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Ducati December 19, 2012 posted by

Christmas Special: top of the range – another Ducati 996RS (Italy)

It doesn’t happen every day to come across a Ducati 996RS. How about two in a week?

This one here is found in Italy:

996RS1 996RS2

While it carries the Troy Bayliss colors the seller describes this bike as Neil Hodgson’s WSBK race tool back in 2000. The year after, it was ridden by Steve Martin as part of the DFX team. He mentions that the bike, once returned to Ducati Corse’s factory, was fitted with the Bayliss aesthetics for advertisement purposes.


The bike features its original RS trim and had a complete overhaul including the engine (currently with 500 km in its new life).

996RS4 996RS3

The bike comes with a certificate of authenticity and invoices from Ducati Corse S.R.L.

Available on eBay in Italy from Mauro. It is on sale as a fixed ad and no price is currently indicated. Check it out by clicking the link below and …Merry Christmas !

Ducati 996 RS (ex Neil Hodgson)


Ducati December 18, 2012 posted by

1998 Ducati Factory 996RS British SuperBike Ridden by Troy Bayliss

Ducati 996RS Troy Bayliss For  Sale

Amazingly, this is the second time we’ve seen on of the 4 team bikes up for sale. I first posted one of these in 2008. This time we have the other bike Troy rode and this one has been restored according to the seller.

1998 Ducati 996RS For Sale on eBay


From the seller:


This bike was ridden by Troy Bayliss in the GSE/INS 1998 and 1999 British Superbike Championships.

Title: Off Road Use Only / Race Bike

Miles: 10 approx (since restoration)


1998 Raced by Troy Bayliss for GSE/INS British Superbike

1999 Used early in 1999 campaign as team waited on updated factory Corse

2000 Sold to John Ward

2001 Sold to present owner

2002/2003 Restored by John Hackett Performance/Ducati Coventry

The bike described here was used in the 1998 campaign (the campaign preceding Troy’s Championship winning year – 1999). Both 98 bikes were re-painted from the original yellow livery to the orange livery for Photo-Shoots to launch the 1999 season (the team was waiting for the 1999 Corses). Additionally, the bike was used for the Misano, Italy test session in February 1999. Other than this, the bike saw no race action in 1999.

Frame and Engine

This bike bears the frame No. TB2 and engine TB3 (Troy Bayliss 3). Both riders on the team had two bikes and 4 engines. Significant differences between the No. 1 and No. 2 bike are that the No. 1 had a Tig-welded frame. During the 1998 campaign, the No. 1 bike had a significant crash, which then may have subsequently caused Troy B. to use the No. 2 frame as his first bike.

Please check pictures, This 1998 996RS Ducati Factory British Superbike is in flawless condition and was fully restored in 2003. JHP Racing provided the bikes for GSE & INS during the 98/99 campaigns and subsequently fully restored the bike. Viewable in the images is Troy Bayliss’s signature on the seat.

This is truly a 1 of a kind, museum quality piece, that would be the pinnicle to any collection.


The auction has an opening bid of $45k reserve not met and wears a $50k buy-it-now. With so little details in the post from 2008 I can’t be 100% sure this is a different bike, but there are subtle differences from what I can tell, most notably the signature on the tail is different, which leads me to think this is the second bike mentioned in the ad or the signature was redone when the bike was restored.

If you had the scratch to throw down for a bike like this and have it restored, would you have kept the repaint that was done for press or restored it to the original yellow it was raced with?



Ducati November 26, 2012 posted by

Cyber Week: Ducati Corsa 996RS Ohlins Prototype Shock

We’re doing Cyber Week a little differently this year by looking for uber rare parts and memorabilia. We hope you enjoy! -dc

Building your ultimate Ducati 996? Maybe this trick bit from the race team will round out your rear suspension. Reportedly used by Troy Corser I have to agree with the seller that these parts are rarely available for sale and would introduce a nice bit of history to a no expense spared build — especially priced at $7500!

