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Suzuki November 6, 2015 posted by

Rare Retro Brute: 2003 Suzuki GS1200SS for Sale

2003 Suzuki GS1200SS L Side Front2

A very rare Japan-only thug that would seemingly have been ideal for the US market, the Suzuki GS1200SS was unfortunately never sold here. It featured retro endurance-racer bodywork and the big, understressed four-cylinder from the long-serving Bandit, packaged with modern running gear to create a bike that was slightly ahead of its time.

2003 Suzuki GS1200SS R Side Rear

On paper, it’s basically a retro-styled Bandit with pretty uninspiring specifications: limited by government regulations to just 100hp from the big, 1156cc air and oil-cooled 16-valve four, the bike was saddled with a twin-shock frame and weighed in at 460lbs dry.

2003 Suzuki GS1200SS Cockpit

But in the real world, where bikes actually live, the combination of a broad powerband, comfortable ergonomics, and a stable chassis mean lots of miles and lots of smiles. And, as the seller mentions, if you don’t like that adequate and likely very torquey power figure, there’s an entire catalog of upgrades and performance parts available for these bikes: the Bandit motor is pretty much the Small Block Chevy of the motorcycle world and has been used in everything from road-racers to drag-racers.

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Suzuki GS1200SS for Sale in New Zealand

Bike is in New Zealand! Will ship at owner’s expense, more than happy to assist with details and facilitate smooth freight transaction.

Right, this is your chance to own what is a very rare motorcycle, The GS1200SS was made in limited numbers for the Japanese domestic market as a salute to the golden age of 80’s muscle bikes and their success in the Sukura 8hr races.

Some of these GS1200SS escaped to New Zealand mostly the black ones and about 4 red and black models.

This is my second GS1200SS they are an incredibly capable do anything all day long super sports, tourer or track bike if you felt the urge.

This bike has an very low 13,204 Miles or 21,251 kms ( Speedo and Odometer are in KPH) Strong Bulletproof under-stressed motor. This bike is still factory restricted (to 100hp) but apparently it’s not hard to get another 40hp with some work. (I never felt the need to go any faster but good to know there’s more power waiting to be tapped should you desire.)

Includes original stock muffler.  Two minor scuffs to paint on tank (possibly belt buckle rub)  Otherwise perfect.

UK mag practical sports bikes issue 20 has a very favorable writeup and comparison with the GS1200SS and the original GSXR1100.

2003 Suzuki GS1200SS L Side Front

These are really cool-looking bikes, with that huge dual-headlight fairing providing plenty of wind protection, although I could do without the luggage rack on this example. Easy to remove, I’m sure. This needs some simple carburetor work and a full Sanctuary exhaust system and it’d be just about perfect.

Keep in mind: this bike may be a pain to import as anything but a display piece if you live here in the US. And that’s a shame, since this is a bike to be ridden, not simply looked at. Unless by “display” you mean “parked up outside your favorite diner after a 200 mile morning ride.”


2003 Suzuki GS1200SS R Side

Rare Retro Brute: 2003 Suzuki GS1200SS for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale October 23, 2015 posted by

Malaysian Exotic: 2003 Petronas FP1 for Sale

2003 Petronas FP1 R Front

The result of a project originally intended to develop a Moto GP bike, the Foggy-Petronas FP1 is basically the roadgoing homologation version of the World Superbike GP1. Interestingly, while 100 of the 150 bikes made should have been available for purchase, it turns out very few were actually sold to customers. Several years ago, a stash of bikes was found squirreled away in England, and legal wrangling is currently underway to get the bikes released into the wild, but this is currently one rare bird.

2003 Petronas FP1 L Rear2

But really, who cares right? After all, the Carl Fogarty and Petronas’ racing efforts were doomed from the start. Right after the bike began its career in 2003, the displacement limit was increased to 1000cc’s, leaving the 900cc Petronas largely uncompetitive. By 2006, after just three years, the plug was pulled and that was basically it for the bike.

2003 Petronas FP1 Tank Detail

But while its racing career was disappointing, this is still quite literally a race bike for the road, and every bit as special as the RC30 or OW01, with quality components and the nimble handling of a real thoroughbred. Powered by an 899.5cc three-cylinder with a counter-rotating crankshaft that produced 127hp and an ungodly wail. Videos of the roadbike do exist and this is one of those bikes that may be worth it for the sound alone. The exhaust note is very raw and the whole thing sounds like the internals are all made of titanium, or some other, even lighter material. Etherium maybe.

