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The description is worth it: 1988 Ducati Paso 750ie

The seller of this 1988 Ducati Paso 750ie takes honesty in advertising in a slightly strange direction, choosing to focus less on the attributes of the bike and more on the potential impact the bike will have on your social engagements. He gives us scant details beyond how long he's owned it, how far he has ridden it in that time and the fact that it is a "great bike."

1988 Ducati Paso 750ie for sale on eBay

That's when the real fun starts. It's PG-13 at least, so proceed with caution if you have young gas monkeys around. From the eBay listing:

1988 Ducati Paso 750 ie Limited Only 3098 miles - great condition !

I'll be adding more photos tomorrow - including odometer.
It's a great bike.
I have owned it for 13yrs and rode it 10 miles on my own property the day I picked it up - stored in museum since then.

Start your collection now - good bikes have outpaced many other investments over the last decade since the recession -
and you cannot invite your friends to come drool over stocks & bonds or ride them to Sunday morning coffee....

Plus no one ever got laid because of their bond portfolio unbless it had a billion dollars in it and then they still got laid because of their 300' yacht not the bonds.

no yacht ?

Buy this bike.

Have more money , or not the most dashing gent ? Buy the Paul Smart I have for sale 🙂
WANT TO APPEAR REALLY YOUTHFUL & VIRILE ? Buy the insane aprilia factory supermoto racer I have for sale lol

The Paso isn't anywhere close to a yacht, but its acres of white bodywork are vaguely reminiscent of a luxo-barge you'd see moored in Monaco. If you squint real hard and let your imagination go. What this bike certainly represents is a decent and pretty much unmolested example of a very-1980s Ducati, built just on the cusp of the brand's return to building the wild sportbikes it's known for today.


  • I guess the “IE” stands for Interesting Explanation….or Insane Exaggeration! That is not an “IE”!

    Not a bad bike, and mileage is a plus. The Limited is more rare, but sadly those were just an effort to spruce up a failed bike and help dealers to move them out. I would be interested in this bike at about half the price just to say I had one, but short of that…the description was humor enough over coffee to appreciate the listing. Oh, and if you have ever seen Mutton Busting videos….that is what it feels like to ride one of these little guys…

  • The Brevetti Silentium exhaust is interesting, but not special. They were shipped with this particular bike (88 Paso Limited) as extras and were “Race track” only pipes that were still legal at the time in many countries in Europe. These might be the 40mm open pipes and they are desirable but they are nothing when compared to the Verlicci pipes that one could get at that time from Ducati.

  • I think Jon Thomson summed this bike up quite nicely in his book.
    “Available in limited numbers, appreciated by a limited amount of enthusiasts.”
    The 750 (and 906) Paso series are just not quite right. The 907 i.e. is the vintage to have if you desire this style.

  • I love this ad! Not enough to make me want to buy a Paso, but still, love the ad. Especially coming from a crazy-rich guy.

  • I had one and my wife nick named it the cream puff. It reminded her of a “fat marshmellow”. Mine was perfect with a dialed in Weber, staintune exhaust and swing arm spacers for a taller tires and it sold for less than 3 thou. Great bike but a little slow.There is no love for the 750 Paso (Ducati’s red headed step child) with collectors. ( I like them and have a 907ie.)
    The exhausts are Cheapy Cobra F1’s, which were also sold by ferracci ( with FBF tags).
    A nice 907ie can be had for what this guy is asking. He’s also selling a Guzzi LeMans SE for an astronomical price.

  • Looks like someone bought in to the story and placed a bid.
    I had an ’87 Paso and liked it, very good sport tourer. About 50k miles when I sold it, no major problems, just proper maintenance and replacing the wearables. Although I dialed in the terrible jetting on the Weber, replaced the stock (hot) airbox with something that worked and replaced the 1 1/2 turn throttle with a 3/4 turn. However I really liked the stock seat, never understood why people replaced it. I thought it handled well, more than a few times I overcooked it into a corner and the Paso took it in stride, no muss no fuss. The Marzoochi M1 forks and rear shock provided good suspension control.
    I would only be interested in this Paso if it had the 40mm open Silentium or Verrlicci exhausts mentioned above. Otherwise it is a white Paso, a good red Paso(with the stock seat) can be bought for $2500-$3500. And proper sized tires are available now.

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