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Moto Guzzi March 11, 2020 posted by

Storm Trooper – 1983 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans III

Some lucky rider bought-it-now last night but still worth a look !  – Donn

Would that it were so all venerable GT’s could be shared among a group of like-minded owners as this 1983 LeMans.  With 50K-ish miles, it still looks sharp and raring to go.

1983 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans for sale on eBay

LeMans fans were left asking in early 80’s while Moto Guzzi re-designed their 844cc engine to meet emission regulations, and though the CX100 liter was available, the LeMans III’s return was eagerly awaited.  The angularized heads had bigger valves and more efficient cooling, and 36mm Dell’Orto carbs whispered through an intake silencer.  76 hp were on tap, with a single-disk dry clutch and of course shaft drive.  Suspension preload was air-adjustable though damping didn’t change, and the linked braking system worked better than most of its type.  Guzzi designed the modern fairing in their factory wind tunnel, and reviewers loved the way it cut through a cross-wind.  A large white tach dominates the binnacle, which relies on warning lights for everything else except MPH and Volts.

This example has been among friends, knowledgeable fans who took excellent care.  The paint and pipes look excellent, and I’d expect updated shocks as well.  From the eBay auction:

This is the last series for the 850 cc motor.  This particular bike has been sold and bought among a group of Pittsburgh area Moto Guzzi enthusiasts who are all aquainted with each other since it was new.  The odometer shows 12,000 miles but it actually has about 50 K on it, the odometer was replaced a number of years ago.  I have the original bill of lading from Italy from 1983.  I’ve owned the bike since 2005.  I had this serviced at Westmoreland Moto Guzzi before it went out of business a few years ago.  The dealership installed a new clutch assembly and I had them go over it back in 2007. The bike has a lighter flywheel than stock, clip-ons, newer tires and a new battery.  The Corbin saddle was added a number of years ago before I purchased it.  I installed lighter throttle springs, but I have the originals also if you really feel the need to exercise while you ride.  It was painted by a pro in 2009.

While Moto Guzzi re-grouped, several new players nailed down the mass-market, and the company segued into a niche sort of fan base.  Having relinquished the sporty ideals, the LeMans still provides a classic GT sound and enough fury.  Lucky for this particular bike to have fallen into the hands of these owners, and fortunate for the next rider as well.


Storm Trooper – 1983 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans III
Cagiva February 3, 2017 posted by

Snapshot – 1987 Cagiva Allazzura 650SS

Founded in 1950 and a relatively minor manufacturer, the Castiglioni family leveraged the Ducati brand in 1985, and though they had thoughts of folding it into Cagiva, only a few larger displacement bikes were produced before they acknowledged Ducati’s greater name recognition.  The Alazzurra was a sporty mid-size with a Ducati-branded desmodue aboard, and had a lot in common with, and improvements to, the Pantah on which it was based.

1987 Cagiva Allazzura 650SS for sale on eBay

With its newly designed supersport fairing, the Alazzurra looked a little more modern than the Pantah it was intended to succeed.  The recently designed engine was a revelation, especially above 5000 rpm.  Moderately-sized Brembo and Marzocchi hardware acquitted themselves in the braking and suspension departments but were more sport-touring than race replica.  The relatively light weight and willing engine endeared the Alazzurra to reviewers.

Coming out of a Florida home, this Cagiva has been faithfully rejuvenated and updated by its most recent owner.  A lot of details in the eBay auction:

This survivor was purchased from the widow of a friend of mine several months ago.  The odometer shows 5200 miles and is probably accurate based on the condition of the instrument cluster, the wiring and in particular the black chrome head pipes ( these are almost always corroded).  The valves are in spec and the oil came out pretty clean with no metal bits. Engine runs very strong, clutch doesn’t slip and gears  shift well.