2003 Petronas FP1 L Rear

And as a connoisseur of tachometers, I really love this one: so many modern bikes have their tachs set low and out of the natural view of the rider, but this one sticks up into the windscreen bubble where you can keep tabs on the revs without looking away from the road.

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Petronas FP1 for Sale

You are bidding on an all original, very rare, 2003 Petronas FP1 motorcycle at no reserve. The bike comes originally equipped with rear view mirrors, odometer, blinkers, headlights, and taillights. As originally intended, the bike has everything you need to drive it one the road; however, this motorcycle is not street legal in the United States, due to regulations and further testing that needs to be completed.

This motorcycle is number 108 out of 150. It has around 70 factory miles on it and comes with all the accessories that were with the bike, would Petronas have decided to sell them, including:

  • Authenticity Certificate
  • Digital Service Manual
  • Digital Owner’s Manual
  • Digital Workshop Manual
  • Parts Catalogue: Chassis
  • Parts Catalogue: Engine

2003 Petronas FP1 Dash

If you’re not familiar with the bike’s recent legal drama, it’s worth a quick browse of the internet. Suffice to say, these were never going to be common, and examples in private hands, especially here in the USA are going to be very, very rare at the moment. The photos aren’t the best, but I’m still smitten. With those distinctive colors and the noise coming out of that three-lobed pipe might make it worth a purchase just for the noise alone.

With a starting bid of $52,000 and no takers as yet, the seller might be aiming a bit high. While this is every bit as exotic as Ducati’s Desmosedici, its mediocre racing history and relative obscurity are probably working against it here.

Also, aside from that self-supporting tail section and distinctive paint, it does look an awful lot like my Triumph Daytona from the front…


2003 Petronas FP1 R Rear

Malaysian Exotic: 2003 Petronas FP1 for Sale
Aprilia March 30, 2015 posted by

Fast and Collectible: 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R Colin Edwards Edition

2003 Aprilia RSV Mille Colin Edwards 1

Colin Edwards didn’t ride an RSV in World Superbike, but he did ride for Aprilia Cube in Moto GP, and this edition of the talented v-twin Aprilia was inspired by their unfortunately troubled GP efforts.

The Mille was designed to compete in races and in the showroom against, and grab a slice of Ducati’s v-twin pie, the RSV didn’t simply mimic their formula. Instead of the standard 90° twins usually chosen for sporting twins because of their inherent smoothness, Aprilia contracted with Rotax to build a more compact 998cc 60° motor that allowed more freedom to position the engine in the RS250-derived frame for optimum handling. Twin balance shafts were included to smooth the engine and keep vibrations to an acceptable level.

2003 Aprilia RSV Mille Colin Edwards 3

The bulbous fairing and jet-exhaust and stealth-fighter paint certainly look like nothing else on the road, but provide better wind protection and more rider comfort than the 916’s sleek fairing, especially for taller riders. Reliability is generally excellent, and service intervals are much longer than Ducati’s of the same period.

The R version saw the inclusion of Öhlins suspension front and rear, with a matching steering damper and forged wheels and a dash of carbon fiber. The Colin Edwards Replica is a bit of a paint-and-tape job compared to the standard R, but that’s no bad thing considering the performance of that machine, although it did include the exhausts you see here, a different airbox, and bigger throttle bodies.

2003 Aprilia RSV Mille Colin Edwards 4

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R Colin Edwards Edition

Rennsport Naples is proud to offer this extremely rare 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R 1000 – Colin Edwards Edition #75 of 460 worldwide! (Only 50 were brought to the States).

This Superbike is ready for the track or your collection.

2 prior owners. (Same family).

100% stock!

Runs and sounds incredible! All maintenance recently done. Clutch and brake fluid is clear.

Stock factory Brembo Brakes.
Stock Ohlin front forks and rear shocks.
Akrapovic titanium Aprilia factory exhaust system.
Carbon Fiber is all over the bike. Front and rear fenders, Air intake panels, Exhaust mounts.
Blue factory OZ racing wheels.
Original undertail and tag mount. Factory grips and bar-ends. Factory mirrors.

Have 2 keys and owner manuals.

Rennsport Naples was founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. All of the vehicles we sell are clean, smoke free and well maintained.

Call us today to come view this thrilling Aprilia for yourself. (If you are out of the area… Feel free to call for a “on phone complete walkaround”).

We are well versed in door to door shipping of automobiles and motorcycles around the States and will export anywhere in the World

2003 Aprilia RSV Mille Colin Edwards 2

The dual exhausts of this bike are a huge improvement, I think, over the bulky standard single-sided item. Maybe v-twins just look better with twin exhausts?

