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1991 Honda NSR 250 MC21 with 4k Miles


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Here’s a 91 NSR 250 For Sale I spotted on Vegas Craigslist:

quoted Craigslist ad:

1991 NSR 250 honda MC21 ,4300 original miles ,all stock runs great,dry clutch,oil injector,nevada registration,great bike

Possibly the worst picture ever for a sale ad, but then again, I suppose a serious buyer would follow up if really interested. $6300 with title doesn’t sound too bad considering mileage.



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  • I’d probably buy a bike from that guy. I’m assuming that pic is a corner of his garage or something.

    I mean–anyone who owns an NSR250 AND an MV Agusta F4 (isn’t that the other bike?) isn’t likely to be abusive or ignorant with his machinery. I figure the owner is more likely a connoisseur. That bodes well for what kind of care that NSR has seen (recently anyway). Of course, I’m just speculating for the fun of it and could be way off. But what else can I get out of that piss poor presentation?

    [sidenote on]
    I trust milage figures on this type of bike–eh, not too much. The ’93 NC30 I bought had around 12,000km on the clocks (or something, I forget) but the front rotors looked/felt to have more like 30,000km. The rest of the bike could have possibly been at 30,000km as well (they’re built solid and hide age well). The guy I bought it from played dumb when I brought it up. I think he really didn’t have any knowledge of the rotors or anything else being non-original parts.

    Point is, something wasn’t matching mileage-wise. I believe grey market bikes come to the US in all sorts of ways. Some might involve a level of disassembly that can result different parts winding up on different bikes–even if it’s 100% stock OEM stuff.

    That bike could be exactly what it’s suppose to be. Probably it is. But I don’t give grey market bikes the benefit of the doubt. Barring a well documented history, it’s all up in the air until I can see and touch the bike.

    Just food for thought for the grey market bike shoppers out there.
    [sidenote off]

  • GPracer2500,

    You’re right, I didn’t look at the rest of the picture for clues about the owner — and I’d have to agree that if it’s an MV in the background, this isn’t someone who accidentally owns a gray market bike. He probably knows exactly what it is and hopefully cares for it accordingly.

    Interesting insight on the NC30 you owned as well. Thanks as always for your comments,


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  • Is this still for sale? E-mail me if so……

  • May want to take notice that this listing was from a year ago. I suspect you’re hoping the owner may see your comment, but just in case 😉


  • […] We’ve seen this bike before but it’s traveled across the country and the asking price has gone down since we last saw it just over a year ago!  Located in Farmingdale, New York is a 1991 Honda NSR250 SE with 4,039 miles.  This bike was last seen on 11/15/08 in Las Vegas, Nevada with 4,000 miles and an asking price of $6,300.  The asking price is now a very agreeable $4,600 OBO.  Caution should be taken as this ad lists a Nevada phone number in the contact information; however, it could be entirely possible that the seller from the original ad moved to New York and has re-listed it–unlikely as it may be.  The picture in the ad is different, but I just caution buyers because this may be stolen text and a similar picture with a lowered asking price.  This is a Super Edition bike with the dry clutch and adjustable suspension.  Some of the graphics on the bike have been removed.  If I haven’t scared you away, see the ad on Craigslist here.  See the original RSBFS ad here. […]

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