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Ducati December 17, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 2000 Ducati 996S

The souped-up version of Ducati’s iconic 916, the 2000 Ducati 996S allowed Duc to keep the Massimo Tamburini styling that still did not look dated and make a raft of mechanical mods to keep up with the Joneses. The bores got embiggened, parts from the 916 SPS became standard, and horsepower climbed to the mid-120s, and the bike stayed in the spotlight attracted by its predecessor.

2000 Ducati 996S for sale on eBay

The 2000 models got five-spoke Marchesini wheels, which on the S were featherweight cast magnesium. The suspension was handled on both ends by Ohlins, which ratcheted up the exotica a notch or two.

This example is low mileage and comes out of the second owner’s collection, where it has been ridden mostly to shows. It has been given an aftermarket graphics package, which is removable, as well as some carbon fiber dress up bits. It also sports Akrapovic slip-on cans and Ducati Corse rearsets.

From the eBay listing:

Ducati 996S 2000.

Bike is located in Queen Creek, AZ. Clear title. Super clean bike with only 4123 miles. This is an S model which is limited from Ducati. #259 Upgraded components from Manufacturer such as Ohlins suspension equipment. Bike is well taken care of and comes out of a collection. I am the second owner. Services are up to date. Decals on fairings can be removed as they are not under a clear coat. Besides that everything else is pretty much OEM. Akropovic slip-on’s, Ducati Corse Rearsets, correct Marchesini magnesium upgraded lighter wheels recently checked and painted. I have the owners manual and original tool pouch. You can take it home and ride it. I do ride it to shows so mileage can and will change. I do run Rear slicks on all my street bikes. I can put a new rear DOT on if requested. ie: this was not a race bike because it has a slick on. Besides that, new front tire, 520 chain, sprockets, oil, belts. it does literally look new. Please don’t ask about other bikes in the pictures and if they are for sale. They will not be responded to. Thank your for your time. $7500 obo

Any and all other questions welcome.

Mike six zero two 909 855 five

For Sale Locally. I can end the listing at any time.

Please note 2 items are on the bike that will not be removed until sold. Rear Billet Brembo caliper, and WSB full floating rear rotor. I will leave the Brembo caliper on at an additional cost to listed price if negotiated. Rotor is not negotiable. I don’t need to sell the bike and so parts will stay on until Sale. OEM items will be reinstalled.

I can help with transportation arrangements if needed. Buyer is responsible for pick-up.

This bike is in excellent shape, has a very few reversible mods and is extremely low mileage. At $7,500, it’s almost a no-brainer.

Featured Listing: 2000 Ducati 996S
Aprilia February 10, 2017 posted by

Practical Italian: 2000 Aprilia RSV Mille R for Sale

The engine of any motorcycle is its living, beating heart and the powerplant of Aprilia’s funky RSV Mille R was, at the time, as unconventional as the bike’s styling. A 90° v-twin is generally considered ideal for sporting applications, as the angle between the cylinders provides “perfect primary balance” where the unpleasant vibrations caused by the pistons punching in different directions, crankshaft counterweights, and other whirly bits generally cancel each other out. This provides smooth power and character for which Italian sportbikes are generally known. You can always get around a lack perfect primary balance by using a heavy flywheel or limiting revs, but neither choices are ideal for a sportbike. Unfortunately, the ideal 90° angle between the cylinders makes for an engine that’s difficult to package. In Ducati’s original v-twin powered bikes, a long wheelbase necessitated by the nearly horizontal front cylinder wasn’t really a problem as bikes of the period typically long wheelbases that aided stability. But modern sportbikes use shorter wheelbases to provide agility and a longer swingarm to increase traction.

That’s easy to do with an inline four, but very difficult with a transverse v-twin. You could go the route Guzzi chose and turn the thing sideways to give the bike a longitudinal crankshaft orientation, but then aerodynamics and ergonomics suffer, and you’re also stuck with the effects of the crankshaft’s rotation on the bike’s handling. Or you could try, as Suzuki did, to attack the problem by using an alternative rear suspension design, but their rotary damper created its own set of issues with handling. Aprilia and Rotax attacked the problem with its usual lack of ties to tradition and applied technology: a pair of balance shafts allowed them to use a 60° configuration for the 998cc twin that kept the engine’s dimensions compact but gave it a character that was still smooth enough for a sportbike. It’s generally considered a bit more “agricultural” than Ducati’s L-twin, but Aprilia’s engine is far more economical to run and the resulting bike handles better than any of Suzuki’s v-twin machines.

