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Sport Bikes For Sale June 30, 2010 posted by

RSBFS T-Shirts Pre-Order!

That's right, we're working with a printer to get some t-shirts printed! We're trying hard to keep the cost reasonable at around $20. Shirts will be black with new logo on left chest and on the back.

It would be helpful to know how many of you would like shirts before we put our order in. Could be 10, could be 1000, and I want to make sure we order appropriately. Shoot Doug an email if you're interested and we'll reserve one for you and let you know when purchasing is available. Please indicate the size you'd like as well.

As always, thanks for your support!

Dan Crouch

Track Bikes For Sale June 30, 2010 posted by

1989 Yamaha TZ250W Reverse Cylinder Project In Montreal, Canada

This is a very nice TZ250 reverse cylinder that has had all the major work done and just needs to be finished!

Bike:  1989 Yamaha TZ250W

Price:  $6,500 USD

Location:  Montreal, Canada

This TZ is a project that's nearly complete.  The engine has been gone through with a new top end, fifty miles on the crank, a polished frame and swingarm, and a paint job that isn't perfect but was painted with track work in mind.  The asking price for this bike is $6,500 USD.  This is the same seller that had the restored Honda RS250 ND5 that looked fantastic and can be seen here.  The restoration of this TZ can be seen on NATS here.  See the ad for this bike on WERA here.


Sport Bikes For Sale June 29, 2010 posted by


Okay these bikes are pretty rare, I believe only 535 made in '79 but we seem to have listed quite a few of these in the past several months which is really, well...weird!  Anyway 1979 (Van Halen rocks!), I was working at a Honda/Suzuki dealer and we just got in two of these gems. Both were already pre-sold, one to our lead service tech and one to our Suzuki sales guys (who just happens to be the GM of Yamaha for the US today, wazz-up Bob?). I remember uncrating them and we were blown away by the small cafe fairing because at the time it just meant, "total race bike" and no other Japanese bike had it.

This ones a bit  "cosmetically" challenged but it looks to be all there which is a huge plus. I just love these bikes and really believe they will be an even greater collector's item given a bit more time. Cooley won the AMA Superbike Class on the Yoshimira Suzuki GS1000 and this bike is the "replica" version. Located in Columbus Ohio on EBay with 3 days left and a starting bid of $2500. Click "" to jump back into 1979 folks.

The ad reads:

1979 "Wes Cooley Replica", Restorable Condition,  Made only in 1979 and 1980,  1979 cam with the 140 MPH Speedo

Bike is Very Complete !,  This is a very simple restoration,   and the following are the thing that need replaced or Attention:

Front brake lever is bent,  and needs Replaced,  Knob missing from Clock Set Screw and head light "ON" switch.

Missing Underneath Seat Pan Trim  (plastic White Painted Trim,  shown in pics,  but was off of the 1980 GS1000ST).

The bike also needs the air box Cover and mounting screw,  Several of the Screws,  Bolts, Washers and Fasteners

Need to be replaced with OEM original or aftermarket,  and there are a few of the above that are missing !

Fairing is in need of Minor Repair an has a Real bad Paint Job.

Right Rear Exhaust Pipe has a few scratches, And a small dent at the end.

Gas Tank Has Been Dented on both Sides,  Left Side Worst than the Right Side.

Carb's Need Sinked, And  the bike needs Detailed. I Have a grab rail for the seat, but it is just not installed.

(Tank, Tail, Fairing and front fender Need Re-painted to bring this limited Edition back to it's original glory) .

The paint and stripe work will cost about 600.00,  I spent over 500.00 in parts and 600.00 in labor,  New parts are:

New Keys, Battery, Turn Signals, NOS Seat Cover, Starter Clutch, Front brake Switch, New Oil and Filter,  Brakes have been Bled,

Had the Carb's Rebuilt,  Bike Starts Up Very easy,  No Smoke,   Ran it around the Block a few times,   Runs Good !

Tires are in Very good shape,  Not bad for a bike that has not been Ridden or started for over 10 Years. 

At a $2500 starting bid that seems real reasonable, the bike is definitely a great candidate for having a perfectly restored Wes "I'm so cool" Cooley Replica, bid it up and be the first on your block, you won't be sorry!

Ciao for now...Jay

Sport Bikes For Sale June 29, 2010 posted by

Drop the 7: GSXR50 (GAG50) On Ebay

Drop the 7:  GSXR50 (GAG50) On Ebay

Here is another one for all you GAG addicts.  Sounds like a disease to me.  This looks like another pretty clean example.  It isn't showroom new but it has relatively low miles and the seller is including a few spares.  Thankfully it is also in traditional GSXR colors and not some of those crazy home market paint schemes  (see below).

