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Featured Listing: Low-Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale

Update 10.31.2016: Please note the correct VIN for this bike is ZDM3SB3S1YB001839 and has been verified on the frame and title. While the bodywork doesn't appear to be original, we believe this to be an authentic 748R. Please contact the seller for additional information. -dc


At a glance, it's easy to dismiss the 748R as another "paint-and-tape" special from Ducati, designed to drum up some interest in a bike that was already five or six years old. But while the "S" versions of their 916/748 bikes might fall into that trap, the "R" models were homologation specials that were often very different bikes under the skin, with revised engine internals or an entirely different frame. In the case of the 748R, a lighter version of the 996 World Superbike trellis was used, allowing a two-part airbox with a larger capacity to be used. That carbon-fiber part increased the lightweight frame's stiffness and allowed the use of different fuel injectors. Combined with a raft of titanium engine parts, those changes meant increased top-end power and wide powerband compared to a comparatively peaky four-cylinder supersport machine.


Often considered to be one of the very best-handling Ducatis of all time, the 748 may have given up some straight-line performance compared to four-cylinder rivals, but the 106hp produced by the bike in this configuration was no joke, considering that's just a few ponies shy of what the original 916 made, with plenty more on tap if you were racetrack-bound and weren't concerned about regular teardowns. Normal 748s and 916s require regular and potentially expensive maintenance if you're used to Japanese sport bikes, so keep in mind that running one of these as anything other than a decoration will require a significantly larger outlay of cash.


Although the Tamburini design's ubiquity makes the 748/916 seem familiar now, due to its regular appearance in Rich Bastard lifestyle magazines, bedroom wall posters, and even films as the aspirational motorcycle of the era, it really is one of the most stunning motorcycle designs ever. And although they made boatloads of 748s during the bike's nearly decade-long production run, very few of the 748R were built. Only the "RS" that lacked any concessions at all to road use and was basically an over-the-counter race bike is rarer and more exotic.


From the seller: Low Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale

Well, well, well...you won't see this every day. Immaculate 2000 Ducati 748R with only 2,538 original miles! Only 70 of these 748R's were imported into the United States in the year 2000, according to Standard Catalog of Ducati Motorcycles by Ian Falloon. Serviced at my local Ducati dealer less than 1 year ago and has been ridden less than 50 miles since service. Service included oil change, timing belts, valves, and synchronizing of throttle bodies. To the best of my knowledge the complete front brake system, including master cylinder, was upgraded to high end Brembo components. I was told while I was at the Ducati dealer having the above service done, that the master cylinder alone is $1,000.00

  • New Shorai battery
  • Coolant reservoir has been changed from the original plastic to the updated aluminum version
  • Ohlins rear suspension
  • Ohlins steering damper
  • Termignoni carbon fiber full exhaust system

Carbon Fiber Accessories:

  • Rear fender
  • Swing arm cover
  • Chain guard
  • Right & Left dash panels
  • Foot peg covers
  • Exhaust heat shield
  • Clutch cover
  • Front mudguard
  • Carbon fiber Underbelly Has 3 quarter inch crack next to oil drain plug hole
  • Headlight support
  • Upper fairing stay

Also included in sale:

  • Original Marchesini wheels & tires
  • Original exhaust
  • A few windscreens and miscellaneous parts (all extra parts have scratches here and there from bring moved around and stored)

Very minor defects to the motorcycle as pictured, small rock chip and small crack pictured. Only mechanical issue is front brake has a slight pulse to it. I am guessing one of the rotors needs straightened.


Luckily, today's bike appears to have been cherished and, as is typical for beautiful, low-mileage Ducatis, has had an entire parts catalog thrown at it. With regular 748 and 748S examples lurking around the $5,000 to $6,000 mark, the $8,500 asking price seems very fair, considering the condition. I believe those PERFORMANCE decals are a later addition but, like everything else, can be easily reversed by the new owner if desired. With just over 2,000 miles on the bike, this one should work for collectors as well as folks who plan to ride their investments on occasion. The seller clearly thought ahead when making modifications, as the original wheels and exhaust are included. In early 2000, the 748R had Showa suspension front and rear, so this bike may have been upgraded to the later Öhlins bits that became standard in 2001 or upgraded to aftermarket parts.

The owner asks $8,500 and Steve at Southwest Cycle can be reached at (239) 898-3050.




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