As with the oily, whirly bits, Aprilia had no tradition to cling to when styling the bike and created something that looked entirely new. The RSV Mille offers up the best of both worlds in terms of performance and character, if you can get past the design which is… “striking” if you’re being kind “functional” if you could care less about aesthetics. But you can’t argue that it works, and that bulbous fairing with its Mickey Mouse headlight offers up better wind protection and comfort than many other sportbikes and it certainly looks like nothing else on the road.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Aprilia RSV Mille R for Sale

2000 Aprilia Mille R.  Shes a beauty.  Really good shape. No missing parts pretty much all OEM.

V-Twin powered machine so she’s torquey.  Fun bike, feels really balanced.  Moto runs really strong.  Trans shifts flawlessly in every way.  The Rotax engine is bullet proof, honest, and not needy at all.  She has the correct exhaust which in my opinion is the piece de resistance.  There have been other Mille R’s posted on ebay that seem to always be missing the correct exhaust setup.  This exhaust is particular to the R model as are the below listed items:

  • Carbon Fiber Front Fender, Rear Hugger and Dash Cover.
  • Ohlins Adjustable Suspension Front and Rear
  • Ohlins Steering Stabilizer
  • Comes to a stop with Brembo Equipment
  • Light Weight OZ Wheels Front and Rear
  • Over Under Exhaust
  • Shorai Battery

Michelin Tires are good usable condition still have many miles of use left.  New Rear sprocket and Chain.  All 5 Cush drive rubber pieces of the rear OZ Wheel were replaced at time of sprocket replacement.  New black levers to match the color scheme, the OEM felt clunky and a lil too plain jane.  Shorai battery

17 Year old bike folks so there are tiny nicks scratches here and there which is to be expected for a moto of this vintage, however that being said it is a fine example of 17yo moto.  really good shape just look at pics.

This isn’t a garage queen, but 8,900 miles over nearly 17 years means the bike has seen sparing use and, although it’s not perfect, appears to have been very well cared-for. Taste may be subjective, but the RSV Mille is fast, handles well, is reliable, and offers up humane ergonomics compared to the sexy but uncompromising bikes from Ducati. Aprilia has become the maker of “the best motorcycles nobody buys” and while that’s not great news for them, it is for sportbikers looking for bargain exotica that emphasize function over style. Prices for the first-generation RSVs are about as rock-bottom as you’re ever likely to get for such a competent machine, and bidding on this one is up to just $1,550 with the Reserve Not Met and very little time left on the auction.


Practical Italian: 2000 Aprilia RSV Mille R for Sale
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Low-Mileage L-Twin: 2000 Ducati 996S for Sale

In creating the 996, it might look like Ducati simply slapped a set of fresh decals onto their 916, with an extra “9” replacing the “1.” But the development of the 916 into the 996 and finally into the 998 saw a lot of gradual changes under that very pretty and iconic skin. Introduced in 1999 as an evolution of the 916, the 996 featured exactly what is says on the tin: a 996cc four-valve L-twin engine with many upgrades, including the displacement, from the earlier 916SPS, although it used different camshafts for softer power delivery and 112 peak hp. Proper fuel metering for big twins can be tricky, and the 996 used a pair of injectors per cylinder for improved power and response.

With a whole range of S, R, SPS, and even RS versions of the 916/996/998, it can be a bit tricky to navigate all the differences between different Ducati superbikes. In general, the S bikes represent a step up from the base model in terms of looks and handling, with some carbon fiber bits and suspension upgrades, although performance is largely unchanged. So the 996S seen here was basically a regular 996 with the springy bits front and rear upgraded to shiny gold Öhlins bits from the stock Showa components.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Ducati 996S for Sale

Showroom condition Ducati 996S. This is not the regular 996, this is the S. This is number 298 made. Termignoni half system slip on pipes in carbon fiber and black. New tires fresh inspection. Block of plates for mirrors. 2,000 miles on bike. ALL RECORDS. I bought it from a collector 4 yrs ago. Comes with stand. I did take off the rear blinkers for a sleeker look.  I just use my hands to turn. NEVER TRACKED and to my knowledge never in the rain. Always stored inside in my living room. Tires are brand new. Custom black frame, triple tree, wheels  and front number plate professionally painted. I also have new air filter just put in. I think this is one of the best 996s in the country. To me it looks FLAWLESS. Firm on Price. Adult owned and ridden. No trades. Clear title.

