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And this time I mean it: 2003 Aprilia RS250 Final Edition GP-1

Moving on from booming V-twin, limited edition bikes from Italy comes this beautiful, well, uh, V-twin, limited edition screamer from, er, Italy. Sheesh. The big difference is that this one is a two stroke from Noale, and not the desmo- aspirated variety from Bologna. Specifically, this is the GP-1 branded Aprilia RS250, a final example of this legendary quarter-liter import for the street and track alike. A trio of well known racers were successful on the GP racer example of this model: Rossi, Biaggi and Capriossi. That is impressive company to be sure.

2003 Aprilia RS250 GP-1 for sale on eBay

The Aprilia RS250 owes much of its inception to Suzuki. The 90 degree V-twin is a direct pick-a-part from the Hamamatsu manufacturer. As is the six speed transmission. Sure, Aprilia made some changes to the unit to make it more theirs (i.e. airbox, programmable ignition, exhaust and logos on some of the cast pieces), but the roots of this family tree are Suzuki – right up to the leaves. Suzuki even assembled and shipped the Aprilia-spec motors to the Italian bike builter. But as we all know, it is not just the motor that makes these machines track-day fast. The RS250 (and the race bike that inspired it – the RSW250) is not popular by riders through accident. With a stout aluminum-magnesium allow frame, large adjustable front forks, an artfully shaped rear aluminum swing arm and the wind tunnel aerodynamics, the 70 HP twin is good for 130 MPH with handling and brakes to match.

From the seller:
This is a very near new 2003 Japan Market Aprilia RS250 GP-1, the very last of the road going 250cc two stroke models produced anywhere. 1100 original Km or just 683 miles. This bike is turn key and ready to ride or just park it in your collection and appreciate its history and great looks. There are few of these left, fewer still in this condition/miles and they won’t be making anymore!!

This is a 17 digit VIN bike and it has a clean and clear Montana street title and plate.

Recent full service to include, carbs cleaned and inspected, new air filter, fresh oil in trans, fresh coolant fresh brake fluid front and rear and the front forks were just serviced with new seals and fresh oil to rectify a leaky seal ( Motul fluids in everything ).

Bike is turn key and starts on 1 to 2 kicks when cold, the tires were replaced on it a few years back so they are not original, but they have few miles on them.

All electric works, lights, switches, good battery etc.

The bike is 100% stock. It shows some minor wear from the last 17 years but is as shown in the photos incredibly nice and original. I am missing the pillion pad, but that can be easily sourced if you want it.

It still wears all of the original warning decals and Japanese label stickers. I have included photos with the lowers off so you can have a good idea of what the bike looks like underneath the bodywork. There is some surface rust on the original chain, some light corrosion on the forks and various other really small marks or imperfections, but nothing that stands out.

Today’s particular example is not a run of the mill RS250 street bike, or even a converted RS250 Cup bike. Instead, this is the final model of the RS250 line created by Aprilia. Known as the GP-1, this edition was patterned after the livery of yet another famous Italian racer, Marco Melandri. Other than restyled bodywork and livery, mechanical changes are few. The engine and transmission remain unchanged from previous versions, as does the frame and rear suspension. Forks were updated to Showa units as opposed to the original model’s made-to-spec Marzocchi suspension. Along with this change the front hoop was widened by 1/2″, allowing for a slightly wider tire.

It is hard to tell if the GP1 is truly a more collectible version of the RS250, or if the market is simply responding to the newest of hte offerings (least older usually – but not always – equates to fewer miles, use, etc). If you are a rider that fits on the smaller bikes, any of the RS250 models will do you well – especially as the tach swings up past 9 grand. But only one model can be the last on of the breed, and the GP-1 it. This particular RS250 looks to be in fantastic shape, and has fewer than 700 miles. You read that right. Being a Japanese import the seller notes some minor corrosion – but this is nothing that we have seen from some grey bikes that have spent their lives on the Asian island. This bike definitely looks to have survived the curse of the sea air. Hard to tell how harsh the riding was to accumulate what is currently on the all kilometer clocks, but photos don’t show anything too abused that I can tell (and the photos are marvelous). Check it out here, but brace yourself: the cost of entry is a strong $14,500 USD. The bike has a Montana title and is located in sunny California – not a bad mix for an Italian bike with a Japanese heart. Maybe you can add another location to the history of this magnificent machine. Good Luck!!


