on the list of any serious collector. Right now the Nera iis considered one of the top 3 long term collectable Aprilia’s (other two are the 1st gen RSV SP and the 250cc Loris Capirosi version). Personally I rank this higher than the Loris 250cc because it is the only bike that came out of the “dream series” for Aprilia.

    If you are a collector with a long term timeframe or building a museum this should be on your list.

  • As an Aprilia fan and current owner of several Aprilias I really hope this and other become collectors bike but after many years of insanely rising prices, Aprilia (except for 250 2 strokes) have gone exactly no where. This would be nice for a collection but if you are planning on “flipping” plan on losing money. Just my opinion.

    Ducati has all cachet, Aprilia is a never was…….

  • Very cool bike, but I think finding a buyer at that price might be about as difficult as getting someone to buy into the original msrp when new. Apriilia must have tacked on full retail price for every additional part and then some to arrive at that price!

  • I love this bike. Always a huge fan of this generation Rsv. My issue with these as collectors is the ODO resets. While not crazy to change out 15 yr old tires I hope he saved the original Dragons to prove low mileage. Also missing the triple tree plaque. That gloss carbon sure is sexy though.

  • Agree with the comments about values of Aprilia in general (at least in the USA). I don’t know if it’s the lack of dealer network or what. Great bikes, great support from AF1 in Austin TX, loved my 07 RSV but basically gave it away when the time came to sell it. But that cuts both ways – I always liked the 2nd gen Tuono and 2 days ago picked up a decent 2007 rider with 7500 miles showing for $2300! It’s far from mint but still, not all rashed up and what other brand can you get that much bike for that money?

    No way would I ever see this one as a good investment, no one cares about these. Buy a nice standard RSV for $4500 and ride the piss out of it.

  • Congrats on the Tuono, great deal. That’s what I love about Aprilias, no collector value so you snp up great bikes are awesome prices. Have an account with AF1 and our parts needs are taken care of…..

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