From the photos, this appears to be a nice bike and, as we know, complete maintenance records are critical for any Ducati so the fact that the seller has ALL THE RECORDS is a bonus. Unfortunately, I think plenty of collectors will balk at that “custom black frame.” Even if it was done, as the seller indicates, to customize the bike and not to hide damage, it’s something that would require complete disassembly to put back to stock, and that’s probably going to hurt price. Luckily, the seller is asking a very reasonable $7,500 for this bike which, if the mileage is correct, could mean a very nice bike for someone who’s not worried about owning a perfectly original example of this classic Bolognese superbike.


Low-Mileage L-Twin: 2000 Ducati 996S for Sale
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Featured Listing: Low-Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale

Update 10.31.2016: Please note the correct VIN for this bike is ZDM3SB3S1YB001839 and has been verified on the frame and title. While the bodywork doesn’t appear to be original, we believe this to be an authentic 748R. Please contact the seller for additional information. -dc


At a glance, it’s easy to dismiss the 748R as another “paint-and-tape” special from Ducati, designed to drum up some interest in a bike that was already five or six years old. But while the “S” versions of their 916/748 bikes might fall into that trap, the “R” models were homologation specials that were often very different bikes under the skin, with revised engine internals or an entirely different frame. In the case of the 748R, a lighter version of the 996 World Superbike trellis was used, allowing a two-part airbox with a larger capacity to be used. That carbon-fiber part increased the lightweight frame’s stiffness and allowed the use of different fuel injectors. Combined with a raft of titanium engine parts, those changes meant increased top-end power and wide powerband compared to a comparatively peaky four-cylinder supersport machine.


Often considered to be one of the very best-handling Ducatis of all time, the 748 may have given up some straight-line performance compared to four-cylinder rivals, but the 106hp produced by the bike in this configuration was no joke, considering that’s just a few ponies shy of what the original 916 made, with plenty more on tap if you were racetrack-bound and weren’t concerned about regular teardowns. Normal 748s and 916s require regular and potentially expensive maintenance if you’re used to Japanese sport bikes, so keep in mind that running one of these as anything other than a decoration will require a significantly larger outlay of cash.


Although the Tamburini design’s ubiquity makes the 748/916 seem familiar now, due to its regular appearance in Rich Bastard lifestyle magazines, bedroom wall posters, and even films as the aspirational motorcycle of the era, it really is one of the most stunning motorcycle designs ever. And although they made boatloads of 748s during the bike’s nearly decade-long production run, very few of the 748R were built. Only the “RS” that lacked any concessions at all to road use and was basically an over-the-counter race bike is rarer and more exotic.


From the seller: Low Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale

Well, well, well…you won’t see this every day. Immaculate 2000 Ducati 748R with only 2,538 original miles! Only 70 of these 748R’s were imported into the United States in the year 2000, according to Standard Catalog of Ducati Motorcycles by Ian Falloon. Serviced at my local Ducati dealer less than 1 year ago and has been ridden less than 50 miles since service. Service included oil change, timing belts, valves, and synchronizing of throttle bodies. To the best of my knowledge the complete front brake system, including master cylinder, was upgraded to high end Brembo components. I was told while I was at the Ducati dealer having the above service done, that the master cylinder alone is $1,000.00

  • New Shorai battery
  • Coolant reservoir has been changed from the original plastic to the updated aluminum version
  • Ohlins rear suspension
  • Ohlins steering damper
  • Termignoni carbon fiber full exhaust system

Carbon Fiber Accessories:

  • Rear fender
  • Swing arm cover
  • Chain guard
  • Right & Left dash panels
  • Foot peg covers
  • Exhaust heat shield
  • Clutch cover
  • Front mudguard
  • Carbon fiber Underbelly Has 3 quarter inch crack next to oil drain plug hole
  • Headlight support
  • Upper fairing stay

Also included in sale:

  • Original Marchesini wheels & tires
  • Original exhaust
  • A few windscreens and miscellaneous parts (all extra parts have scratches here and there from bring moved around and stored)

Very minor defects to the motorcycle as pictured, small rock chip and small crack pictured. Only mechanical issue is front brake has a slight pulse to it. I am guessing one of the rotors needs straightened.


