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Featured Listing: 1990 Suzuki RGV250SP

I’m beginning to think Utah has been christened The Beehive State because of all the buzzing, two-stroke activity that goes on there. From that western state has emerged a collection of drool-worthy hardware that would make any grey-market enthusiast weak in the knees. And the well has apparently not run dry yet. Case and point: This 1990 Suzuki RGV250 Sports Production Gamma. This rare bike is being offered in a NO RESERVE auction.

1990 Suzuki RGV250SP for sale on eBay

The Suzuki Gamma needs no introduction, but let’s revisit the basics to make sure we’re all on the same page. Originally introduced as a parallel twin in 1983, the Gamma was renowned as a hyperactive sport bike from day one. By 1987 the writing was on the wall for the parallel twin format – Suzuki GP racers were already winning events with a new, slimmer 90 degree V-twin configuration. In 1988 Suzuki released the RGV250, a replica of the GP bike utilizing the new vee configuration. The RGV would go on to be one of the most successful smokers of the quarter liter club. The basics were so good that Aprilia licensed the power plant for their own 250cc machines.

The RGV250 Gamma series had a 10 year run, spawning the VJ21, VJ22, and the VJ23 (the latter which utilized a totally new 70 degree vee angle). All RGVs were released with pretty high-spec components, but the Sports Production edition was a step above. Intended for home market club racing, the SP edition of the RGV VJ22 did not bump the HP (reported as 63 in de-restricted markets), or offer any radical changes to the chassis. Rather, the SP focused on the clutch and transmission. Offering a dry clutch setup (lighter and less reciprocating drag) and a close-ratio gearbox, these few changes made for a more racetrack-friendly RGV.

From the seller:
This auction is very special! Collector alert! A very rare 1990 SUZUKI RGV250SP SPORTS PRODUCTION VJ22.

Up for auction to the highest bidder with NO RESERVE is a beautiful 1990 SUZUKI RGV250 SP (Sports production) with only 16,474 kilometers (10,236 miles). This RGV is completely stock except for chain and sprockets & the steel braided brake lines installed. Fairings, mirrors, windscreen, turn signals, exhaust and all other components 100% genuine OEM Suzuki. Bike is in very nice condition. It has a lot of curb appeal and looks gorgeous, however, the bike has a few small scratches, scrapes and tiny blemishes from its travels in life but all in all, his RGV250SP shows very well with lots of luster and shine. There are NO cracks in the plastic and there are no dents or dings in the fuel tank. Bike runs like the day it was new. The dry clutch sound awesome! This bike might not be museum quality but its a gorgeous rider that wont disappoint. Let the pictures tell the story! This RGV250SP comes with a Utah state title and is titled as a street motorcycle for street use.

Again, this is a NO RESERVE auction. Highest bidder wins in the end. Bike will be sold regardless of cost, loss or investment.

As with most of the 250cc smokers, none of the RG/RGV models were ever officially imported into the US – although we are lucky to see them individually imported from Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan on occasion. The SP model is a far more rare version of the RGV, as this was only released in the home market of Japan. Thus there are numerically fewer examples in existence, and fewer markets in which to locate one. Then you still need to deal with the importation issues; shipping, paperwork, and lots of waiting. With this bike, all of that work has already been done.

This particular RGV250SP looks great. It is not a perfect, concours specimen – but perfect as an enviable rider. Considering these are home market bikes intended for racing, to find one that somehow avoided the ravages of corrosion and competition and is still in stock condition some 27 years later is incredible. The seller is well known to RSBFS staff and readers, and we have heard nothing but positive feedback. This rare machine is going to a new home in a few days – will you be the high bidder? Drool over the pictures and don’t miss out. Good luck!!


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Full Power: 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23A Export Model for Sale

The history of the quarter-liter sportbike seems to be one of convergent evolution: twins obviously make sense given the size and capacity, or even triples, if we go back to the 1970s and consider a Kawasaki S1 a “sportbike.” But early bikes could be powered by parallel or vee configurations, and by the time the early 1990s rolled around, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki were all using  90° v-twins backed by six-speed gearboxes. But when the 70° v-twin powered RGV250 VJ23 came along in 1996, it was packing a 70° unit with a dry clutch [and an electric start!], presumably because it’s more compact and doesn’t increase vibration significantly, compared to a 90° unit with theoretically better balance.

