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Ducati December 26, 2013 posted by

Black over White 1992 Ducati 900SS

Black Ducati 900SS for sale

Today we have a sharp and well sorted Ducati Supersport. This one has covered just over 10k miles and wears the black bodywork over the white frame. These aren’t special editions just uncommon as everyone wanted a red one at the time. It has an open clutch cover and Staintune exhaust, ensuring this one sounds as it should. It also breathes through FCR carbs which increase power substantially but you lose the choke. Starting bid is $6k and there are no takers at the moment with 2 days remaining.


1992 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Rare white frame/wheel model. Equipped with Staintune exhaust, Sudco FCR 39mm carbs, hi-perf cylinder/head studs. No damage whatsoever just normal wear,overall condition 8 to 9.

Black over White 1992 Ducati 900SS
Kawasaki March 21, 2013 posted by

They Made Them in Black? (Part 2) 2000 Kawasaki ZX-7R (Germany)

Few days ago we showed a 1990 black Kawa ZX7 (ZXR in EU). Here we have another black Kawa, but this time it is the last in the 750 cc series, a 2000 ZX-7R. This latter evolution of the original ZX series was the most successful on the race tracks with a World Super Bike title in 1993 (ZX-7RR).


Despite the years on the shoulder of the ZXR project, these bikes kept performing on tracks with high standards for many years. I guess this could be attributed to the fine chassis of the bike that didn’t require major updates, combined to what already in the early 90s, was a top notch motor. Some of the innovations included flat side carburetors, a first sort of slipper clutch (achieved by having different thickness friction plates) and the famous RAM air intake for extra power at high speed.

Commonly available in Europe in Red(front)-Purple(tail):


or in the more classic Green(front)-Purple(tail):


this Black version with grey and yellow stickers is a rarity (at least this side of the Atlantic). With 18000 km, 2 previous owners and in original trim condition it seems in a good shape.

ZX-7R black_2

ZX-7R black_3

ZX-7R black_4

At a price of about 3500 $ it would be a good buy if you are into black motorbikes. It is on sale on eBay in Germany  at the following link:

2000 Kawasaki ZX7-R in Germany

Personally I find the Kawasaki in the traditional green to be a must like a Ducati should be red (with some exceptions… :-)).


Sport Bikes For Sale April 4, 2011 posted by

1989 Yamaha FZR600 For Sale at Flykitty Motorsports

We’ve posted a few bikes from the folks at Flykitty Motorsports and here is another: A really great looking FZR600 that is almost all original with 18k miles. This year and color scheme are special to me as it’s EXACTLY the same as my first bike that I rode in college. And even back then, mine was a rashed machine and was never as nice or honest as this one.

Check out this 89 Yamaha FZR600 at Flykitty Motorsports

quote from their website:

1989 Yamaha FZR-600 ~ Only 18k miles. Classic Sportbike from years gone by in Outstanding condition! Completely stock and original, just serviced and ready to ride. Great starter bike or to collect and preserve! ~ Only $2800

Most of the survivor FZR600’s we see these days are the very late models and rarely these early ones. Sure there are cheaper FZR’s out there, but not this early, clean, and original.

Thanks to Pete for the trip back down memory lane and the submission!


Ducati November 10, 2009 posted by

1992 Ducati 900ss Black on White!

I’ll admit it….. I had to ask Dan if this was, in fact, a rare Ducati worth posting. And for all of our Ducati fans who already know about these, Dan’s answer was an astounding “YES!”; of course, he attached the “only if it’s real” disclaimer. But, you can be the judge as to the authenticity of this Ducati.


Quotes from the seller:

This Duck is unmolested less a couple modifications I made when purchased new “yes I purchased this bike new in 1991.” I have been told that today as few as 3 and as many as 13 of the Black on White Café Racers exist. What I do know for certain this is the best example with the lowest miles.

This beauty has a starting bid of $3,000 and a B.I.N price of $8,900. I checked our archives and couldn’t find any “Cafe Racer” 900ss listed. I’m not that familiar with these, but the BIN price is as high as anything we’ve posted in the past. I would love to hear some comments to back up what the seller is stating and that there are only 13 of these in the world? That seems to be far fetched considering they are only asking $8,900. I would have to believe if there were only 13 of any Ducati in the world the price would considerably higher.