Luckily, today’s bike appears to have been cherished and, as is typical for beautiful, low-mileage Ducatis, has had an entire parts catalog thrown at it. With regular 748 and 748S examples lurking around the $5,000 to $6,000 mark, the $8,500 asking price seems very fair, considering the condition. I believe those PERFORMANCE decals are a later addition but, like everything else, can be easily reversed by the new owner if desired. With just over 2,000 miles on the bike, this one should work for collectors as well as folks who plan to ride their investments on occasion. The seller clearly thought ahead when making modifications, as the original wheels and exhaust are included. In early 2000, the 748R had Showa suspension front and rear, so this bike may have been upgraded to the later Öhlins bits that became standard in 2001 or upgraded to aftermarket parts.

The owner asks $8,500 and Steve at Southwest Cycle can be reached at (239) 898-3050.


Featured Listing: Low-Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale
Ducati July 26, 2016 posted by

The Sum of Its Parts: 2000 Bimota DB4 for Sale

2000 Bimota DB4 L Side

Bimota’s successful line of Ducati-powered bikes seems a bit unconventional for the brand, considering they’d always been about creating machines that fused powerful, well-engineered Japanese engines with lightweight, race-bred frames to create bikes that were more than the sum of their parts. But machines like this DB4 seemed to be more about just distilling a Ducati down to its barest essence, rather than creating something that was more of a “best of both worlds” sort of motorcycle. Nothing wrong with that: the DB4 worked exactly as advertised, although that Ducati, Perfected confection came at a high price…

2000 Bimota DB4 Tank

Powered by a humble 904cc version of the oil and air-cooled Desmo v-twin that was introduced way back in the 1980 Ducati Pantah, the DB4 makes up in light weight agility what the 80hp lump lacks in grunt. Interestingly, Bimota took what could be considered a retrograde step with the fueling, and fitted the older 900SS’ Mikuni carburetors. I’ve heard mostly good things about Ducati’s fuel-injection of the period, so I’m not sure what prompted that move.

2000 Bimota DB4 R Engine

In both carbureted and fuel-injected format, it’s a very entertaining motor, but the bike is hardly a rocketship: a 12.1 second ¼ mile time is four-wheeled Import Tuner territory these days and the 131mph top speed can be significantly bettered by a bone-stock VW GTI. But the claimed 363lb dry weight means unmatched agility for a four-stroke motorcycle and the bike provides a thoroughbred experience in terms of sound, feel, and style. If the extremely patriotic Italian color scheme doesn’t get your attention, the distinctive oval tube frame or the stacked shotgun-style exhaust of the stock bike will. Of course, that all assumes you’re looking at a stock bike. Which this one obviously isn’t.

2000 Bimota DB4 Clocks

Most DB4s were fully-faired, but some percentage were sold like this one with an abbreviated half-fairing that does away with the belly-pan, perhaps to gain ground clearance on the brakes and in corners. The half-faired look reminds me a bit of a 1980s GSX-R, since many people removed that lower fairing for hard riding. It’s still a great-looking machine with the non-standard fairing paint, but definitely loses some of the blatantly Italian style of the standard bike.

2000 Bimota DB4 Rear Wheel

264 built seems like a very small production run, but the DB4 is actually one of the more “mass-produced” models for Bimota and the bike’s relative popularity helped keep the company afloat during tough times.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Bimota DB4 Custom for Sale