And this time I mean it:  2003 Aprilia RS250 Final Edition GP-1
Aprilia January 27, 2016 posted by

Ok for the street! 2009 Aprilia RS125

This one is a little newer than what we typically post here at RSBFS but it i s a street legal Aprilia RS125 and is the last generation that had the rotax powered two stroke.  While its not the fastest thing, it would certainly make any young squid the envy of his classmates.


The Aprilia RS125 actually debuted back in 1992 with the RS125R Extrema. The little two stroke Aprilia survived for quite a few years and several generations, with the 4th generation 2006-2012* models being the final two stroke editions.  The 2009 version pictured here is powered by a liquid-cooled 125cc 2-stroke with fuel fed by a 28mm Dell’Orto carburetor via a reed valve intake and finished with a sleek left-hand exhaust that carries the exhaust gas away while allowing that distinctive two stroke roar to be heard by all.

*NOTE: In 2012 Aprilia introduced the RS4 125 which was powered by a single-cylinder four-stroke.

The 2009 was also the last year the little 125 wasb’t shaped to look like the bigger Aprilia RSV1000.  I understand that a lot of manufacturers follow the “lineup family” model but IMHO the 2009 looks so much better than the RSV-derived versions that started the next year.   Perhaps its the cleaner nose lamps or the sponsor emblazoned bodywork  with the race-replica magnesium painted triple clamp, maybe its the polished frame and swingarm with the multi-spoke wheels, I don’t know but it all comes together to make the bike look soo good, like it came straight off the track.

A link to a review of the 2009 RS125 can be found here.


2009 Aprilia RS125 on ebay

Speaking of coming straight off the track, that is part of what makes this little 125RS such a little jewel.  Most 125RS were not street legal and to be honest, this is the first time I have heard that they could be made so.   But the current seller states that this particular one has had some work done to make it so, so someone is going to have a little rocket that is legal on the street.

From the seller’s ebay listing:

  • Only 318 miles
  • Street titled in TX which can now be transferred to any other state.
  • All original OEM Aprilia street parts including the almost impossible to find “street” relays, wire harness.
  • OEM rearview mirrors, turn signals, horn, rear license plate assembly


Is this little gem worth the $6,500 USD asking price?  As much as I love it, I think that price is a bit high.  According to the review link posted above, brand new these went for $5,499 USD and that happens to be the same price we last saw one of these go for here on RSBFS (+1 dollar).  Even though this one has been made street legal and is basically new, the asking price seems a bit high…I would think a fair price for this one would be between $5,800-$6,100 USD, depending on the age of the tires.

One final note:  I think this little Aprilia may actually be a bit of a sleeper for collectors;  it probably won’t undergo any dramatic price appreciation, but it is a 4th gen bike which was the last two stroke edition of the RS125 and is street legal, so it should at least hold its value.   I would be looking to add this one to my personal collection if I had the funds available.


Ok for the street!   2009 Aprilia RS125
Sport Bikes For Sale April 1, 2013 posted by

Valentino Rossi’s Championship Bike from 2009!

Orlando, FL – 3,600mi – $8,995,000 BIN


It’s not everyday that you come across something as truly special as this bike right here. To find the actual bike that Valentino Rossi rode to his 13th consecutive MotoGP World Championship up for sale, let alone in the U.S., is something to behold. Valentino Rossi, most commonly referred to as “The Doctor” (a neurosurgeon in his down time), rode this machine to dominance, winning every race in 2009. This prompted former racer, Casey Stoner to denounce his Ducati as the ‘worst bike ever’, eventually switching to Honda, then quitting because he could never be as good as Rossi.


MotoGP bikes put our roughly 300hp. The YZR-M1 was rumored to crank out even more with 400hp derived from is 1000cc two-stroke turbocharged V-twin engine. It was also rumored that Rossi used a secret nitrous oxide system that helped propel this bike close to 275mph! Watch out! In order to make this bike street legal, the seller has fitted it with lights and turn signals.


The bike currently has 3,600 miles, which is of course the exact amount distance to run each race on the MotoGP calendar, further proving that this bike is the real deal. I still don’t know how this bike ended up for sale in Orlando, Florida, but I don’t care as it is a part of history. Now is your chance to own the fastest bike ever produced that was ridden by the greatest racer in history! Check it out!


Aprilia June 9, 2012 posted by

California Dreaming: 1996 Aprilia RS250 with title!

