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1999 Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 For Sale in Ohio with Just 1,000 Miles!

Here’s an awesome collector quality example of the highly sought after OW02 R7. Just 500 of these specially homologated examples exist worldwide and only a couple surface for sale each year. Produced specifically for World Superbike racing, these didn’t originally sell with street titles. But with headlights and signals stock, many found their way to the street and this one appears to wear Ohio plates as well.

1999 Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 for sale on eBay

from the seller’s listing:


The bike is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition with only 1,648 Kilometers (1,024 Miles). Still has the original Pirelli tires.

The Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 is a race homologation motorcycle of limited production run of only 500 units. It was designed to compete in the Superbike World Championship and Suzuka 8 Hours endurance races.

Only 50 R7’s were imported to the US. 10 were used by Yamaha’s factory race team.

The R7 was built for racing it was derived from information and geometry from the YZR500 machines of the period. The R7 came with Ohlins suspension components and with titanium valves, titanium rods, a shortened Deltabox II frame and dry weight of just 189 kg (416 lb).

YEC kit parts included:
Carbon fiber airbox
Velocity stacks
Throttle and cables
Fuel pump
Fuel regulator
Misc parts
I have all the OEM parts. This R7 has had the crank recall done.

All fluids have been changed.

Included is the factory owner/service manual, YEC kit manual, parts manual and both keys.

Searching our archives for previous OW02 examples posted on our site shows the greatest concern is the “crank recall”, which this seller notes has been been done and should reassure the next owner. Considering how quickly earlier homologation specials are gaining in value, $35k sounds about right. Good luck to buyers and seller!



  • Gorgeous example. What a shame the engine had to be pulled and the cases split to do that crank recall. Much like a virgin that has been deflowered, it’s just never the same for us purists after that factory seal has been broken.

  • ^^ yep you’re right. Good example my 2015 R1M had the tranny recall which involved dealer basically splitting the motor apart to do the fix. A lot of guys had complaints after the repairs done. From oil leaks to scratches on the bikes. I ended up selling mine and buying a 2016 bike.

  • In the rsbfs world, these are my favorites. Very few of these in the usa. Rare as an rc45 and absolutely marvelous looking bikes. Exactly what a sportbike should look like.

  • The holy grail of diesels… As close to a YZR as one could get, timeless looks. De-nutted from the get go, but the numbers ramped up big time when uncorked, or so I’ve read. The 50th anniversary paint job would make this bike smashing as well… A 10 for me!

  • With how good the new 4 strokes are (s1000rr, panigale, R1M) I find it hard to spend that kind of money on a bike like this. I do like it, and it’s rare as they come.. just doesn’t get me as excited as an OW01, GSXR750R, or RG500.

  • Dear Santa……I’ve been really good this year

  • The only issue I’ve ever had with this bike’s look is there is something very oddly out of proportion with its exhaust.

  • Not sure why the fact the bike had the motor rebuilt under warranty should affect anything.

    These homologaiton bikes either appeal to someone or they don’t. Condition looks good and 1,000 miles is nothing. Price seems about where folks expect them to be.

    Should be a good buy for whom ever picks it up.

  • What a great find! I’d jump on this without a second thought If I wouldn’t of picked one up already. I spent a few days struggling When mine came available but I ultimately pulled the trigger. The Gentleman abroad that sold me this one started racing much later then most…wins a round at a British Open event and continued to win a few others. Bumbed up into some bigger bike classes and continued to do exceptionally well. He then finally pulled the trigger on the BIG BOY at the time, an OW02. Took a small fortune to pull it off back then but his wife suppprted him and off he went to WSB competing against Haga and other “Greats”. He put about 6000 GBPs into just the Ti rods, pistons, head work and other work. He did ONE short season on it and decided he had filled his life long dream. Went through the motor one more time, remounted the bubble wrapped never used bodywork, new tank and wheels and sat on her for a bit and now we have her at Iconic Motorbikes. For me….I not only get an R7 in amazing shape but I get one I can ride which also happens to have a WSB engine and trans…We have a couple 0 mile bikes but these bikes need to be ridden! Maybe ours will never be a $90k machine like the Rc30 that sold in Vegas but I guarantee I’ll personally have much more fun riding a WSB on the street for a fraction less. Someone needs to buy this girl and put a few miles on her!!! 35k is the right price and it’s such a Iconic machine. Heck, you could put 7-8000 miles on her and still make a solid return in 10 years. Just don’t race against ours cause we’d beat you! Hahahaha!!!

  • Such a bad ass machine.
    Best looking 90’s era Japanese sport bike.
    Haha and Yamaha would have won a World Superbike title on this machine, but 4 wins were stripped, and the championship handed to Honda supposedly because of flu medicine containing ephedra.

  • Little strange biding from all anonymous bidders. The high was around 22k, then out of the blue someone just goes over reserve and bids 34K………. Go figure that one

  • Sketchy and why I didnt bid, it was like a set up bid or something, made no sense to me at least

  • I can understand being cautious with that kind of bid activity, but I also feel there’s a chance the buyer just contacted the seller and asked for the reserve to win the auction. While most sellers would probably just cancel the auction with someone expressing that kind of intent, there can be benefits to doing the sale through eBay.


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