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Thirtysomething: 1990 Honda RC30


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

For Sale: 1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R

It must be springtime. Because besides the normal flowers and weeds that seem to spring up this time of year, drool-worthy homologation collectables are springing up in the market. We have seen more RC30s lately than normal, undoubtedly driven out by the improving weather and the improving financial promise of earlier sales.

This particular bike has traveled only 1,300 miles and change since leaving the factory. That is only 59 miles a year. Taken a different way, that could be a mere 325 laps of the famed Suzuka circuit in Japan – not that this bike appears to ever have touched a racetrack. While it has been ridden, it appears to be begging for more miles. Any wealthy volunteers?

From the seller:
1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R This bike is #3 of 300 unit production run for the American market. This bike has only 1300 miles and is in perfect, showroom condition. It is completely stock as delivered by Honda. Included are the factory stand, toolkit and manual. New battery, very recent oil and fluid service, runs perfectly.

Completely stock, low miles, great looking condition and all of the factory-supplied goodies…what more could you ask? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the prices on these classic racing machines has been on the rise lately. Nor do I need to tell you that these are rare, limited in numbers, and one of the most searched for bikes on the RSBFS site.

Your chance to own this Honda RC30 (serial number 3) is right now: Click the link to jump over to the auction. We caught this auction at the beginning, so we are still sitting at the opening ask of $20k with reserve in place. The last few years we have watched these bikes move from the $18-$22k range up to closer to $30k – it will be interesting to see where this one ends up. Good luck, and be sure and let us know what you think!



  • WoW! Another one and bone stock…should fetch maximum dollars.

  • It’s a California bike so it should bring a good chunk less money than a 49 state bike. Besides that, looks like a beauty.


  • Drool. Drool, drool, drool drool drooling drool. Drool drool, drooler drool drooling drooly drool. Droolity drool drool drooly, drool drooled, drool.

    Drooled drooling drool, drooler drool drool drool.

  • Hey Joel, how can tell if its a CA bike?

    pity it has only 1300miles. Its not even broken in. Why would you not want to rake up a bunch of miles on that, is it that tall first gear? Will it not go into neutral at a stop light?

  • 12k red line instead of 12.5k……I think

  • I think your right. I just looked at another RC30 and the red line was at 12,500.

  • This info was posted on another RC30 on the site. And sadly, its the dreaded slow CA bike…

    In 1990, the U.S.
    received the RC30 with about 86hp on tap for the 49-state model (which features a “0” in the 8th position of the VIN). The California model (which is identified by a “1” in the 8th position of the VIN) was more restricted and had a low lift cam and softer valve springs while redlining at
    12,000 rpm (12,500 rpm redline for the rest of the U.S. models).

  • The VIN tells you it’s a California model: In this case, RC301 indicates CA-spec; RC300 would indicate 49-state. It’s also not necessarily “#3” of 300, as the serial numbers are different for the CA and 49-state bikes (as well as the RC302 Canadian models). It IS the 3rd California model, which could mean it was the first customer (California) bike, as the earliest ones are often kept by the factory or the importer for their own use. So, it’s still very rare!

    And of course, the tachos are different…

  • OK…. nice bike, but where are all the NC30 /NC35;s out there?? Yeah the RC is great, but I’m looking for the smaller, more fun in the twisty 400’s….. anyone with one.. I have cash in hand, and just waiting for someone to post a stock body work model that has not been crashed…. I know they have to be out there!!
    Or hell contact me directly!!

  • I have been in contact with the seller of this bike – he is a great guy and the bike is super clean. If you want a low-miles RC30, this would, I believe, be a very good choice.

  • Tim…..Did he give any inclination on what the sell price might be?

    I’m looking for one but not to the recent tune of $30K

  • I think you’re looking at around 30K for this one. You know, this bike is advertised in the classifieds section of this website if you want to contact the seller directly and negotiate a price – he is a very reasonable guy and knows the market. There was another one here a couple weeks ago and that seller was looking for $27K and the bike needed some work (I spoke with him). Who knows what they are really worth. I am definitely going to buy one, while I can still afford to.

  • Thanks for your comments Tim…..

  • Being a California model RC30 (86 hp!), this is much less desireable than a full power version, and always will be. Not the RC30 to buy if you really want one- you’ll be disappointed, unless you just want to look at it.

  • With all due respect, and being new to this website (and also being the owner of a very clean, 1990 RC30 with 2400 miles), I appreciate the opinions as to the difference in value between a 49 state and California bike. However, is there objective data out there that the California bikes, ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, have been bringing less money. I am talking about real sales data showing sales prices and differentiating between 49 states and Calif bikes. If you want a fast track bike, buy something that isnt 22 years old. If you want something really cool to put on a stand and admire, then does it make a difference at all? I would think a clean , original Cali bike would be far more desirable than a high milage or beat up 49 states bikes, period. Just seeing if anyone has looked at the actual data.

  • Does anyone know if this bike sold. I’m looking for an RC30 and am in CA. How do i get in contact with the owner? Also, is it easy enough to get a 49 state model registered in CA. What’s involved?

  • Kevin, you need 7500 miles on the odometer to register a 49 state bike in CA

  • […] thing I'm going to buy when I win the lotto" https://raresportbikesforsale.com/thi…90-honda-rc30/ Reply With […]

  • Colin, do you need over 7500 miles or under to register the bike in CA? I’m looking at a 49 state model but am moving to CA. I believe I have to register it in my own state and then bring it into Cali under the ‘less than 7500 miles is a new vehicle’ rule. Anyone know if this is accurate?

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