For Sale: 1996 Aprilia RS250

Update 6.8.2012: Back on eBay is just under a month. The last auction failed to produce a single bid even though most comments below suggest it’s probably pretty close to what it’s worth. Links updated. -dc

From the DMV-restricted land of California comes this good looking smoker, all registered and ready to go! It is no secret that a title and a plate adds value to any two stroke, and it is likely that CA is the most valuable state in this regard. Since the 1984 Yamaha RZ350 was the last stroker officially imported into the Golden State, knee draggers in the West look hungrily for titled exotica such as this.

Originally introduced in 1995 and utilizing a Suzuki RG250 VJ22 cloned engine prepped by Rotax, the Aprilia RS250 was offered up as a street going version of the GP racebike ridden by the likes of Rossi, Capirossi and Biaggi. It was also raced successfully by a whole host of riders with last names NOT ending in “i.”

From the seller:
Licensed and street legal in California

Replica of GP250

Only 6,754 miles

249 cc 2 stroke

Slight scratches on one side.

Unique vehicle, very unusual to be licensed for street use.

There are not a lot of great pictures here, but what we do see is a good looking bike. The seller does mention some scuffs, and there are additional pictures on the auction page. Did I mention it has a CA title? That part is important once we start talking value. The Arrow chambers definitely add some value, but beyond that there is little information as to what else might have been modified or updated on this bike.

Early RS250s are not exactly investment material when it comes to pricing. That is not to say anything bad about the model or year, but nothing depreciates faster than last year’s racebike and Aprilia has done an outstanding job continually improving the RS250. Still, this one is clean, titled, with relatively low miles. The seller has an opening ask of $7,500 for this machine , which is likely why there have been zero bids to date. The money is in the ballpark, but probably high for a starting bid.

For more information about this one, click the link and jump over to the auction. Check it out and let us know what YOU think. What is good money for a ’96 Ape, and does the inclusion of a title warrant a significant price premium on this one? Share your thoughts!


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2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16RR

For Sale: 2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16RR MotoGP Superbike

Here is another one of those “super rare” MotoGP replica bikes, bristling with amazing technology, and sold at a price point well above the reaches of mere mortals. Forgive the jaded author here – we at RSBFS have seen more than our fair share of these Italian marvels – enough to make you think that they are nearly (gasp!) just another garden variety Ducati.

Of course to think of this as “just another Ducati” really misses the point. After all, the D16 is a high-water mark for motorcycle manufacturers, and Ducati is to be congratulated for bringing a bike so close to MotoGP specs to the street.

From the seller:
I am listing my 2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16RR for sale. Yes, its the real deal motogp replica. Ducati’s V4 990cc, Ohlins nitrogen forks, Brembo brakes, Marchisini forged wheels..all the goodies. I am the original owner.

I’ve taken it twice to deals gap which is where most of the miles were placed. The bike absolutely loves to be ridden. Its a real gp bike and doesn’t like stop and go traffic. Because I bought the bike to ride and not just look at, I purchased a full fiberglass Catalyst front fairing. I then had it professionally painted to match the OEM Desmosedici colors, with proper lettering. I purchased all Desmo OEM quick release Dzus fastners, as well as a Ducati OEM double bouble windscreen. It looks amazing and no one can believe its not the OEM stuff. The OEM carbon front fairing with windscreen, fastners, etc. has been carefully packaged, and will be included in the auction. In addition, I purchased a full carbon fiber rear hugger. It looks awesome and completes the bike.

The bike will come will all the Ducati extras including the rear stand, cover, sticker kit, spare exhaust, battery tender, paperwork, etc that came from Ducati with the original purchase. It currently has the race exhaust and ecu set up. The bike sounds awesome and simply performs like no other bike. Its #446 of 1500 total produced and has all factory recalls and updates completed by Ducati of Miami. They are meticulous, have the most experience with the Desmosedici, and are the only ones whom I’ve let touch this bike. When purchased, the bike came with a 3 year factory warranty from Ducati, which expires in August of 2011.

I’m also including in the auction 3 brand new Bridgestone rear tires. Because the rear wheel is the real MotoGP wheel, its a 16” and requires a special tire from Bridgestone. I purchased 3 to have as spares. The Bridgestone tires on the Desmo are very soft race compound. The bike recently had new front and rear tires placed by Ducati Miami.