90% Ti bolts|
Front Brake Caliper/ fender holder is Magnesium rare)
Valve cover are sand-cast magnesium with Bimota logo
Clutch Housing Magnesium
Lightweight Yoyodone Clutch assembly super-lite
BST carbon Fiber Wheels
Titanium Exhuast slip-on Scorpion
Fender carbon OEM
Rear Fender Carbon
License plate holder Carbon
Clutch cover and belt cover Carbon from Ducati Performance
Rear Sets fully adjustable from Carbon Dream with Heel Protector (have eccentrics)
Ti-Kickstand Motocorse Italy
Anonzied MC rear sprocket
Stock Clamps
Clutch and Brake Master 16X19 RCS
Billet Brembo Calipers
Speigler Custom Brake Lines Direct fit no banjo bolts
9 came to the US and BOB StienBugler has 3 from bimota spirit
#005 this was born a quarter fairing Bimota came as a full fairing bike
Has Euro Headlight, with high and low beam instead of the USA HL which has one bulb
Has a Paioli Rear Shock with remote reservoir (one of kind)
Motocorse Italy Rear spools
Muffler brackets that bolt to head made of custom billet.
Yoyodyne Slave cylinder
Originally bought with 90 miles. bike was upgraded from then.
1482 miles. Has been owned by a “Ducati Professional its entire life.” 

There are just 1,482 miles on this DB, so dry-rotted rubber bits would be my biggest concern, rather than general wear-and-tear or mechanical abuse. The eye-searingly vivid exhaust may be period-appropriate, but the otherwise subtle machine would be better served by a simple carbon or titanium end can. I’m sure someone out there with an old R6 would love to fit this pipe, so finding a buyer shouldn’t be too hard. The listed modifications are otherwise simple bolt-on items and of good quality/high cost. 90% Ti fasteners? Yeowch, that’s a pricey way to save some weight… I like the cast magnesium engine cover though, and those carbon-fiber wheels should make a light bike even lighter.

Bidding is active, but up to just $6,200 with the Reserve Not Met. I have a feeling this one will struggle to reach the seller’s goals: the parts that have gone into it appear to be of high quality but overall, it feels kind of disjointed. Today, the Ducati/Bimota link is stronger than ever and this should at least be a stable investment, although I’d paint the fairing to match and get a less distracting exhaust fitted.


2000 Bimota DB4 R Side

The Sum of Its Parts: 2000 Bimota DB4 for Sale
Bimota May 31, 2016 posted by

Sophisticated Frame: 2000 Bimota SB8R for Sale

2000 Bimota SB8R L Side Front

Given the Bimota SB8R’s exotic reputation, you might be surprised to learn just how affordable they can be. They’re one of the most commonly-seen Bimotas and offer up Ducati noise and performance with looks that you’d never confuse with anything else.

2000 Bimota SB8R R Side

The slightly odd styling certainly matches the exotic brand and the bike uses Suzuki’s own headlight, making it look far better than it ever did in the duck-billed [and tailed] original. Suzuki also donated it’s eight-valve, liquid-cooled 996cc v-twin engine, tweaked here with different injectors to produce a claimed 138hp, and a real-world 124whp. Not impressive compared to 190hp Panigales, but with a huge midrange as opposed to power further up the rev-range, the SB8R will still be plenty fast, especially in real-world conditions.

2000 Bimota SB8R Cockpit

The heart of any Bimota, ironically, isn’t the heart: with engines sourced from outside manufacturers, and bodywork just a shell, it’s the frames that have always set the company apart, and the one here is a stunner: a composite unit, with aluminum and carbon-fiber elements, along with a self-supporting seat unit. Supposedly inspired by the frame on Cagiva’s Moto GP bike, it helps shave almost 50lbs off Suzuki’s original TL-R while giving a better weight-distribution as well.

2000 Bimota SB8R Tail

A more traditionally configured Ohlins rear standard shock versus the easily-overwhelmed rotary unit matched to a Paioli fork helps give race-ready handling, and the SB8 had some success in World Superbike competition, although they struggled to meet homologation numbers…

From the original ebay listing: 2000 Bimota SB8R Serial Number “007” for Sale

We are proud to offer this spectacular Bimota which is one of less than 150 built only in 1999 & 2000!