The VJ23 was pretty much the final word in two-stroke performance: the Suzuki-powered Aprilia RS250 continued in production alongside, but used their earlier 90° v-twin engine. Honda’s NSR250 was still in production as well, but their MC28 was introduced in 1994 so the VJ23 really does represent the very last generation of two-stroke performance

I’m not a huge fan of the swoopy curves of the VJ23 model, although plenty of two-stroke fans love the very 90s styling. Maybe the graphics aren’t helping: the VJ23 definitely looks much cooler in Lucky Strike colors. But you certainly can’t argue with the performance available: today’s example is claimed to be the full power “export” model, meaning it’s not limited per Japanese market rules that restricted power to 45hp on models intended for sale domestically, and 60 claimed horsepower should make this little bantamweight a real rocket, with handling to match.

Experts may want to chime in here: these were supposedly extremely rare in any form, and I’m not clear if this has simply been de-restricted or if it came from the factory with all the horsepower present and accounted for.

From the original eBay listing: 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23A for Sale

Rare 2 stroke bike from Japan!! Suzuki RGV250SP

VIN: VJ23A-1020**
Year: 1996
Mileage: 24,325 km
Condition: Running very well.
It is 60ps of export model!! It was overhauled an engine, brakes, front forks when 20,000km of mileage. It has some scratches, tiny cracks at body work, tiny dent at left under side of gas tank. But still GOOD condition. Belly pan is aftermarket product. Other cowlings are original.

Shipping : We’ll put it into the wooden crate and ship by surface. We’ll enclose Japanese original title, and also Sales Certificate and Bill of Sales issued by us in English. Shipping cost: The bid price includes shipping cost to overseas, and it’s charged from our office in Japan to the nearest port to your address. We expect you’d pick it up at the port and arrange the land transport to your address by yourself. The other cost, such as the handling cost, duty fee, tax, etc. which will be charged in your country, they’re not included there.

The Buy It Now price is listed at $9,400 which would seem very reasonable if the bike was here in the USA, considering what nice NSRs are going for these days. Obviously, the fact that this bike is currently in Japan means the buyer will have to deal with all the importation and titling hassles. If you’re in a permissive state, that might not be too much of a headache, but for many of us, it remains out of reach, considering the year of manufacture means it’s still a few years short of the 25-year mark. Depending on your local DMV, there might be some shenanigans you can pull to get it on the street, but I’d expect this makes the most sense as a collectible or occasional track day ride.


Full Power: 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23A Export Model for Sale
Suzuki May 3, 2016 posted by

The Pepsi Challenge: 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ21A for Sale

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP R Front

One of the shining stars of the two-stroke GP era, the hugely popular Kevin Schwantz and fellow American Wayne Rainey made headlines for their epic rivalry and “winner-take-all” on-track brawls. Although he actually raced an RGV500, a number of Suzuki’s road-going RGV250s were created with replica paintjobs to capitalize on Schwantz’ racing success riding with Lucky Strike and Pepsi colors.

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP L Side

RGV250 Γ “Gamma” followed Honda’s lead with a switch from a parallel-twin to a 90° v-twin engine, although the later VJ23 version switched to an unusual 70° v-twin in 1997, likely for packaging reasons. Aprilia also used a modified version of the little v-twin in their RS250 in strict adherence to the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy, although they did make a few minor performance tweaks…

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Dash

That engine was suspended in a lightweight aluminum frame, with triple disc brakes, a 17” front and an 18” rear wheel. The SP version of the bike also used adjustable suspension front and rear, a step up from the more basic models. Overall, the RGV250 matched the on-paper specifications of competing bikes from Honda and Kawasaki, with approximately 60hp on tap and 300lb dry weight.

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Fairing Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP for Sale

Pepsi Edition located in Santa Ana, California. This bike is in very good condition for its age. Engine runs good, but could use a light carb clean. There are a few minor scratches on the fairing and two small dents on the front of the fuel tank. There are no cracks in the plastic. Bike has only 5910 KM = 3546 Miles on the clock. Pepsi RGV250SP are very hard to find in Japan now in this condition. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only. I don’t have a title for the bike. Look at the pictures carefully and ask questions before you bid. This is a USA only auction. Again, this bike is sold with a bill of sale only, no title. More info on this bike is available on our website.