The bike has never been on a track. The bike has never been down, dropped, or abused. Its been well cared for, maintained, garaged, and treated with TLC. For completeness, I will try to disclose any imperfections I can. I have provided pictures of all the areas to be discussed. There is a very small chip on the left front fender, from a rock I think. Its small and I did take a picture of it. I used a go pro my last trip to the gap and the tank has a small swirl on it from suction cup. This is really super minor and actually you need to be under direct sunlight looking at it from a particular angle to see it. I’m really being nit picky on this one, but I’m trying to include any imperfections I can. Lastly the dash has what appears to be a minor nick. Again, pictures of all these are included. Most are so small you’d not notice unless pointed out or really looking closely. I’m pretty anal, and none of these areas were enough to get me concerned. Overall the bike is imaculate and looks new.

When new, these were $72,000+ machines that were hard to come by even if you had that kind of money. These days, there seem to be many available on the used market, and most are low-mileage, well-loved examples. This particular bike appears to be just such a find, and with the original owner taking the hit on depreciation, this could be a bargain as well. The auction is currently at $35,000 with the reserve still in place. If you would like to start the New Year with a D16RR, then


Yamaha April 22, 2010 posted by

2008 Yamaha R1 Fiat Edition #212 of 380

2008 Yamaha R1 Fiat Edition #212 of 380

Do you have a pair of Rossi replica leathers but you are missing the bike?  Here is your chance to complete the collection.  This clean 2008 R1 Fiat Edition is located in Las Vegas.  The bike is basically stock with just a couple of minimal changes.  I give the seller an A+ for salesmanship, he has produced a nice little video of the bike, complete with shots edited to music.  Check the video out here.

Here is a bit from his ad:

I have a 08 yamaha R1 Fiat Special Edition. Never been down. It has 6500 miles on it and rides as good as day one. Michelin Pilot power tires. Race baffled exhaust, integrated taillight, The special edition Number is 212-380. 
Does come with a jacket, stock taillight, stock rear fender, D.I.D. gold chain got for the 520 conversion, chain clearer, chain grease

At $7,500 it seems like a decent deal considering a 2010 R1 in the Fiat colors runs $14,500.  I know the the R1 has changed quite a bit since 08 but if you don’t need the latest and greatest but still want to look like Rossi, here is an opportunity.  Go take a look here.


Benelli January 8, 2010 posted by

Update on Bay Area Collection For Sale

Here is an update from Rory on the remaining inventory in the collection — with pictures!

Update 1.20.10: I got another update from Rory, and he tells me the RC45 and 888 are both sold now.

We’ve been a bit surprised by the great response through your site and been scrambling a bit to keep up with the inquiries. Invariably, people have been asking for details on bikes that we haven’t pulled out of storage to work on. And, as you already know, a real enthusiast from the East Coast struck a deal for 5 of the bikes, redirecting our focus for a time. A fellow drove up from LA on Christmas Eve to take the Ducati F1, and we have someone coming from Reno today to look at the Honda RC45.

We’ve at least rolled all the remaining bikes out to take photos and determine general condition and mileage. Anyone can contact us directly for more info.

Here is what is remaining as of January 5th:

’04 Benelli Tornado Tre – This bike has only 2 miles showing on the odometer and looks as though it has never been on the road.

’00 MV F4 – 426 miles The VIN# on this bike ends with 100000. While we can’t be absolutely sure, I spoke with someone at MV USA who believes that this probably the first F4 in the country.

’98 Ducati 916 SPS – 6059 miles. I’ve ridden this one around the block – great bike.

’93 Ducati 888 SPO – 2031 miles. Next on our list to get running.

’06 Yamaha R1 Rossi replica – 17 miles.

’06 Yamaha R1 Special Edition – 0 miles. No photo, but it’s the traditional Yamaha yellow and black paint scheme.

’99 Yamaha R7 OW02 – 3646 km.

’94 Honda RC45 – 3718 miles. Has two 1” diameter paint scuffs on side and rear panels but otherwise good shape. This bike is running now.

’72 Norton 810 Dunstall – 1983 miles. A very nice example and also now running.

Please contact Rory at for further information about the remaining bikes available for sale in the collection. I’m still tempted to get a second mortgage and get a big trailer for most of them!

If you have a special bike or collection that needs attention, email us at We’d be happy to consider your submission for regular posting, or we can provide a feature service for a small fee that will promote the listing on every page of our site.