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Honda posted by

1990 HONDA CB-1 For Sale w/ only 12,194 miles

1990 HONDA CB-1 For Sale on eBay!

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
Make: Honda
Model: CB-1
Displacement: 400cc
Mileage: 12,194
Price: $4,250 RNM

1990 Honda CB-1 excellent condition 12,194 original miles newer Michelin tires no issues

WOW! 32 years old and looking damn fine if I do say so myself!

Not me, silly- the CB-1! Besides I’m sitting squarely in my fif. . . I mean my mid-life crises stage and will be placing a bid on this one as soon as I finish babbling on about it.

Let’s a take a serious look at this one- shall we?

I’m still in awe of this little CB-1. I’m guessing it’s because we regularly see so many neglected machines with 500 miles look dirty AF.
I see a little oxidation on the side panels, but again, we see a lot more on than this on a regular basis. Hopefully I don’t need to remind you of the fact you’re looking at what appears* to be an un-restored 32 year old machine.

These weigh in just a touch under 400#’s, produce 56ish HP, a paltry 27 lbft of torque and utilize a single front and rear disc to keep all that power and torque in check. I know it’s a little heavy for being a small displacement motorcycle, but it wasn’t built or intended to burn up the race track. These were built for and are perfect commuter bikes with a comfy riding position.

These hit the showroom floor with a MSRP $4,299 and as you can imagine, they went over like a Led Zeppelin. Even though it didn’t make a splash back in the 90’s the little CB-1 has RSBFS.com and myself to keep it’s flickering flame alive and well.

Any other CB-1 fans out there? If so, do not click through this link because I’ve set it up to take you straight to one of those unspeakable websites 😉




  • I’ve had a CB-1 since 2017. It was my main bike until the carbs needed servicing and I haven’t got round to it since I have other bikes to keep me entertained. Riding > wrenching. Purchased from Nevada with 10k miles and now sitting at 34k miles in California. All weekend riding. What a brilliant gem of a bike. The gear driven camshafts and 13.5k redline create an intoxicating experience a sane speeds. What a sleeper of a bike. If it were closer I’d readily fork over $3.5k if it was as nice in person as the photos seem to show. This bike looks to be in excellent condition. Those side panels usually look horrible. Mine, for some reason, has very little blemishing as does this one up for grabs. Buy and enjoy ear to ear grins, folks. They don’t make them like this anymore. Parts can be a little hard to come by so proper maintenance on or before schedule will keep you rolling for many miles. Only major issue owners have reported with noticeable frequency is fires originating at the fuel pump. I would definitely recommend replacing the fuel pump (32 year old rubber in there) and then enjoy worry free ownership.

    • Thanks for the long-term ownership account. Very helpful and encouraging!


  • Always been a fan of these, had a very good friend (RIP) who campaigned one at the track with some success.

  • Was it ever sold in the states? I didn’t know. There are some really kind of interesting bikes from the era when the Japanese big four was trying to figure out what’s next after race-replica boom.

    • Was sold for two years- 89 and 90

  • I had one that was bought new off the showroom floor back in the day.these cost nearly as much as a new CBR600. That made it hard to compete with even if the engine was technically more sophisticated. I was a teenager and mine was decimated by my learning curve. Gear driven cams would seem simpler but I managed to snap a camshaft in 2. There is technque neaded to assemble the head correctly. I should have ignored the valve lash checks and the bike likely would have survived with nary a valve lash adjustment needed. It is a Honda for chrissakes… i have a CBR400RR trackbike. So maybe I need a streetbike again. What could be better? A CB-1 with a cartridge formand an adjustable shock maybe.

  • Do it- Pull the trigger!

  • These were ALOT of fun on a race track. I had 3 top 10 finishes at the WERA GNF, back in 2004, in D Superstock, D Superbike, and a 4th place in V6 Lightweight.

  • The CB-1 is a milestone bike for me. I had ridden a friend’s XR80 a handful of times as a teenager, but no other experience. Getting to sample one of these for my first street ride, before I was 18, was a significant revelation. Mind you It was a straight line up to about 70mph, but you remember that ride too. This was mine.


  • 5 days left and reserve not met @ $3650. Seller knows what he’s got and exciting to see active bidding.

  • Crazy price for this bike in my opinion. I had one and it was a complete dog. I might have been jaded as I was racing an FZR400 at the time when I first bought the CB1, I thought it would be comparable. Boy was I wrong. Might be a good townie bike but it was so much slower than the FZR.

  • Along the lines of the last poster, these are NOT very fast, in fact I dug up an old cycle mag and the 650 Hawk’s were faster! And I had a Hawk and sold it due to being too slow for my 5′ 11″ 185 pound fat butt!

    Yes, they look good, and are cool, and pretty rare. But they need lots of revs and a small rider, just my opinion.

  • Annnnnd the listing is gone.

  • Yup, someone made this guy an offer he couldn’t refuse!

  • My first “big bike” was a 1990 CB-1 which I purchased in 1992 with about 11,500 miles on it. My first bike was a 1989 Yamaha YSR50W which I kept when I got the CB-1. It was a great first big bike, and the Banshee wail it made from about 7000-13500 RPM was spine-tingling, even with the stock exhaust. I sold it after I got married and “needed the money” in the Summer of 1994, and I really wished I had kept it. I’ll always love a CB-1, and I have pretty much fixed the “money problems” of my youth. To say I’m tempted is a gross understatement. Thing is, we have eight bikes already, and I like everything I have. You can’t go home again…or can you!? I guess we’ll see!

  • These have an unburstable motor you can Rev the absolute daylights out of them and nothing will go bang.
    Tiny bit on the short side, but light and handle well and safe.
    Excellent bike if you don’t wanna be Rossi.
    And will run forever with a little care.

  • Ahh, my first ever bike, bought new in 93, stolen in 95. The thrill of winding it out in all 6 years without risking a a reckless driving ticket. Wish I’d had the skills back then to appreciate it.

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