Upgrades include 38 mm Marzocchi front forks ( probably from an 860 GT ), K-N air filters, Dyna coils, 280 mm Brembo cast iron rotors, as new Avon tires, adjustable steering damper, Brembo Goldline brake and clutch levers, black chrome Conti mufflers ( there is a small ding on the left Conti above the C ).  These things were on the bike when I got it this past fall.  I found and rebuilt the missing rear brake caliper, rear  master cylinder, replaced the droopy rear turn signals with shorter new old stock CEV’s, replaced the leaking fuel petcocks with Bevel Heavens aftermarket items, installed new old stock Superbike bars, English high quality bar end mirrors, rebuilt carburetors, added alloy tops, alloy oil and ignition sight  windows, stainless steel brake lines front and rear, new Thomasselli throttle and cables, timing belts, oil and filter, fork oil, replaced ignition pick up lines with Bevel Heaven kit, repaired the rear turn signal wiring ( amazingly all the wiring except the PU’s and the rear turn signals remain intact, soft and pliable ), installed a new fuse box from Moto Guzzi to replace the original ( which was missing the cover ).  All that to the tune of about $2000– receipts included.  All the lights and gauges work, the  brakes are very strong, the clutch doesn’t slip, forks don’t leak, steers and tracks true.

Still, there are a couple of things to do before she goes out the door, but not seeming deal killers, and the the Alazzurra has a much-improved Corbin seat from the previous owner.

As project bikes go, this one seems about 90 percent complete, and though the ask might be a little high for an obscure almost-done, the work that has been done looks ok and there is the “make offer” button.  The Alazzurra reviewed as a little less racey but more friendly than the preceding Pantah, and got gigged for gas-crisis jetting but was otherwise a nice rider.  No arguing the rarity, and if you like the classic feel, this low-mile Alazzurra could be sweet Sunday morning bike…



Snapshot – 1987 Cagiva Allazzura 650SS
Honda April 15, 2015 posted by

Game Changer – 1993 Honda CBR900RR

1993 Honda CBR900RR on eBay


It’s hard to believe that’s been over 20 years since Honda rocked the sportbike world with it’s revolutionary 1993 CBR900RR.  I am fortunate enough to still have one in my garage and it still feels every bit as raw as the day it came out.  With it’s ultra short wheelbase, 600 class dry weight and a respectable 120hp on tap (and that 16″ front wheel) it commands your full attention all of the time.  While the competition from the other three manufacturers were busy via for top speed crowns on increasingly heavy open class bikes, Tadao Baba was going in the opposite direction with Honda.  Virtually all of the physical dimensions of the 900RR were in line with the 600s of the day and that more than made up for any lack of power compared to the other liter bikes.  The 900RR won every open class shootout that year and was named Bike of the Year in almost every magazine.


While the 900RR sold well, it’s tricky nature means that survivors are increasingly rare.  This one has a few minor beauty marks, but looks to be in good condition otherwise.  The eBay auction is already seeing a lot of action with a good number of viewers and bidders already participating.  You can check out the auction here: 1993 Honda CBR900RR on eBay or read a bit from the seller below

Hello I have a very nice 93 Honda cbr 900rr sport bike these bikes are becoming harder and harder to find the bike has 24205 miles and runs great just had it serviced it has k and n filters and a shorty pipe new red chain new rear tire and new battery the rest of the bike is all stock the front tire needs to be replaced soon it’s has some scratches not bad and a small crack on front fairing very easy to fix to make it perfect


Game Changer – 1993 Honda CBR900RR
Honda April 2, 2015 posted by

Hurricane Season – a pair of mint CBR600 F1s on eBay

Two minty CBR600F1s on eBay


Here’s a chance to jumpstart your vintage sportbike collection with not one, but two VERY clean first generation Honda CBR600s.  The CBR600F1 debuted in 1987 and was Honda’s first fully faired inline 4 cylinder sportbike so there’s definitely some historical significance here.  Dubbed the “Hurricane,” these CBRs featured a 598cc engine pushing out approximately 85hp.  Honda certainly sold plenty of Hurricanes, so they weren’t really rare, but finding a pair in this condition certainly is.  Considering that they both appear to be completely stock, down to the exhausts and even rear mudguards, they would make a nice addition to any collection.



