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Yamaha July 11, 2019 posted by

Featured Listing: 1991 Yamaha OW01 FZR750R Race Bike

Update 7.11.2019: We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Amatumoto Grand Prix Motorbikes for being a sponsor of RSBFS! This OW01 has an updated price of 33,000 Euros, or roughly $37,162.95 USD at today’s exchange rate. From Amatumoto, “It is an impeccably prepared motorcycle, with an excellent documented pedigree and certain to be a podium potential for historic races, AHRMA, CCS, etc. Should you have any questions about this bike or any others on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My cell phone is easiest, txt or call anytime 321-604-0317, EST.” Contact Amatumoto today! -dc

This is not your ordinary RSBFS Featured Listing. This is a honest-to-god Yamaha OW01 WSBK racer. Competing successfully at the highest level of production-based motorsports, this exact bike won the Spanish Superbike championship in 1991 (and we all know how competitive the Spanish are when it comes to racing). In fantastic condition with a pile of spares, this proven racer is ready to hit the track again.

1991 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 Racer in Spain

The FZR750R should need no introduction on these pages. Developed by Yamaha specifically to compete on the World Superbike stage, the road-going OW01 was built in just enough numbers to qualify under homologation rules. That makes the model extremely rare; the OW01 is one of the top collectable models to be found on RSBFS. This example takes this rarity and kicks it up a notch with professional race-prep including top-level Ohlins suspension, Brembo binders, lightweight components such as carbon fairings and lithium battery, and race-specific items such as the massive swing arm and the radiator (which doubles as a work of art).

From the seller:
Bike in good condition and ready to race. The bike will be delivery fully revised. Engine fully revised and ready to run. Swingarm KIT, Suspensions Ohlins, Brembo brakes, Radiator KIT, Carburettors Keihin FCR 39, Carbon fairings, Litium batt and many other high components.. is a really SBK.

Extra parts included with the bike: Rear stand, Sprockets set (6), Crash set (support + footrest + levers), brake hose (1), Spring Ohlins for rear shock (1), Spark plugs, Farings, Gaskets, Clutch set, Wheels set Dymag (F+R) with discs.

For more information please contact:

Check out all of the details on their website

More from the seller:
Ex (Louis ) Carlos Maurel ( 1990 250cc European Champion )

Season: 1991 WSBK

He and the bike were also the Spanish SBK champion in 1991

It would be very competitive for AHMRA NextGen SBK.

For more information please contact:

Check out all of the details on their website

Look very closely at the numerous, high-quality photographs. What you will find is not a tired, clapped out racer that is out of date, but rather a spotlessly clean and well-preserved icon that took the fight to Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Bimota. And while the OW01 was not dominant in WSBK thanks to the likes of Raymond Roche & Doug Polen on Ducatis, it remains a competitive, rare and lusted-after model. This particular specimen is far and away the cleanest competition example of the breed we have seen, and is definitely worth a closer look.

Located in Spain, this fabulous FZR750R OW01 is looking for a new home – and hopefully one that involves some track time. While this is a museum quality example of a very special breed (and would be great as the centerpiece of any collection), this is a machine built to run. I could imagine no better outcome than this bike returning to the tarmac and run in anger once again. The pedigree is there, the prep is there, the spares are there – all that is missing is you. Reach out to GP Motorbikes or check out all of the details on their website. And while you’re there, don’t forget to look at some of their other offerings!


Featured Listing: 1991 Yamaha OW01 FZR750R Race Bike
Yamaha April 30, 2017 posted by

Classy: 1978 Yamaha TZ250

When it came to Grand Prix racing, the Yamaha TZ250 was a class-leading act. Through the late 1970s and early 1980s, Yamaha was a force to be reckoned with, and the privateer racer was the prime beneficiary. Mere mortals – with some racing creds and a pile of cash – could purchase something very close to a factory race bike. Spares were available from your dealer. And the checkered flag was only a small investment away…. Fast forward to today, and the privateer factory GP race bike is all but extinct. Thankfully some still exist in preserved condition. Today’s model does more than that. This example gives you the full TZ250 experience, yet is licensed for the street (!).