“Exotic, ultra-rare and built with a level of attention few manufacturers can match. ” [MCN]

Just 7,969 miles

2000 Bimota SB8R R Side Front

The stock Suzuki gauges are a bit of a let-down on such a wild-looking motorcycle, although at least they’re nestled down behind those massive carbon intake tubes and at least they should prove reliable! And the new owner can certainly plump for a nice TransLogic digital dash or something if the standard gauges are too pedestrian…
These exotic machines offer up a bit of a conundrum. They’re race-bred, but you’d be likely to tiptoe your beloved Bimota around the track for fear of a crash. The bodywork was designed to ease access and reduce the costs of a crash but, fifteen years later, panel availability may be a challenge. And even if you’re well-heeled and keep your pride-and-joy rubber-side-down, sometimes the maintenance parts needed to keep extremely low-production motorcycles running just aren’t available, at any price. And if they’re NLA, then you have to find folks to make you one-off parts: gaskets, fork seals…


2000 Bimota SB8R L Side

Sophisticated Frame: 2000 Bimota SB8R for Sale
Cagiva March 28, 2016 posted by

Monster Fighter: 2000 Cagiva Raptor 1000 for Sale

2000 Cagiva Raptor R Side Front

Cagiva’s Raptor was a followup to the Ducati Monster by the original bike’s designer, Miguel Angel Galluzzi. Powered by Suzuki’s powerful, reliable and, most importantly, low-maintenance v-twin in both 650 and 1000cc flavors, the Raptor attempted to recreate the magical Monster formula for Cagiva. Unfortunately, while it was better in pretty much every quantifiable way than the air-cooled Monster, it never really captured the imagination of the buying public and was never officially imported to the USA, making this one of only a couple I’ve ever seen for sale here.

2000 Cagiva Raptor L Side

With 105hp and weighing in at around 400lbs with gearing to suit a naked bike, the Raptor 1000 is a fairly quick machine, although it obviously can’t compete with modern supernakeds like the KTM Superduke. But those contemporary bikes would be virtually uncontrollable without modern electronic aids, something the Raptor obviously lacks entirely.

2000 Cagiva Raptor Dash

Unfortunately, the only couple Raptors I’ve seen here in the US are the “standard” bikes, not the much wilder V-Raptor that featured a slightly insane, very angular pointed headlight unit and a pair of air-tubes that curved back over the tank and look like they were cribbed off a Bimota SB8R… The standard Raptor is a good-looking bike but, in my opinion, lacks the elemental quality of Galluzzi’s original Monster. It’s bland and overstyled at the same time, with gimmicky gauges and a busy cast frame in place of the simple trellis unit of the Ducati.

2000 Cagiva Raptor Tank

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Cagiva Raptor 1000 for Sale

This bike may look like a Ducati Monster, since it was designed by the same designer, Miguel-Angel Galluzzi. However, when Cagiva divested Ducati (Ducati and MV Agusta were all owned by Cagiva under Claudio Castiglioni at the time) the later-designed Raptor employed the more powerful and reliable Suzuki v-twin motor. Google ‘Cagiva Raptor 1000 (2000-2005) Review’ to read some of the background of the genesis of the Raptor.