The seller gives some good details on the condition of both bikes, in his eBay auction seen here: two CBR600F1s on eBay

I am cleaning out the shop and have decided to part with my two Honda Hurricane 600 CBRF1 bikes.  I have a 1987 and a 1988 model.  Both are in excellent running condition.  The white (’87) has a little rash on the right side from a standing still drop but the black (’88) in absolutely MINT condition.  Both are all original stock bikes, and I just had both carbs totally rebuilt with OEM Honda parts by Opie Caylor of CaylorMade Motorsports.  Would prefer to sell both together but would consider splitting up the pair.  These are both very nice classic bikes and are in perfect running condition.  Non-ethanol gas used since carb rebuild so no problems at all.  Clean clear Georgia titles in my name.

These weren’t garage queens, with almost 50k miles combined showing on the odometers, but from the looks of them (and the seller’s garage) they would appear to have been very well maintained.  Collectable classics that you don’t have to feel guilty about riding on sunny days are always a good thing in my book!


Hurricane Season – a pair of mint CBR600 F1s on eBay
Ducati September 21, 2014 posted by

Attn Collectors! 1990 Ducati 851 Time capsule

ducati 1.1

The Ducati 851 is literally the bike that saved Ducati from the scrapheap. Prior to the 851 Ducati was in serious financial difficulty and was producing odd bikes like the Paso. In 1985, Ducati was purchased by Claudio Castiglioni’s Cagiva group and shortly thereafter began making world class performance bikes, including the 851 and then the 888. That plus racing success re-established the brand as a top manufacturer and opened the door for injections of capital by investment group TPG which set Ducati up for growth into the 21st century.  Most recently Ducati was sold to the Audi group for slightly over 1 Billion dollars, so to say the 851 was a significant bike in the success, growth and continuation of the Ducati brand is putting it mildly.

ducati 8

1990 Ducati 851 for sale on eBay

This particular 851 is listed as having an astonishingly low 590 miles since new.  The seller states that the bike has been in two collections for its entire life and has been kept in a conditioned environment the entire time.  While this statement is usually taken with a grain of salt, from the numerous hi-res pictures on the auction, it does appear to be owned by a serious collector (check out some of the other bikes and cars in the pics!) so this time the statement may be true.

Here are the pluses (+) and minuses (-) according to the auction.

+ Still has the delivery stickers in place and they are on great condition.
+ Outside of the Pipes and the brake lines are 100% stock and original condition.
+ The bike has never been buffed, paint looks great and is in excellent original condition.

– The tires are original, hence they are 25 years old.
– The tank has a small 10mm surface scuff above the Ducati sticker.
– The front faring at the bottom leading edge behind the front tire has a very small crack.
– Both aluminum Termignoni cans have small scuffs and scratches.
– The triangular plate at the rear axle bolt is the only part that has picked up a little patina.

ducati 3

Interestingly, the seller indicates this particular bike is the 851 Ducati was on displayed as part of the “History of the Superbike” at the 2012 Red Bull Indianapolis Moto GP

So essentially you are biding on a time capsule bike. While its not a zero miles bike its about as perfect an 851 you are likely to find.  This bike would appear to be fairly valued at 9000 USD, especially if you are a collector looking to add one of the most important Ducati models to your collection.


Attn Collectors!  1990 Ducati 851 Time capsule
Ducati April 14, 2011 posted by

1974 Ducati 750SS vs. 2006 Ducati Paul Smart

Is there a difference between living in the past, and celebrating it? Are you someone who looks back, or looks forward? I think it is telling if you visit or

In 2006 Ducati created a tribute to the 1973 750SS, a bike which today is hunted and valued higher then new bikes. We will see what the final bid is for this , but at the current bid you could buy multiple new tribute bikes for you and your friends.

The 1974 750SS used the V-Twins Desmodromic engine designed by Dr Fabio Taglioni. The new 90 degree twin is essentially two of Ducati tried single cylinder engines mounted to a single crank. The new engine was designed, built and race tested in a very short period. It first appeared on the road limited to 50hp in the 1971 750 GT. It became iconic when it was put into the 750SS. The 80×74.4 bore and stroke gives the 748cc. 9.5:1 compression developed 73hp at 8000rpm, and with 5 speeds gave a top speed of 134.8 mph. Great engine, super performance, beautiful styling, but why is this bike desire over all the others 750SS made between 1973 and 1981?

It’s the color. I have had a hard time nailing down numbers, but indications are that 10 were made in 1973, and 401 in 1974.

So when Ducati designed a new bike in the retro style that has become popular, what other color scheme would they choose?

This 2006 Paul Smart 1000LE was a one year only tribute SportClassic. It was designed by Pierre Terblanche who also designed the MH900e, a tribute to the original Mike Hailwood Replica. The engine measures 992cc with 94mmx71.5mm, a 10.1:1 CR ratio giving 91bhp at 8,000rpm and through 6 speeds gave a top speed of 135mph. These numbers appear to be the same as the stock bike. The PS1000LE differs from the other GT1000 in the bubble fairing with clip-ons over the naked stock bike. Optional side fairings with number plates were offered to replicate the full racing fairings. Suspension up front looks to have changed from the stock 43mm Marzocchi to 43mm Öhlins and Öhlins in back replacing the Sachs unit.

And this is the one that everyone is copying:

Which one do you want?


Editors Note: We are publishing this on both websites for contrast and exposure. -dc

Ducati February 11, 2011 posted by

Black Gold: 1980 Ducati Supersport 900SS Bevel Drive

For Sale: 1980 Ducati 900 SuperSport Bevel Drive

This is a classic motorcycle in a very classic color scheme. Evolving from the 750SS bevel drive racers of the early 1970’s, this 900cc beauty was the last of its kind before the entire Ducati line-up moved over to belt-driven camshafts.

A clear cover shows the inner workings of the bevel drive, as motion is turned 90 degrees to drive the camshaft in the head.

From the seller:
1980 900SS Bevel Drive. This bike has 5653 original miles and is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition. I purchased this bike from a collector who had 180 motorcycles ( this is important related to keys ), in 2005. He lived in Norther NJ and had owned the bike since 1990 or approx 15 years. In that 15 years he had never run it but it sat in his home as one of his favorite bikes ( he had 12 bikes in his house ). He had purchased the bike in its current condition and was told by the collector he purchased it from that the bike had never been restored and that he was the original owner of the bike. So coming from two extremely wealthy individual collectors (who have 300+ bikes between them) I have no reason to doubt any of the information given to me. There are a few little scratches and a few small spots of rust/corrosion that you would expect from a bike of this age the inside of the fuel tank is perfect and looks brand new. The motor is almost completely dry and i have included a photo of my shop floor where this bike has sat for 4 months and as you can see there is not a drop of oil on the floor and no there was nothing under the bike catching oil, i have included photos of the engine. I only dusted off the bike for the photos, no cleaning at all.

I had sold the bike to a friend who owned a Ducati Dealership in CT where the bike sat for 2 years until he needed to sell it, so I purchased it back from him for more than I had sold it for. I never rode or started the bike prior to selling it, and he never rode it or started it either so basically it had been stored and not run since 1990.

Upon repurchasing the bike I put fuel in it, changed the oil, put new spark plug in it, checked the carbs and it started on the 4th kick. This bike starts easily on the 2nd or 3rd kick every time and idles like a purring kitten. Now to the keys.

When I bought the bike the owner had 2 drawers in his kitchen. One full of keys and one full of titles. After giving me the title to the bike ( the bike is still on his NJ title, I never had it titled ) he then went to the other drawer to get keys. He handed me a set, I loaded the bike into the truck and off I went. The keys are not the correct keys. They do fit the ignition but do not turn the tumbler. He owned 8 other Bevel drives and assured me he had given me the correct keys, well I really did not care too much so I never pushed the issue. Since the bike had a small crack in the dashboard ( which is still available for about $300) i figured i would just wire in a toggle switch for the ignition and if i ever wanted to fix the cracked dash I would then get a key cut for the tumbler.