1978 Yamaha TZ250 licensed racer on eBay

The 1978 model TZ250 was officially known as a “Series E.” What began in 1972 as an experiment in a water-cooled 250 racer blossomed into a multi-generation product run of a decade or more. The E model is relatively unchanged from the previous gen “D” spec (why fix what isn’t broken?), and touts 53 HP in stock configuration pushing a total package of 260 lbs. The result is certainly enough to get your attention, provided the tach has cleared 7,500 RPM or so. What this was NOT intended for is street bike usage. Regular TZ250 racers lack the electrical system (headlight, tail lamp, etc) and the instrumentation (i.e. speedo) necessary for street use. There are other considerations as well, including the need for an auxiliary radiator fan when stopped – race bikes are not normally designed to hang out at traffic lights.

From the seller:
1978 Yamaha TZ 250 Very rare to have a Title to a TZ250. Looking to sell a couple of my bikes to make space for something else. The TZ runs and rides good. Have a few extras that go with the bike such as pistons, piston rings, extra cylinder jug, another windscreen new, original Mikuni carbs. Any question please ask.

Not a lot of detail as to what went into this street conversion. The pictures definitely show a headlight and tail lamp, so the basics are met. Not sure how – or if – the electrical system was upgraded as a result. No turn indicators shown, so better get some practice in with your hand signals: Left arm straight out to signal left, left arm bent upwards at 90 degrees to indicate right, and middle finger waving way up high to indicate your love for DOT, EPA, and (most likely) the DMV.

Some pretty serious bidding is underway on this one, with the current price below $5k and below reserve. TZ250s are not exactly a dime a dozen these days, so there is some element of rarity right there. TZ250s that are plated for the street?! That is a whole new ball game of rare. Californians (and others in restrictive states) best do their homework first, but if you live in a state that allows it this could be the street bike to beat as far as unique might go. Check it out here, and then jump back to the Comments. Would you rock a GP racer on the street? Let us know!


Classy:  1978 Yamaha TZ250
KTM March 29, 2013 posted by

Mono Mashup! 1980 KTM custom racer

Can you take a pile of not so rare parts and assemble them into something very rare and special? I think the likes of Harris, Baker, Spondon and even earlier Bimotas prove that this can be the case. Careful selection of parts and a healthy exchange of sweat equity can create something truly special. In this case, a super mono style racebike consisting of a Honda Hawk GT 650 aluminum twin spar frame and a KTM 525 single. Toss a RGV swingarm on the back, mate up a smattering of Honda CBR600 and 900 pieces to complete the mix, and you are ready to roll down your driveway.


We don’t usually post unfinished custom builds on this site, but I took a chance on this one anyway. It is in far better nick than the GSX-R LE basket case recently posted by Ian, and it represents another type of spring project: sorting and finishing rather than a complete redo. The seller claims that this bike has seen a track day, although he has not ridden it on the track since he acquired it from the original builder. Is that a case of life getting too busy, or an indication of what lurks beneath? I’ll let you decide.


From the seller:
For auction is my unique KTM powered supermono. I purchased this machine from the builder. The gentleman was a professional machinist from Toronto. He bulit the machine for supermono/sound of singles racing. As fate often has it, he didn’t have as much free time as he thought (seems to be a recurrent theme). I negotiated the purchase of the machine and he brought it to me in an enclosed truck from Canada. The bike has one track day on it’s clock. I rode the bike up and down my street a few times per year and started it to heat cycle it a few times. It is made up of a “hybrid” of components: it is essentially the wonderful honda hawk GT aluminum frame coupled to a suzuki 250 2 stroke aluminum swingarm. I am listing the specific compononets below. I have many many bikes and cars and another baby on the way so I’m honest enough with myself to know that I’m not going to have the time to race this great little bike. I have listed it with what I feel is a very low reserve. Please don’t ask me the reserve however I do have it listed locally and am open to offers. Thus, I reserve the right to end the listing early. If you are interested in converting this to a street legal canyon carver, I have a nearly new duplicate hawk frame with a clear and open title that I will make available to the winner.