Ducati Corsa 996RS Ohlins Rear Shock for sale on eBay

from the seller:

This part is the most rare Ducati part I have ever come across. This shock was a prototype shock made for Ducati by Ohlins and was the first shock to use high and low speed dampening. Normally Ohlins have a steel body or plain gray aluminum body and cast upper and lower parts. As you can see this shock is entirely machined from billet and has titanium hardware. It is stamped TC3 which indicates it was used by Troy during his tenure with Ducati and I believe it was for the 1998 or 1999 season when he rode with King Carl!!!! Ducati parts like this just do not exist any more and I have never has a prototype part in my possession before. I have owned and own many rare Ducati motorcycles and parts but this is one of the cooler pieces. I was going to incorporate this into a really cool project but that ended up getting sidelined for some other stuff. This shco can be used on any of the single sided swingarm bikes 748, 916, 996, 998 ect and can also be used on the 999 / 749 series bikes. The RS products are compatible with the 749 / 999 because they were built for the longer racing swingarm. I have a few friends in Aus and the UK who race 999R with the older 916 Ohlins shock.

Dont let this piece slip thru your hands if you are a collector or a building that special bike. I can guarantee you that no one else int he world has a part like this on their bike unless it was a factory bike. The part number I used is for a shock from a 1998 996RS and was for reference only as this shock never had a Ducati part number.

I have sent photos of this shock to the people at Ohlins and they were quite curious where I had gotten it and in the USA they had never come across one like it. They estimated the cost of this shock new to Ducati at over $20,000 as it was the first with multiple dampening adjustments.


Ducati June 18, 2012 posted by

Monday Medicine: MV Agusta F4 Serie ORO, Ducati 996RS Ex Bostrom NCR, Suzuki RG500 MKII

If you dread Monday’s like I do, hold your calls, push the files to the side of your desk and enjoy a little UK dreaming for the start of your work week.

Is there any other MV Agusta to own? The ORO still gets the largest “Wow” factor in my book. Wow best describes the asking price as well, approximately $36,000. They are open to offers though and I highly suggest that route.

It is basically new, old stock. It has only traveled 11 kilometers. Sometimes MV’s start to look generic to me since they all basically have the same shape. When I see close ups like this though I realize how beautiful they actually are.

The bike is actually located in Italy but is listed on Ebay UK. Don’t worry, they will ship if the check clears. Place a bid or make an offer here.

How about an Ducati 996RS ex NCR race bike to fill out the old Ducati collection?

What shes’ got:

Super rare genuine RS Factory 1998 bike with certification. Bike has all the “works” upgrade as 16,5″ wheels, big tank, magnesium swingarm, doulble water radiator, rear monoblock caliper, etc. 1998 WSBK and 1999 as spare bike of Bostrom/Team NCR.

Bet you’d like to take that apart and see what lies inside. The price you ask to be able to do so? $54,000 OBO. A quick search brought up a parts bike 996RS advertised at $30,000 and a BSB Champion 1999 996RS for $75,000. I think I can afford the race stand it sits on.

All business. What would you do with it? Ride the hell out of it or worship it in your garage? Here is the auction.

And lastly one for the premix crowd. A fully restored RG500 MKII with a TT race history. It apparently was restored by a well known ex Suzuki technician.

Do you really need another photo? I’m ready to plug my ears.

To pretend you are a TT hero of the late 70’s will set you back roughly $44,000 + premix. Sorry, no best offer on this one.

I’m not sure if this is the same bike but it is well worth a look if you are interested in the restoration process. Click here to see the classified ad.

Now stop dreaming up ways to empty your bank account and get back to work!


Ducati December 7, 2008 posted by

1998 Ducati Superbike 996RS: They Don’t Get Much More Rare Than This!

One of two bikes used for the 1998 season by Troy Bayliss in the British Superbike Series. This bike has been in storage since 2000. Check out this eBayMotors auction for the bike that would eventually land him a ride in the World SuperBike series.

quote from seller’s eBayMotors listing:

Own a piece of history, Troy Bayliss # 32 GSE Racing 996RS. Bike has been in heated storage since 2000. We just got it out of storage and replaced the belts and serviced the bike to be ridden once again. Bike comes complete with all documentation including a letter of authenticity from Paolo Ciabatti Ducati Corse. Bike was purchased direct from GSE and imported into the USA. This Bayliss bike is as raced and is in perfect unmolested condition. This was the full JHP/GSE effort constructed for the 1998/1999 season with Troy as the pilot. Comes with roller started and all the paper work.


Collector race cars and bikes are not really an arena I’m well versed in, but one thing is for sure: It’s a very rare machine anyway, and it’s been ridden by Troy Bayliss. It’d look great parked under the Christmas tree I’m sure!