This bike comes with 40MM Delorto Racing carbs, Gear Gazer Bevel Gear Cover ( I might still have the original), Conti pipes and believe it or not the ORIGINAL Ducati owners manual for the bike. The only stock parts missing from the bike that I know of are the blinkers. They were very large and stuck out far due to DOT regulations so most owners removed them for aesthetic reasons. They are still available and are not that expensive to replace.

The bike was imported by Berliner Motor Corp in 1980 and was manufactured 8/79 as a 1980 model. The Frame number is 089156 which you should be able to make out in the photo of the Headstock. Engine number is 08689 DM860.

These bikes are quickly gaining value among collectors and are just not around for sale very often. I have been watching the bikes on eBay and will price this bike fairly. The Auction start price will be the minimum I will accept for the bike, this is a no reserve auction so bid if you want to buy it and bid high if you don’t want to lose it. This is a VERY clean bike.

This is the oldest Ducati I own ( I have 14 Ducati’s ) and I am not going to ride it so it needs to move on to a new home where it will be ridden ( hopefully ) and appreciated, that is the only reason it is for sale.

Fork seals are not leaking and dust caps are not cracked, tires are not cracked and have good tread and hold air. Known Flaws are small crack on dash next to tach ( 1.5 inch ), some tiny “bubbles in the chrome at the horizontal head pipe, surface rust on cast iron brake rotors, small bits of rust corrosion on some fasteners and misc parts. This bike is a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. If you want any specific parts photographed and emailed please contact me with requests at I have photographed the bike to the best of my ability showing as many different parts of the bike that I can so you can get a feel of the overall condition. This bike is 31 years old and has extremely minor flaws considering its age. I am not trying to hide anything and have disclosed everything I possibly know about the bike.

The real Ducati collectors seem to prefer the 70’s bevel SS bikes over the later models, the 750cc over the 900cc, spoked wheels versus cast mags, and green instead of gold. Still, there is no doubt that this is a stunning motorcycle in terrific condition. Other 900SS bikes posted on RSBFS (like this one) have sold in the lower $20k range. This beauty is available now, with the open bid set at $20,500. If it sells for that, it would be a good deal – but it is likely to climb a little higher. The seller has set the BIN price at $24k, which may be a tad high, but right in line with the condition of the bike.

To see more pictures (and there are lots) or to bid on this beauty, click on the link and . Tell ’em RSBFS sent ya!


puch January 22, 2010 posted by

First of three very rare vintage race bikes for sale on ebay

Been dragging my feet on these postings, so I apologize for getting these up so late, but there’s still time until the auctions end.  Besides, I would have posted these up even if the auction ended (you’ll see why).

I will list them according to vintage.  Up first is a :

Very rare Steyr-Daimler-Puch race bike…

A beautiful museum quality restoration by Kent Riches.

Any motorcycle collector worth his weight in salt will know that a Puch racer is a desirable and sought after machine… When was the last time you saw a Puch racer?

Puch racers rarely makes it to the open market, They are usually passed around between collectors, friends and museums… Now is your opportunity to add a highly desirable bike to your collection…

This classic racer has had a no-expense spared restoration to make this piece a true museum quality motorcycle.

Flawless paint, accurate decals and badging are just some of the fine detailed work.  Other features are…

Huge front brake with air duct

Beautiful sexy period race fairing, tank, and tail

Zinc replated spokes, nipples, and all hardware

Flawless chrome work

This bike has a fresh motor and runs great…. This restoration is the best of the best and almost to nice to race. If you have ever thought about vintage road racing this would be an excellent bike. This is a rare opportunity to get a beautiful motorcycle… don’t let it slip by…

I can’t say I know much about vintage race bikes, but I fully agree with the seller: “When was the last time you saw a Puch racer?

The brunette bike is absolutely gorgeous and I can only guess that this is a very very collectible bike (just like the other two coming up).