The seller has posted a brief spec sheet to go along with the pictures and text. Nothing terribly rare went into the bike, but what came out is a modern day super mono machine that has unmistakable potential. A little work may be needed to polish up the package, but it certainly looks to be a potent track day bike for anyone willing to try. Only a few bids thus far, with the auction up to $1,500 and reserve still in place. Somebody has already invested the dollars and sweat to get it to this stage; in the end this could be a real bargain. Click the link to jump over to the auction and check it out!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 25, 2013 posted by

Little Quickie: 1980 Yamaha TZ125 GP Racebike

Not too much available on this one in terms of pictures or spec. However given the interest show in the last few 125s we’ve posted this month, I thought this one deserved at least a quick glance. Looks to be a lot of fun for not much scratch if you fit, and if you don’t this thing is cheaper than building your own home gym; lose the weight and you get to race!


From the seller:
For Sale is a 1980 Yamaha TZ125. This is a very rare race bike as the 125cc class was not very popular, hence there are not alot of bikes out there. This is the first year of water cooling for Yamaha which was a huge stepping stone for the Yamaha two-stroke program. This engine is very similar to the YZ125 dirt bike. I have only ever seen one in the United States. I have what I believe is a realistic reserve based on the rarity of this item. Bike does not run at this time, it is bump start only and is in need of professional restoration. I cannot do this bike justice and have been searching for parts for years. I doo not have the resources that a professional would. Bike is not completely original as rider upgrades have been made. Bike originally came with spoke wheels and obviously they are not with the bike, other upgrades have been made as well. Bike does not come with a title as it is RACE ONLY. Bike comes with two owners manuals, one nice and one well thumbed, as well as an authentic Yamaha micro-fiche for part numbers.


Here is a fun video of a TZ125 (not this bike) playing around at at track day. Ten minutes of this hooligan foolishness was enough to make me want to buy one!

Located in Florida this bike has a BIN price of only $4,000. Depending on the condition of the rest of the components (age of motor, seals, gearbox, etc) that could be a pretty good deal. It could also turn into a complete redo. It’s great to see these 125 racers coming up on the market – let’s ensure that the two stroke sound continues to ring down pit lane for as long as we can! Click here to jump to the auction and check out the details.


Norton January 19, 2013 posted by

And now for something completely different: 1972 Norton-Fiddeman racing sidecar


I know what you are thinking. You came to Rare to see what was new and exciting – perhaps expecting to see an imported smoker, homologation sportbike or even 80’s era survivor – to find this. What is this, and why should we post it? This, my friends, is a bicycle built for two. This is your solution for more trackdays AND spending more time with the family. Here is an opportunity to invovle the significant other deeper into your hobby. This is a rare and unique sidehacker racing rig.


This particular bike, although no longer running the original BSA motor, has a racing history in the UK – including the Isle of Man. Currently fitted with a Norton 750cc twin (both sounding and looking period correct) this offering is only the second sidecar we have posted on these pages (the BMW-Krauser Domani being the first). If you are among the vocal set who don’t give a hoot about rare Ducatis or hyper exclusive (and expensive) Bimotas, this English-built and raced three wheeler might be more your speed.


From the seller:
Norton powered sidecar racer

This amazing vintage sidecar racer is now ready to track test, race, parade or just show off. It’s a special way for 2 people, slightly crazy of course, to have a great time tearing up the tarmac. With fresh radial tires, handling is better than ever and the engine, gearbox and brakes are strong and willing.