This bike is rare in the U.S. This may be the only Cagiva Raptor in the U.S. If you own one I would be interested to hear from you. I don’t think they were ever imported here.
The bike is exotic in its Italian naked bike background but extremely reliable with its fuel-injected water-cooled Suzuki motor which doesn’t require the valve adjustment every 6000 miles like the Monster. The Suzuki motor is also much more powerful than the air-cooled Ducati Monster motors of that vintage. The Suzuki motor is still used in production bikes and in flat track racing.
I bought this bike from the second owner in 2005, flew out to Los Angeles and rode the bike the 2000 miles back home to Springfield, Illinois without problems. Since that time I’ve put relatively few miles on it riding locally. The maintenance history of the bike during the time I’ve owned it is shown below.
The bike has metric instrumentation, so the speedometer and odometer readings are in kilometers. This requires some mental calculating when riding.
Everything works on the bike, except that the headlight does not come on with the ignition key switch. So I currently have a rubber band around the flasher switch (found on European-version bikes) to keep the headlight on continuously. I have an appointment with the local Cagiva dealer to have this fixed, so that may be remedied by the time of sale if it doesn’t require parts ordering.
The bike runs strong and has a great v-twin exhaust note. It pulls cleanly and handles nicely, weighing only a little over 400 pounds. It is essentially in original condition as can be seen from the photos, still wearing most of its original ‘MV Agusta S.p.A.’ stickers. The tires only have a couple thousand miles on them although they were installed in 2007. The front fender and tank color have been changed to an original factory Cagiva color because the fender and tank were silver with MV Agusta badging when I bought it.
The bike is being sold with its original exhaust pipes which are in very nice condition. I have recently installed a new set of Staintune stainless steel exhaust pipes which have a somewhat throatier sound. These are not included in the sale price, but I would sell them for an additional $800 (these are $1200 retail if you can find them) above the sale price of the bike.
Please note that the photos shown in this auction were taken last year. However, they are still an accurate depiction of the bike’s condition as only a few hundred kilometers of local cruising have been put on the bike since the time of these pictures. The bike has always been stored indoors in a heated garage with battery tender during the off-season.
2000 Cagiva Raptor L Side Engine
When new, this would have been a lower-maintenance, more powerful alternative to Ducati’s air-cooled Monster. Now, it’s role is a bit more ambiguous. The Suzuki V-twin is a fantastic motor. It’s plenty powerful, and I’m sure a set of TL1000R cams and other parts would likely slot right in to get the Raptor up to that bike’s claimed 135bhp. Unfortunately, electrical parts and bodywork will likely be shipping over from Europe, so “reliability” becomes a relative term.
2000 Cagiva Raptor SeatThis particular machine has very reasonable miles considering its age and looks to be in excellent cosmetic shape. Which is certainly a great starting point for a bike this rare at this price point: you certainly don’t want to buy a cheap, basketcase exotic.  In spite of the condition, there are no takers yet at the $4,500 starting bid. Considering a decent Monster of the same era can be had for much less, this may just be priced a bit high.
2000 Cagiva Raptor R Side
Monster Fighter: 2000 Cagiva Raptor 1000 for Sale
Aprilia January 21, 2016 posted by

Thy Cup Runneth Over: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup R Side

The Aprilia RS250 was the first two-stroke I actively lusted after. Keep in mind that I grew up in an era when two-strokes, at least here in the US, were basically found in off-road bikes and really annoying yard-care equipment. Not really the sexiest of associations. I still think that the sound of a two-stroke is more a pragmatic noise than a beautiful one, but you can’t argue with how effective they are, and the narrow powerband combined with the light weight performance of a two-stroke sportbike makes for a highly involving, giant-killing ride.

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup L Side Front

Aprilia is a relatively small company and, instead of starting from scratch and building their own engine, they spent time developing a highly-effective chassis and powered their creation with a tuned version of Suzuki’s RGV250 engine. With a claimed 60hp and backed by a six-speed gearbox, the 249cc v-twin gave the 300lb machine serious performance although, in typical two-stroke style, you had to work pretty hard for it. But for motorcycling fans, that just sweetens the deal.

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Stingers

The RS250 Cup was intended to compete in the Cup Challenge, a one-make racing series designed to raise brand awareness and offer competitors a level playing field, since modifications were not allowed. It’s obviously not road -legal, so café racers need not apply.

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Dash

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale
The bike comes as pictured plus spares which include stock rear sets, multiple sprockets, front spring sets, oils and more. This is the Cup Edition, which does not have lights or electric start (kick only). It was sold as a race bike and never titled.
A true time capsule…This bike was removed from the crate and prepped in the winter of 2008. Ridden a few times between 2009-2011. It was stored away indoors and covered from the end of the 2011 season until early 2015. The resurrection in 2015 included a thorough cleaning, fluid changes and fresh battery and rubber.
The bike has always been ridden at open track days and never raced. Last tracked in late August 2015 at Buttonwillow, this bike held its own around bigger bikes and was able to embarrass a few of them….
This bike has never been down and looks practically brand new (aside from a scuff here and a nick there). With only a little over 540 miles this little 250cc Moto GP Replica is hardly broken in.
…. You won’t find another this clean or this original anywhere!!!!
Buy it and ride it, race it or put it on display.
 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Front Wheel
I like the zip tie on the fork leg: a cheap-and-cheerful suspension-tuning trick that allows you to gauge suspension travel under braking. The seller mentions that the Cup Edition does not have electric start, but actually none of the RS250 models had an electric start: they were all kick-only. Considering the bike has seen some genuine track use, it’s in very nice condition. It would certainly look good on display, but this bike is just crying out to be used in anger. Hopefully, the new owner will do the right thing… and let me ride it.


2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup L Side Rear

Thy Cup Runneth Over: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale