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Featured Listing: 2000 Ducati 748RS track bike

Update 3.6.2019: Dave reports that this bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Showing up to your local track day on any late ’90s or early-aughts Ducati is pretty close to the best way to elevate your cred above the herds of hammered SV650s and GSXRs buzzing around each other like a mobile swap meet. To be the guy on the 2002 996 is to be the guy the pimpled youths suddenly revere. But at RSBFS, we exist to take you to the stars. Behold: the 2000 Ducati 748RS. The never seen, seldom mentioned carbon fiber-bodied race homologation version of the already serious 748R. We’re bringing you this bike as a featured listing from our buddy Dave at Seattle Used Bikes. You’re welcome.

The 748RS was made in insanely low numbers — something like 50 were built — and its engine cases were filled with unobtanium parts that made the bikes fragile, expensive and ludicrously fast. It sports thinner chromoly frame rails than the stock machine, and the chassis is bedecked adjustable with Ohlins suspension at each end. Handling the gases produced by the special mill was a 54mm Termignoni exhaust system unique to the 748RS. Slowing things down is a humongous set of Brembos bolted to featherweight Marchesini wheels. They came from the factory with stunning naked carbon fiber bodywork, though this bike has been given the proper Ducati Corse paintwork.

Into the mid-aughts, the 748RS saw success in the AMA Battle of the Twins and Pro Thunder categories. Sadly, this machine’s first owner, who was campaigning it in Pro Thunder, died racing an SV650. Time and the relentless march of technology mean that this bike won’t be competitive in anything but classic racing series now, but that seems more fitting than to just throw it at a few track days.

This example has sat mostly dormant since its turn of the century racing career. Its engine was overhauled and further hot rodded to 853cc in 2007 when the second owner acquired it, but it hasn’t seen any action save for a break in and some dyno runs. We’ll let Dave fill in the details:

This is another bike from our friends private collection of very special bikes. A very limited edition 2000 Ducati 748RS. Ducati produced a very limited run of 748RS machines (around 15 first year), which were intended as full racing machines and as such came with no road-going equipment. The engine internals and components were vastly different from any road-based Ducati, using a variety of light-weight, high-strength materials making them extremely expensive to purchase, run and maintain. The RS came with a 54 mm exhaust system and a slightly smaller size and gauge of Chromoly tubing was used on the frame to reduce weight even further.

This particular bike was campaigned in Southern California in the AMA Pro Thunder series back in the day. Sadly, in the early 2000’s, the owner of the bike passed while racing an SV650. The ‘RS sat unused for several years until GP Motorcycles in San Diego was tasked with making it ready for sale on behalf of the former owner’s family. It was purchased by our customer in 2007 as a local track day toy. He immediately shipped it to Mark Sutton at the DucShop in the Atlanta area for a freshen-up. They found the motor to be a bit tired so it was decided to build an 853cc trackday weapon out of the ‘RS motor. No expense was spared in order to create one serious package, we have full build receipts as well. . $6500 later it was shipped back to Seattle and has been in storage here ever since. Sadly never making its way back to the track. The only use the bike has seen since then was on the dyno and around the DucShop parking lot. There were some upgrades performed along the way, the previous owner upgraded the bike with an even larger kit radiator from a 996RS and the longer magnesium swingarm. Along with Superbike spec Marchesini magnesium wheels with a 16.5″, we also have a new 17″ in a box available for sale.. Also if someone is serious about tracking this bike, there is a 2nd fresh 748RS crate motor available as well, it too was completely gone through and broken in at DucShop.

Sold with Bill of Sale only

No Financing options available on this one

Credits cards accepted.
Up to $150.00 documentation fee may be charged.

Seattle Used Bikes4905 Aurora Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103
dave@seattleusedbikes.comClosed Sun/Mon Find us on Facebook and the Web

If you wanna go truly fast, the same money will buy you a next-to-new Yamaha R1. But that would miss the point, and the glory of owning such a focused weapon. The bike will require the attention that only true thoroughbreds do, with new valves a necessity every 750 miles or so. Helpfully, this bike is available with a spare 748RS engine (but is not included), which should at least allow you to rotate mills at rebuild time.

The price for all this 748RS is just $14,000, spare 748RS not included. If you have the means, we’d highly recommend contacting Dave before it’s too late.

Featured Listing: 2000 Ducati 748RS track bike
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Featured Listing: 2001 Ducati 748RS

Update 3.1.2017: Relisted due an overseas buyer that backed out. Links updated with new listing links. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

If you are looking for the ultimate variant of the iconic Ducati 748, look no further. The RS model – intended strictly for competition – is the baddest of the baby 916s. With more power thanks to RS-specific engine internals (approx 124 HP out of the box) and less weight thanks to a different chassis, thinner bodywork made fully in carbon, and the omission of all street legal equipment whatsoever, the RS model was sold to privateer racers. And in the right hands, the 748RS was a winner. From a visual perspective, the gorgeous 748/916 silhouette originally penned by famed designer Massimo Tamburini looks even cleaner in full-race mode. And did I mention that these RS models are RARE? The voluminous pages of RSBFS have only listed a handful over the years.

2001 Ducati 748RS for sale on eBay!

This particular 748RS has a nifty trick up its sleeve. Instead of being a track day only bike, this one is actually registered for street use, in California. I’ll give that a moment to sink in. Registered. In Cali, no less. That is a massively Big Deal, as rather than have a race replica based off a street machine, here you have a street bike built from the racer. Hard to get more hard-edged than that. Looks like the original Magnetti Marelli digital dash has been retained, and the add-ons are very, very subtle. If you went into this article thinking that the RS is a rare beast, this example just took it up another level.

From the seller:
Up for Sale is my 2001 Ducati 748RS. This bike is crazy clean. It looks brand new. This bike was the backup bike for a Ducati Race team. The Bike is California Street Legal with some hidden lights you can’t see. This bike has little to no time on it. It has never been raced and has very little hours on it. Its in really really nice condition. I do not know a too much about this bike other than what I have said above. I can’t find anything wrong with it and looks like a brand new bike. There is a small crack on the tail section in the white of the number plate. Its very hard to see and you can’t take a picture of it. No other starches or chips or anything that I can find but will let you know if I find any. This was a display bike for me but was run often to keep it in running condition. If you are looking for a 748RS you know how hard they are to find.

When it came to placement on the 748RS, only race proven, top-shelf equipment need apply. The front of the RS model is held up by a beefy 43mm fork with Ohlins internals, with the rear also supported by Ohlins; both full adjustable, naturally. Brembo brakes are the order of the day all around (320mm front, 220mm rear) as well as the requisite Marchesini lighweight 5-spoke wheels. The full exhaust system with carbon canisters could have come from nobody but Termi. Magnetti Marelli provided the race dash and electronics, just like one would expect from a factory race bike.

If you want to look like a boy racer, there are many potential options. If you want to BE a boy racer, you need a proper motor scooter. And this, my good reader, is a proper scoot. I won’t get into the potential comfort factor here; racers aren’t built for the cush factor. The full race exhaust may be a bit overwhelming at times, considering that even the base models sound louder than the DOT & EPA regulatory approvals would suggest. I don’t know how high-strung the bike is, although I would assume the internal mods made by the Ducati factory wizards give some serious bite to go with the bark. Bring it on, say I!

This California street legal RS model Ducati 748 (that is a combination of words you don’t hear every day!) is available right now on eBay. The opening ask is just shy of $12k, which seems to be smack in the ballpark for other RS models we have seen more recently – and a bargain considering the CA status and street legal nature of the bike. It’s clean enough to eat off of, and rare enough to solicit a Pavlovian response among collectors. Check it out here (you know you want to), and step up into MAN-racer league!


Featured Listing: 2001 Ducati 748RS
Ducati December 11, 2012 posted by

The “Picollo” Ducati Racer From Italy: 2002 Ducati 748RS

Another ultimate 748 is up for grabs,  the homologation special for the standard Ducati 748.   I look at it as a great way to own some Ducati exotica without the larger Ducati’s exotica price tag.  Having said that I don’t have a firm grasp at what these bikes are selling for.  We listed several; one well used example had a list of $12,500 and others failed to meet their reserves after starting around $7,000.  Some chatter around the web seem to lean towards  $10,000 for a nice example.  What do you guys think?  Am I close?  Here is a nice write up on racing the RS by Sigma Performance.

Purpose built.

The info on it:

Lots of trick parts! Too many to list, but here are a few:

 RS Motor with “the big cams”

 Double Core Radiator

 Updated SBK Spec Internals in Fork and Shock

 Includes all of the Original Corsa Carbon Fiber Kevlar Bodywork (AMS Livery)

Fiberglass Bodywork Installed

New Michelin Slicks Front Rear

Lots of Spare Parts

Full Titanium Exhaust

 I bought it as a collector and owned it for the past two years. Had it out to one track day.

Super clean bike.

Carbon to help gulp lots of oxygen.

More carbon and a nice clean area without all the street bike bits and bobs.

You pay for the 11,500 redline with valve replacements recommended at 750 miles.  Did you spot the exposed cam belts in the top photo?  I saw some talk on message boards that parts are pricey.

This picture is here to satisfy my own radiator fetish.  I like them big.

This bike has absolutely no business being on the street.  It does happen to have a 17 digit VIN though, hmm.

Click here for  the auction.


Ducati May 20, 2012 posted by

Exclusive Track Monster! 2001 Ducati 748RS

Location: Hollywood, FL

Miles: Track bike

Price: Starting at $7,500 with Reserve

Oh how I do enjoy purpose-built motorsport machines, from factory racecars to factory race bikes. Their purpose is simple; Speed. No frills, no comfort, no softening. And the 748RS is designed for one use and that is to go fast on the racetrack. Next to a D16RR, the 748RS holds an angry edge in badass-ness.

From the factory, these bikes were intended for privateer racers and featured a engine built by Corse World Motorsport with high end internals and a body dripping with carbon fiber. The particular bike for sale also features a factory supplied big bore kit to add on to the 124hp these came with originally… Those brakes are huge!

From the seller:

This is a real 2001 Ducati 748RS full race bike. I have the original certificate of origin that shows the vin # of this motorcycle

This motorcycle has always been very meticulously maintained and has not been abused in any way.

Bike is track ready with newer tires. all it needs is you

Original as it came from factory except for the big bore engine kit.

With a factory rated 124 HP engine plus the factory supplied big bore kit installed by Bruce Myers. (Original owner and Factory rep for Ducati) this bike is a blast to ride, plenty of low end torque to pull you out of the turns, and lots of horse power for the long straights.

Carbon fiber body work has been recently painted

New slipper clutch pack.

Bike in excellent shape, and all service is up to date. please send e mail if you need any additional information.

An excellent chance to Race and own a piece of Ducati history.

Ducati produced a very limited run of 748RS machines, which were intended as full racing machines and as such came with no road-going equipment. The engine internals and components were vastly different from any road-based Ducati, using a variety of light-weight, high-strength materials making them extremely expensive to purchase. The RS came with a 54mm exhaust system and a slightly smaller size and gauge of Chromoly tubing was used on the frame to reduce weight even further. State of Floridadoes not issue a title for off road motorcycles, comes with a Bill of Sale only, and all the original import documentation.
If motorcycle can not be picked up in person, we will assist with the shipping for a reasonable fee.

Summer is just starting to gear up and that means that track days are in order. Unless you live in a state that doesn’t see 9-months of rain a year, in which case you can ride this anytime. These weren’t officially imported to the States, so seeing them around is quite rare. And considering this is only the third RS featured here on RSBFS, the next chance to own one could be a ways off. Starting bid is $7,500 with a reserve and I suspect the owning price to be around $12k. So take a look at the auction here and pick yourself up a race-ready bike to shave down some knee sliders!


Ducati December 21, 2010 posted by

Limited 748’s: 1998 748L Neiman Marcus and 2001 748RS

Limited 748’s: 1998 Neiman Marcus and 2001 RS

I appropriately found this bike while sipping a very nice Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic last night.  Have you ever wondered how this bike came about?  Neiman Marcus?  Well, that does sound better than the Walmart Edition.  They were hoping to find that lady out there who was shopping  for the guy who had everything:  except a Ducati 748 with mercury metallic paint, carbon fender and chain guard.  These were strictly cosmetic editions but on the plus side they only made 100 of the things.  Rare indeed and I would think a nice way to have a limited edition at an affordable price.  I’ve seen these sell in the 6k to 7k range.


The info on the bike:

Up for sale is my 1998 Ducati 748L Neiman Marcus limited edition motorcycle. I am the second owner of this motorcycle. I purchased it from a friend of mine who was the original owner. It only has 5,258 miles on it and is original condition. As far as I know every part on it is the factory original part. It has the factory tires still on it.

