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Bimota May 2, 2013 posted by

Rare BIMOTAs Continued: V2 500 in France

When it comes to rare motorbikes, there are a couple of manufacturers that have their full catalogue belonging in this category. Bi. Mo. Ta. is one of them. I reckon that in the future there will be more space for exotic, almost custom made sport bikes’ brands. I mean, look at the success of Vyrus. In the 80s and 90s, what Bimota did  was driven by pure passion. Nowadays, we see a process of “conformation” among the top brands. The global market and competition makes every OEM look at each other, sometimes take deliberate inspiration from one another. Look at Ducati, Triumph and Yamaha being in a frenetic race to “copy” the brilliant BMW R 1200 GS that is so successful sales wise. Look at Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki, all coming up with similar 250cc 4 strokes often manufactured in South East Asia. Obviously these are to some extent the rules imposed by commercial competition. With the exception of  Ducati’s Panigale with its frameless approach and Apirlia’s bold and loud V4 there is little creativity out there. Suzuki is even the only manufacturer left, to offer a 750 cc 4 cylinder sportster (thank you Hamamatsu !). For the individual and wealthy rider, even a Panigale R isn’t that “special” besides coming with a hefty price tag.


In addition, OEMs should understand that the buyers of their top offerings are usually between 35 and 40 and ultimate performance, that you can’t use on the road, might not be the only aspect they look for, when investing their hard owned money.


So, here we have what was a bold attempt, driven by passion and that resulted into the  financial collapse of Bimota. The 2 stroke V2 500cc:


The development of this bike took so long (and therefore so many resources) because it was a totally new bike from the 2 stroke engine to the new chassis. The V2 is among the most hard to find Bimota and one that didn’t get trashed on track days is always a good find. here are its technical specs:

V2 500_spec

V2 500_2


This will not be cheap, nor it will be useful as a commuter. This will be the jewel in the crown of your garage. Starting price is set at 12000 EUR. If you are curious about how a V2 would sound check this out (video is not from the same sample as on the offer):

Let’s hear it also from the seller:

The motorcycle is in collection status. Piston segments, clutch and chain and soft compound tires are new (for safety)
changed to 9500 km (invoice available)
the bike sleeps in a heated garage. never rolled in the rain.
it was developed by a pro who knows these machines. replacement of defective electronic
at the start and recovery engine for reliability.
bench it is 10 torque 9900tr / m and 110 hp at the wheel.
I do is for fun. This is a dangerous motorcycle for those who want to be smart with.
she is very beautiful, very light.
This is a first hand obviously.
I separated because I have 5 disks damaged in the column and it’s not my age.
I do not want her in my garage, that if anyone is interested
it is a 2-stroke engine, bimota the last 2-stroke engine production
this bike is very rare for registered … a motorcycle gp rolling on the road.

The bike has 10000 km and looks to be in the right conditions even though pictures are not enough. Who knows where the reserve is ? To find out, you can start bidding on the eBay link below.

Bimota V2 500 2 strokes in France



Bimota July 22, 2010 posted by

2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica With Less Than 1,000 Miles On eBay

Bimota SB8K Santa Monica available on eBay!

Bike:  2006 Bimtoa SB8K Santa Monica

Location:  North Palm Beach, Florida

Mileage:  1,000mi

This looks to be a very nice–as one would expect with a sub-1k mile bike–Santa Monica on eBay that looks to be 100% stock, excluding the tank protector, as the seller states.

As you may know, the SB8K uses a Suzuki TL1000R based 996cc V-Twin with Bimota’s own fuel-injection system that uses radial mount fuel injectors which ensures very good power distribution.  The SB8K also features a very smart ECU which can also be used to download up to an hour of historical data from the bike.  The bodywork, including the tank, is all made of carbon-fiber while the majority of the other items are from aluminum.

I have yet to ride a SB8K but, I do have some very good experience on a TL1000R and I can honestly say the engine is the best part of the equation.  The TLR is heavy at slow speeds and the suspension isn’t perfect, but everything is overall very good with the motor the standout piece.  As many of you Duc’ riders know, the low-end torque of a V-Twin is fantastic and this motor continues to shine as the rev’s climb to the red-line.  The shortcomings of the TLR are the same reasons Bimota originally opened it’s doors:  Because the Japanese could build fantastic motors but didn’t have the resources to build fantastic frames and suspension.  Don’t get me wrong, the TLR is a very good bike, but I don’t doubt that the SB8K is far superior to it.

As the seller states, this bike originally sold for $49,495.29 (The price list says 2007) and this auction has the reserve under the base price of a Ducati 1198 ($16,495).  Which means, this bike has depreciated $33k in just four years.  If this bike goes for just over $16.5k, I call it a deal because, like the seller states, that is 1198 base money and, in the long run, I’d rather have a SB8K over a 1198–especially as that 1198 still has all of it’s depreciation ahead of it.  See Phil’s review of the other SB8K currently on eBay .  See this SB8K on eBay .


Ducati July 20, 2010 posted by

2001 Ducati 748RS With Very Little Use On eBay

This is a very good looking 748RS with 400 total miles on eBay!

Bike:  2001 Ducati 748RS

Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Mileage:  400mi

The seller states that this 748RS has only been used ten times with four of those times being races.  This bike has always been owned by a dealership and is still on MSO.  This bike is stock except for the silver paint and decals.  The bike has recently been inspected and is said to need nothing.

This bike is a factory Ducati Corse item for use by privateers and as such requires a large amount of routine maintenance, parts replacement, and inspection.  A lot of this is inspection but there are major issues such as inspection and replacement of the cam items at very low mileage (compared to a street bike) intervals.  Don’t get me wrong, these are fantastic bike’s but, if you think maintenance schedules and parts costs are outrageous for the R series bike’s, this one’s probably not for you.  However, if you’re looking for your own piece of Ducati Corse history and either want to use it as art, or have the pocket’s to run it, this bike IS for you!  Supposedly only around 20 of these were brought into the U.S. making them very rare but, are a factory race item so it’s to be expected.  If you’d like to bid on this nice 748RS, see it on eBay .