Yamaha November 9, 2009 posted by

1990 Yamaha FZR400 in Medford for $2500

This is a pretty good looking example for only $2500. Oh yeah, it only has 5k miles too! I know there are a handful of Pacific Northwest followers in here, not to mention Doug is an owner, so naturally I had to post right away:

1990 Yamaha FZR400 on Medford Craigslist


quote from the listing:

1990 yamaha fzr 400 only 5k miles, with aluminum delta box frame AND swingarm. only imported for 3 years and the 1990 is the only year with a delta box swingarm. very rare and unique bike. rated best ultra lightweight superbike of all time… even by todays standards. $2500.

The black plastics on this one remind me of my old FZR600 from college. Good memories and I’ve always heard the 400 was more than a match for the 600 with the lighter frame. I can practically feel the Citibank cash advance jumping out of my wallet right now!


Suzuki October 2, 2009 posted by

Three Old-School Suzuki Sport Bikes For Sale: A Pair of early RG 500’s and GSX-R 750

First up is a 1986 Suzuki RG500 GAMMA for sale on Columbus, Ohio Craigslist for $10500 (20k miles):

Suzuki RG500 Gamma For Sale

quote from the listing:

1986 RG500 Gamma, top end was done about 8000 miles ago, dyno’d at 98.x horsepower, Fox shock, Racetech gold valves, upgraded gsxr brakes, Katana front rim (17″x3″), GSF400 Bandit rear rim(17″x4″), induvidual filters, Jolly Moto GP pipes, proper jetting, Airtech RGV250 upper fairing, Raask rearsets. 20,000 miles, Polaris synthetic oil, tinted double bubble windscreen.

Next up is another 86 on Eugene, Oregon Craigslist for $12500:


quote from seller’s listing:

Extremely rare Sportbike for sale. One of approx. 400 in the States, this one is from Canada. Never imported directly. 500cc four cylinder 2-stroke – it is the road going version of Suzuki’s class dominating GP bike of the late 70’s. 100HP in a 300# package – you do the math = FAST and fun. Although I hate to see it go, I need to make space in the garage and I really don’t have time to ride this awesome piece of machinery any more. The bike is in excellent condition. It does need a battery. And the reg. is expired.

And finally a nice and original looking 1990 GSX-R 750 for only $2500 (15k miles, Fontana, California):

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:


Amazing that we have 3 different RG500’s posted this week! Have a good weekend everyone!


Yamaha August 30, 2009 posted by

1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Vancouver, BC

Here’s a fantastic looking TZR250 in Vancouver on Craigslist for $4850 ($4427US):

1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada1989 1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada

quote from seller’s ad:

Up for sale, Pure 2 stroke fun! early 90’s GP style

– screams at high rpm
– kick start
– rear under-seat exhausts
– all factory original plastics, not a rebuilt, very highly collectable
– clean BC title, ready to be insured and ride
– very low ICBC annual insurance rate, I paid $335 for a full year fun!
– 23,xxxkm

Seems like a great opportunity for a Canadian buyer, and could be worth it for a U.S. buyer even without a street title. Unless you’re one of the few that seem to be able to work magic at the DMV, why not use it as a display piece until it’s 25 years old and then get it titled as a classic? I know that works for cars, I expect it works the same for bikes. Just seems too nice to track it and would be a very cool weekend back-road warrior!


Ducati August 19, 2009 posted by

Black on White 1995 Ducati 900SS

The factory black and white Ducati 900SS is a very rare combination and highly sought after because it’s a dead sexy combination hardly ever seen in the wild. Unfortunately it seems only the 1992 model received that treatment from what I can research. Nonetheless, it looks very well looked after and worth a look for $4300. It’s in Everett, Washington on Craigslist:


quote from seller’s Craigslist posting:

1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP in very good conditio with 10961 miles. Within the last 1500 miles it has had new tires, chain and sprockets, belts, tune up, carb cleaning, clutch cylinder rebuild, and oil and filter change. The only thing that might need attention is the rear brake that squeals at low speeds.
I’ve desided I need a bike with a more upright riding position, so I’m putting this one up for sale.