Two good friends, with a lot of help from others, brought this project to good running order. One, a lifelong Norton enthusiast and the other a passionate motorcyclist, decided to collaborate on breathing new life into this worthy race contender. Its future now appears as bright as its past. The photos tell the story in somewhat chronological order.

Before there was billet alloy and cnc machining there were builders with great skill, cutting & welding high grade steel into very competent race worthy sidecar outfits Made professionally in the U.K in the early 70’s by MGF (Mike Fiddeman) racing sidecars, a highly respected constructor, this machine was campaigned in the U. K., including the Isle of Man. At that time it ran from new with a 3 cylinder BSA 750cc engine. It was then brought back to the US by its American husband and wife team, where it continued racing succesfully, mostly on the east coast & Canada. We are in touch with the original owner and he’s very excited and helpful about sharing his knowledge. But, this is where our history becomes a bit clouded. It was sold to another racer, taken out west then returned to Chicago. Somewhere along the line it was fitted with a Norton 750cc twin, probably when the BSA engine became too tired to carry on?

I’m hoping this listing will be seen by someone who may be able to share more history? It’s waited patiently these many years to come back to life with a mighty roar. Every attempt has been made to respect its originality, and there are now many venues that allow racing sidecars track time. We will be happy to share all that is known about this historic racer with the new owners.

Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the young at heart.

So if you are finding some difficulty getting the significant other to write a check for that next bike, maybe this one will help. It is already nicely restored and ready for action. Throw in the incentive of matching leathers and helmets and a track day can become a special date outing.


Would your significant other climb aboard? Let us know in the comments. Mine certainly would, but she would need to ride in the driver’s seat because I would rather be the monkey on this rig (insert your own monkey joke here). Besides, who could turn down matching helmets and leathers?


So what does a racing kneeler with history run these days? I really don’t have a clue, but I can tell you that this very bike failed to sell at the famed Mid America motorcycle auction in Las Vegas earlier this year. Records show it was bid up to $6,500 without meeting reserve. Check out the pictures and videos, and then check out the auction here to see if this one will go the distance.


Yamaha January 3, 2013 posted by

New Years Resolution: 2006 Yamaha TZ125

If your New Years resolutions for 2013 include losing weight, becoming more fit AND spending more time at the track, then this little TZ125 might help you meet all three goals at once.


The specs for an ’06 TZ125 include a semi-dry weight of only 225 lbs. With this particular bike putting out 43.5 HP at the rear wheel, it is clear that the biggest improvement to be made is with the rider. Nothing like incentive to keep those New Years resolutions in line! And with the copious amounts of spares included in this kit, you can still meet the “more track time” goal as well. I can see the argument forming now: “Honey, I NEED this bike in order to maintain my goals for this year.”


From the seller:
Yamaha TZ125,2006 Model,original owner bought new in 2006,Excellent condition,new paint and bodywork,KLS Shifter,Air-tech MCE Racing design ram airbox intake system,Galfer rear brake,six piston nissan front brake,Galfer front Rotor,ohlins rear shock,PVL Programmable ignition,Marvic wheels,MCE Racing Ported Cylinder with two replated Spare Cylinders,Mikuni Carburetor,thumb Choke,43.5 Rear wheel power on Dynojet !.new spare Crankcases,New spare front fork tubes inner and outter,new spare wndscreen,several other misc gaskets and engine related spare parts,spare rear sprockets/new spare chain,KLS Tyre warmers included,very reliable and quick !,This 125 finished 2nd in 2012 AFM 125 GP Championship,owner retiring.


This is modern racetrack weaponry, which generally does not come cheap. Unlike many of the more vintage models which have listed for far less, this modern era TZ125 is being offered with a BIN of $8,250. While steep for a track day machine, the price is really not bad considering the level of GP-tech that your cash will buy. Any comparable four stroke 250 will run you twice as much, and this two stroke will likely continue to appreciate once the world gets nostalgic for smokers again.