The bike is number 41 of 100 that Neiman Marcus sold in 1998 through the Neiman Marcus catalog. It is definately a collectors piece and from what I know pretty rare to find one in such original condition.

The motorcycle is very clean and runs great.

It has a clean title and is in Non-Op status right now with the DMV.

The selling point here is the bike is bone stock.  Not bad for a 12 year old bike.  Maybe only having two owners saved it from the backyard mechanic that would find it  if it had been sold multiple times.    You more refined types out there can


If shopping isn’t your thing but the track is, how about a 748RS?   This track only 748 is as rare and good as it gets for the 748’s.  This is one of the 50 bike production run.  No street equipment, racing engine internals and even slightly smaller frame tubing to save weight high light the bike.

FRP dash, for racing purpose! 

 It may look well used due to the run in with the stickers and spray can but this  bike is said to be very low mile/hour.  Read on below for the details:

  We have a like new 748 RS that has very little time on it. It has only seen the track once and was ridden only for about 2 hours. We have been using this 748 RS as a display in our showroom ever since. There are only 50 of these 748 RS’s produced and they are going to be hard to find in this condition which other than a little tire wear is darn near perfect.

Some of the features of the 748 RS include but are but not limited to:

-A Ducati Corse custom built engine made in Italy 130 horse power engine
-Ohlin front forks, rear shock and steering stabalizer
-Full carbon fiber body
-Carbon fiber chain guard
-Magnetti Marelli digital and analog guages
-Marchesini light weight wheels
-Factory installed and tuned termi race exhaust with carbon fiber mufflers

If you’re looking for the ultimate track bike this Ducati 748 RS is ready to go. It is not a 748 that has been modified to make it a RS model, so there are no mounts or electronics to make it street legal. This is a out of the crate ready to race super bike.


I think you’d ear some track day “style” points for showing up with a 748RS.  Like the Neiman Marcus above, these appear to be real bargains if you don’t mind an older bike.  Some message board posts claim well used RS’s have sold in the low $10,000 range and an unused one went for $15,000.  I guess my only concern would be parts and specifically engine parts and there accessibility.  .

Naked and running! Sounds healthy to me, I do notice a different gauge cluster.


Ducati July 20, 2010 posted by

2001 Ducati 748RS With Very Little Use On eBay

This is a very good looking 748RS with 400 total miles on eBay!

Bike:  2001 Ducati 748RS

Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Mileage:  400mi

The seller states that this 748RS has only been used ten times with four of those times being races.  This bike has always been owned by a dealership and is still on MSO.  This bike is stock except for the silver paint and decals.  The bike has recently been inspected and is said to need nothing.

This bike is a factory Ducati Corse item for use by privateers and as such requires a large amount of routine maintenance, parts replacement, and inspection.  A lot of this is inspection but there are major issues such as inspection and replacement of the cam items at very low mileage (compared to a street bike) intervals.  Don’t get me wrong, these are fantastic bike’s but, if you think maintenance schedules and parts costs are outrageous for the R series bike’s, this one’s probably not for you.  However, if you’re looking for your own piece of Ducati Corse history and either want to use it as art, or have the pocket’s to run it, this bike IS for you!  Supposedly only around 20 of these were brought into the U.S. making them very rare but, are a factory race item so it’s to be expected.  If you’d like to bid on this nice 748RS, see it on eBay .


Ducati March 14, 2010 posted by

2001 Ducati 748RS Original Factory Race Bike

The 748RS bikes were sold for privateer race use and this one is still in unused condition!  Located in Riviera, California is a 2001 Ducati 748RS.  The seller states that this bike has no track use since he acquired it and it looks to have had very little prior to that.  This bike still shows original bodywork–excluding upper fairing because of a tip over–and looks to be in very good condition.  The bike included the original MagMar dash, Ducati Corse rearsets, factory manual, parts catalog and extra sprockets.  The motor has been blueprinted by Jeff Nash.  The RS is a stripped down version of the 748 with lightweight bodywork, race wiring harness, exposed cam belts and Supersport spec engine internals.  If you’re looking for an ocassional track day bike or living room piece, this would make a very rare–and interesting–addition to any collection.  The asking price is down to $12,500 and includes an extra set of body work.  See the bike on the Speedzilla forums here.