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1987 Honda NSR250R in Seattle, Washington


This little smoker is freshly imported and titled. The seller states that it needs some elbow grease to get it to shine after years of sun exposure. With under 12k miles, the current winning bid is just $2,375. I doubt we’ll get to see the end of the auction but could be a great project for not much cash.


1987 Honda NSR250R for sale on eBay

from the seller:

Just imported through US Customs this summer, this 1987 NSR250r comes with a US title ready to be transferred into your name in your state. Here’s the YouTube video of this bike showing running condition before it was shipped to the United States: youtube.com/watch?v=1v_1HhCDPMA
This NSR250 is showing just 11,146 original miles (17,937 kilometers) on the odometer so it is a clean, lower mileage bike but the sun has not been kind however as the bodywork is paint faded and the stickers, etc. faded too. A light color sanding or polishing compound will bring back the paint and plastic polish will restore the windshield so a little elbow grease will go along way with this NSR. The fairing bodywork is original and un-cracked and the seat is in good condition too. Newer tires front and back, triple drilled discs and a hidden dual seat option make for nice features on this bike. There are 2 small dings barely visible in the top of the tank (probably from a tank bag), I tried to get them to show up in the pictures but they are small so you really can’t see them. All in all a very clean used 250R, I have 5 more pictures that eBay won’t let me upload-send me your email address and I’ll get them to you.

I can get great shipping rates (anywhere in California for $300 as an example) so don’t let the cost of shipping keep you from owning this collectible Japanese two-stroke streetbike. This motorcycle is already USA titled and ready to be transferred into your name so US Customs documents and EPA documents are not needed but I will include them in the sale of this bike so you have documentation this NSR was legally imported. P.S. I also have a 1986 Suzuki RG250 for sale next month… Stay tuned. 198


  • There’s actually two for sale like this in Seattle also a blue one on Craigslist right now same year etc.

  • Winning bid was $3,703.


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