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Tail

This is obviously a very cool motorcycle, but presents a couple problems for a potential buyer. For street riders, the lack of a title is a very real issue. Sure, in some very permissive states, registration may be possible. But for the rest of us, a fat sack of cash delivered to a morally-flexible DMV employee might be the only route to road-legal status. And for collectors, the physical imperfections might be an issue. I mean, if you’re buying an RGV to sit on display, you probably want it to be pretty pristine, unless it’s a famous racebike or something. So what’s left? Track-day riders? Hoarders? I’m sure there are plenty of folks who’d love one of these to thrash, but with an $8,200.00 starting bid, I think this particular bike will prove to be a tough sell.


1989 Suzuki RGV250SP R Side

The Pepsi Challenge: 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ21A for Sale
Suzuki October 10, 2013 posted by

CA Smog Alert: CA Titled 1995 Suzuki RGV250

rgv left

Golden State polluters rejoice, here is a chance to add a few more hydrocarbons to the atmosphere.  This one is a later model VJ22; if the colors are original they would make it a 1995.  If the 240KPH speedo and mirrors are original I”m pretty sure you are looking at a full power export model.  Ask the seller for the SAPC model number for a better idea.

rgv frame

The info:

1996 SUZUKI RGV 250 GAMMA.Rare bike in the US especially with such low miles.The milage on the gauges is in kilometers.California registration and title.Registration good until the end of Nov 2013.Mechanically and cosmetically in excellent condition.Left fork leg seal is weeping very slightly so I am including a new set of seals but I dont think its an urgent repair.It is missing right side fairing bolt that fell off in transit yesterday sadly.Couple of light marks from tie downs on upper fairing and slight rust on rotor carrier area.Lower fairings blue has been repainted and looks very original .It has been down on the right side but the damage is limited to mirror back scratched and mark on swingarm, fairing paint and appears fully repaired.Not all the decals are there. Everything I consider imperfect is in the photos but I am critical and want to list everything.I think this is a 9/10 bike by my standards,yours may differ so please ask questions and ask for additional photos should you need to see something closer.Inspections are suggested. Everything works as it should with no problems.Exhaust is stock and has been re coated.No modifications to the motor.Good tires and ready to ride or add to your collection.It will be sold at a fair price but it is not a give away so please make sensible offers and I will sell it to you.I can assist in world wide shipping.  I have a clean Ca title in hand and I have no spares or other parts for the bike. It is a 17yr old bike and is not perfect but it is a very sweet, very rare 2 stroke rocket.

rgv engine

Yes, the bodywork is kind of patch work but the metal bits sure look in good shape.  The spots that usually have corrosion look pretty clean.

rgv muffler 2

Stock mufflers all glossed up.

rgv left 2

I’ll let you check out the auction for the BIN; yikes!   The good news is that there is a best offer option and as you read, the seller is encouraging sensible offers.

Click it for the auction.


CA Smog Alert:  CA Titled 1995 Suzuki RGV250
Bimota July 8, 2013 posted by

UK Summer Goodies: 1988 GSX-750RR, 1988 Honda RC30, 1991 Suzuki RGV250SP, 1990 Yamaha TZR250 3XV and 2000 Bimota DB4

Anything interesting for sale in UK you ask?  I sure think so.

rr left 2

That red numberplate is always a sign of something special.  In my humble opinion the most collectible of GSX-R’s, the 1989 RR.  It has almost 18,000 miles on it but it sure looks like a sharp example.  Asking price is 14,980GBP which is over $22,000! 

Click for it.

rc close

While you are at it, why not pick up Honda’s homologation special too?  The same sellers who have the RR have this RC30.  It’s mileage is similar, as is the price.  Don’t look for a bargain at 15,980 GBP or close to $24,000.

If you need an RC, click here.

rgv right

For those with a more modest budget, how about a nice 1991 RGV250SP.  This one is wrapped in one of the best color schemes Suzuki has come up with.  Decent examples are getting harder and harder to find.  Asking price is 5250 GBP or $7,800. 

Click it for the RGV

tzr right

Lets see, I could have easily spent over $50,00o by now but I still need a TZR.  This one also has some miles but again doesn’t look its’ age.  It has the most modest asking price at 3,995 GBP or just under $6,000.