From the auction:

Here we have an 87 Japanese grey market bike. It differs from the American version as this one can probably be made street legal as it has blinkers and a horn. I purchased the bike from a mini bike collector a couple of years ago, and it has been sitting in my house ever since. This bike is in very good condition. All the plastic is in excellent condition with no cracks or signs that it has ever been wrecked. The seat's in great shape. No cracks in the bubble. All of the lights, turn signals, and horn work. The bike starts and runs fine with me on it. I weigh 230 pounds and live at over 7,000 feet elevation. The bike has 4,815 kilometers on it which is 2,991 miles.

The only things that this bike needs are tires, chain sprockets, and fork seals which I have included in the auction.

The bike does not have a title but will come with a bill of sale. The bike is located in Santa Fe, NM

And some pictures for your GAG fix:

The auction is underway and the seller is teasing you with a low $1 starting price.  As you would expect though a reserve is on the bike.  I've followed a couple clean GSXR50's and YSR50's (with titles) that were priced around $3000 to $3500 and they did not sell.  As you know though, with bikes you don't see everyday sometimes you just have to pay to play. .

Would this brochure make you want to buy a GSXR50? 


Bimota June 29, 2010 posted by

Final Edition: 1997 Bimota DB2 EF on Ebay

Final Edition:  1997 Bimota DB2 EF on Ebay

It just doesn't get much more Italian than this.  A tried and true Ducati engine in a hand built frame with quality components from front to back.  As the seller states, this is one of 100 DB2 EF's built.  It is also one of just 75 with a full fairing.  As is usual with these bikes, the mileage is at a minimum:  1402 miles.  Basically the seller has completed the break in for you. 

Here is what the seller has to say about the bike:

"Limited Edition, Exclusive, Unique," How many overused adjectives can be used to describe something that is truly available to very few. In the more then 30 years of it’s existence, Bemota has produced fewer then 12,000 finely honed racing and street motorcycles, roughly the number of motorcycles Honda Manufacturing would produce in 2 days. The Bemota DB2 EF is one of a production run of only 100 and the engraved pewter tank plaque notes this as the third built of that 100 unit production run.

"Edizione Finale" the final edition of the DB2 is powered by a 904 cc desmodromic valve Ducati engine, similar to the Ducati Monster 900cc engine but with carburetors. The intention being to produce a machine with the hart and sole of a pure race bike but with the manors of a civilized street motorcycle.

Suspension is uncompromised with Paioli 41 mm front forks, custom cast with the Bimota logo on the slider axel lug and single Ohlins rear shock. Brakes are twin disk floating Brembo in front and a single disc Brembo in the rear. The frame of small diameter tubes is reminiscent of a birdcage Masserati with billet triple clamps that are a work of art unto themselves. The signature of Massimo Tamburini, the godfather of the finest modern MV Agusta’s and Ducati’s is clear, as it should be for his role as one of the key founders of Bemota

The bidding is quite active already on this one with quite a few days left in the auction.  As of this writing the bike was at $9000.   As of late, a lot of the more expensive bikes have not been meeting reserves on Ebay.  Now I don't know if it is the economy creeping in or sellers with unreasonable reserves.   Maybe this will be one of the bikes breaking the trend.  If your garage is needing a Bimota in it, then it is time to  .


Quick Spot June 29, 2010 posted by

1989 YAMAHA FZR 1000

1989 YAMAHA FZR 1000 for sale with super low miles!!!

Location: Detroit, MI area
Price: $3750
Mileage: 5152 original miles

I stumbled across this one just by chance this morning while looking for something else and I just couldn't help myself- so here it is.

These were bad ass back in the day and I would venture to say they can still hold their own with today's bikes. The 1989 FZR1000's were much improved over the 1988 versions. One of the more noticeable differences was the addition of a 5.5" x 17" rear wheel. The 88's used a FZR 400 sized 4.5" x 18" rear wheel and as you can imagine were no match for the 1000cc 145hp monster motor.

There is a ton of information regarding the FZR1000's located here so be sure and check it out. This one looks like a true survivor.

Factory pearl white paint with red/blue/black graphics and stripes. Get a bike that nobody else has! Not many around like this, anymore.

Near Excellent ORIGINAL STOCK condition, a few scrapes on side LH plastic body panel becasue it fell over once or twice.
The RH has some scratches from the metal lugs on work boots rubbing on it.
No cracks in farings. There are 3 or 4 small paint chips on the gas tank, but no dents.
Some of the white paint is flaking off the rims. Rims could use a paint job.
Original windscreen is clear with original factory decal. Has some stress cracks from vibration but not noticeable.
I am the 3rd owner and always adult owned. Bike has been in storage since 2004.
The only thing on this bike that is not stock is a brand new K&N Perforamce air filter element.
Brand new battery this year. New factory Yamaha fuel petcock and strainer (old one was leaking).
Seat is in perfect shape. One tiny stress split on the vinyl underneath and you cannot see it.

Updated link 7.7.2010: Check it out here




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