Your chance to buy is right now. Check out the auction and the pictures, and then let us know what you think. Does a “new to you” bike fit into your New Year plans? If so, what are you after?


Moto Guzzi December 24, 2012 posted by

Christmas Goose: 1981 Moto Guzzi 1100cc Racer


For those of you who have held off until the very last minute to purchase that perfect gift for your significant other, RSBFS is here to help. Just check out this beautiful Moto Guzzi racer. As it should be, this beast is located in Italy. Even with Amazon Prime shipping this will not be delivered in time for the holidays, but I wouldn’t care if I were the recipient. Bikes like this are worth waiting for.


While Guzzi has a long and storied racing history, track-worthy bikes of the modern era come up very rarely. This looks to be a nice build, with some endurance racing history. While nailing down the specifics of any race bike can be difficult, the Team Taurus website does offer some great pics and information about their campaign. The podium position noted below looks to be from the fabled 24 hours of Spa event.


From the seller:
Moto Guzzi Racing, ready to race, winning bike.
1100 cc – 100 hp –
Podium: SPA Francorchamps, Magny Cours.


I was able to find a few racing pics and a short video of this bike as well, but alas the bike in the video is only a prop in what appears to be a sponsorship plug. Still, this lends authenticity that this bike or one similar was at the racetrack (or at least in the garages).

This bike is being listed for a straight $16,500. This is the same price in USD as the classified advert I found for EUR 12,500. Given the prices on classic Guzzis today (nevermind the astounding price tag for a MGS-01 Corsa model), this looks like a great way to goose your way to the track. For more information and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Honda December 16, 2012 posted by

Christmas Dreaming: 2004 Honda Dream 50R


I’m not sure what I like most about this Christmas Dream: The very rare, very chic-vintage, very cool 50cc Honda racer, or the fact that it offers you the trip to Hawaii to check it out and pick it up. Mele Mele Kalikimaka everyone!


From the seller:
OFFERED WITH VERY, VERY, LOW RESERVE. THIS RARE MOTORCYCLE WILL SELL !!! You are bidding on an unusual find here on Maui Hawaii, a vintage 2004 Honda Dream 50 factory reiisue of their 1962 racing motorcycle. It has been chosen for dispersal from a collection of the 5 oldest Honda motorcycles in the Hawaiian Islands. It has been on display in a private collection since 2004 and I have the manufactures MSO paperwork. As new condition with associated paper work included in the sale. Be the lucky winning bidder to own this superlative rarity.

This machine will be sold with a Notarized Bill of Sale, and any other paper work associated with this particular bike. This is a super rare and neat find . nice original condition over all , Brand New condition.


The Honda Dream 50 was a retro-racer produced by Honda in the early 2000s. The goal was to evoke the feel of the Honda racing projects of the 60s – primarily the dominant CR110 – in a package that was easy to consume and relatively easy to ride. The result was a collector sensation, and it is likely that many more of these bikes were squirreled away without ever turning a wheel than those that actually were ridden in anger. The best part is this bike is the rare racing variant of the line, with no lights or electrics and just a lone tach to keep you honest.


This bike is being sold as a zero mile example, and appears to have come from a Honda museum exibit. The seller will throw in a shipping crate for the bike at no charge, and has noted that shipping costs will run approximately $700 – $900 to the mainland. If you are looking for a Dream 50 racer, this may be your opportunity.


It is no secret that I lust after little bikes like this. While I prefer my chicken chasers to run on pre-mix, this little four stroke looks the business and is purported to be a blast to ride on the track. This is the second time around for this bike as it failed to sell when last we saw it on eBay. The BIN is set at a pretty reasonable $4,650, and bidding has been completely scarce and stalled at $510 with reserve still in place. Click here to jump to the auction and check it out. Christmas in Hawaii sounds like the perfect way to spend the holiday season!