Here is the listing.

db back

If you have some coin left over, maybe a DB4 with 3 miles on it might strike your fancy.  This leftover from 2000 is being advertised at 6,700 GBP or roughly $10,000.

Click for the Bimota.


Sport Bikes For Sale May 29, 2013 posted by

No Reserve Kids! 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP Lucky Strike

ls right

Interesting, very interesting.  Yes, it is the real deal. Yes, it has a title and Yes,  it is going home with someone (unless the auction is pulled).  Other than that, there isn’t any real info on the bike.  From the sound of the sellers info it kind of sounds like a flip type sale.

ls left

Too bad the pictures aren’t more clear.  It looks complete and in great shape.  The pictures show a missing passenger seat and a different gear oil cap.  It looks like it even has the OEM rubber brake lines still on it.  Warning sticker on the tank shows it is original paint.

ls rear

I’m not sure about the Florida plates but the seller claims it has a Montana title (it is located in MT as well).  Mileage is said to be at 5,000.  Stop reading and buy the darn thing.

Click it, fast.


Suzuki May 27, 2013 posted by

UK Full Power V: 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23

v right

I know it is pink but it is the real, full power deal.  V models are few and far between and paint is only fairing deep.  It’s been hanging around Ebay UK for a bit so I’m guessing it is bit overpriced for the current market.  The dealership is asking 7,000 GBP or roughly $10,500.  We saw a derestricted pink, T model hang around Ebay US for a long time at roughly the same price a month or so ago.  People either really hate the color or the VJ23 market has softened a bit.

v front

It’s a low mile machine that looks very stock.  I only notice aftermarket mufflers and rear seat/pegs missing.  As silly as it is, the grey rear brake fluid reservoir cover  is a quick way to identify a V model.  The big id plate near the steering head is a dead giveaway as well.

v rear

Remember, chambers and a full power CDI will easily run a couple of thousand dollars/pounds, not to mention the hassle of getting them.  Maybe that pink doesn’t look so bad?

The Ebay Ad.


Sport Bikes For Sale March 19, 2013 posted by

Oh So Tempting: CA Titled 1996 Suzuki RGV250 VJ23

Update 3.18.2013: If you were thinking last year that you should’ve bid on this one, it’s back and a thousand off at $9500 buy-it-now. Hat tip to Matt for the spot. Links updated. -dc

Update 12.31.2012: Back on eBay for the new year and now with a slightly lower buy-it-know of $10,500. Links updated. -dc

Update 10.31.2012: Back on eBay after less than 30 days. No change in buy-it-now, links updated. -dc

This one has to be tempting for anyone interested in purchasing a VJ23. If you have a checklist, toss it out because this one looks to have it all. An avid RSBFS reader though, might recognize the bike as it has made two previous appearances here. They were both Cragislist listings. I believe the bike sold very quickly the first time but the new owner has moved the bike on to Ebay.

It really does meet all the requirements: CA title, low mileage (4611 miles), close to stock condition and derestricted. What could possibly keep it from selling? It can only be one of two things in my mind, the price or the color. The pink/purple scheme has never been a fan favorite but I’ve been told pictures don’t do the color justice (I’ve never seen this color in person). The seller is asking $11,000 BIN on the bike. While seemingly high I don’t think he out of the ballpark considering what you are getting. The CA title is the most valuable item but also consider the items to derestrict the bike. Prices on CDI’s and chambers have skyrocketed in Japan and the weak dollar has only made it worse. You could easily spend $2,000 on just those two components right now.

If you want to go all the way to complete the transformation into a derestricted “V” model you’ll need to track down a 240KPH speedo.

A few details from the auction:

This is a rare bird titled in CA.
1996 Suzuki RGV250SP
free of corrosion. 7422km ~ 4611 original miles.
Fully de-restricted with the OEM Suzuki 42E10 CDI along with the proper jetting, chambers and airbox mods.
Bike runs strong and hard.

And audio and visual treat from the seller

Maybe a boring picture but a good indication of the stock condition. Not even the OEM brake lines have been replaced.

The pipes look to be Sugaya’s road going version. They use a different cans and fit better with the belly pan than their “track” versions. I imagine any performance difference would not be noticed by 99% of us.

I really think if you can get over the sticker shock of $11,000, down the road you’d be very happy with what you got for your money.

Here is the auction.