The Mille managed to blend Japanese build and reliability with Italian style and handling. Basic bikes are fitted with very good components as standard, and represent the cool bike bargain of the decade, unless you’re a collector or a serious track junky. Race-biased performance enhancements of the R model make them ideal for track-rats who want some Italian style and feel on a budget. Race replicas like this Colin Edwards lie at the top end of RSV pricing, but they still represent serious bang for the buck compared to special edition Ducatis.


2003 Aprilia RSV Mille Colin Edwards 5

Fast and Collectible: 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R Colin Edwards Edition
Cagiva January 4, 2015 posted by

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for Sale in California!

Update 1.4.2015: The seller has alerted us that this bike is back on the market. There have been some updates since our first post in June 2014 and all new pictures as well. Links updated. Good luck to buyers and seller. -dc

Hey, speaking of British bike magazines, here’s one you’re probably not too familiar with unless you read those publications. Suzuki’s V-twin was intended to compete with Ducati, but the bikes they stuffed it into never really seemed to be able to cut the mustard. The TL1000S was brawn over brains, with a dangerous reputation and a compromised rear suspension, and the TL1000R wasn’t quite right either, a bit too fat, maybe too soft, maybe not twin-y enough?

But they sound amazing, and both make pretty cool road tools, if you want the sound of a twin without the headaches of Desmodromic valves and $120/hr labor charges. And other manufacturers clearly agreed, since it ended up powering Bimota’s SB8 and Cagiva’s V-Raptors.

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for sale on eBay

2003 Cagiva VRaptor L Side Crop

The V-Raptor was pretty wild-looking and designed by Miguel Galluzzi of Ducati Monster fame, although I think the design is trying a bit too hard. Period reviews suggest that packaging for this powerplant continued to be an issue and comfort was severely compromised for style, but Ducati Monster owners should be familiar with that. But the bike was striking and provided Italian style and booming noise without the pain of 6000 mile valve-checks. Yes, unless you do them yourself, those are every bit as annoying as you’d imagine.

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000

Missing Left Side Panel (Plastic, can order Carbon Fiber Replacements for About $100)- Bent Right Side Exhaust (Due to Slow Fall in Muddy Puddle)- Missing Right Side Chain Tension Adjuster (Easy to Fix with Bolt/Washers from Home Depot)- Will Need New Chain, Sprocket Set, Valve Adjustment, & Front Tire within Next 2k-5k Miles Jet Black Paint with Metallic Clear Coat (Professionally Done), Seat Re-Upholstered to Black Carbon Fiber, Dual Zorstec Exhaust Pipes

Look, I hate to once again be the resident Cheap Weird Bike Guy, and this bike has all the hallmarks of being ridden hard, lightly crashed, and put away wet. But it’s a Cagiva V-Raptor! You can take it to a Suzuki dealer and get it worked on!

2003 Cagiva VRaptor Title

To be honest, I had no idea these were ever available in the US and is registered in CA, a notoriously strict place relatively intolerant of DMV shenanigans. Maybe a quick email to the seller to ask the bike’s provenance? He does include a photo of the title, which is nice. And a list of things that have been done or need to be done suggest that at least the seller is representing the bike fairly.

The photos aren’t great, and the bike needs a bit of work to make it presentable, but might be worth it for the great, grunty motor and all the very confused looks you’ll get at local bike nights.


2003 Cagiva VRaptor R Side AMERIKUH

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for Sale in California!
Ducati October 29, 2014 posted by

Pared Down to Perfection: 2003 Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs

2003 Vernier 999 VX R Side

I saw this particular bike on BikeEXIF a while back and thought it was stunning, so I was very excited to see it up for sale. If you’re not familiar, Venier’s 999VX was basically a stripped-down Ducati 999 that turned the Italian firm’s ugly duckling into a swan.

From its introduction, Pierre Terblanche’s follow up to the iconic 916 was controversial. The aggressive face was replaced by stacked projector-beam headlamps, the slick single-sided swingarm was replaced by a stiffer, lighter dual-sided unit. And the bodywork was very technical, almost futuristic, with aerodynamic winglets and vents. In spite of a forward-looking design that addressed its predecessor’s many and well-documented shortcomings, there was something strangely un-sexy about it. Like Hajime Sorayama’s “Gynoids”, [do not Google that if you’re at work] the shapes, while superfically sexy, are maybe too clinical, not organic enough…

Or maybe I’m just overthinking it, and the 999 was just plain weird-looking.

2003 Vernier 999 VX front

But that tank. That sexy, sexy tank. It’s a beautiful shape, easily my favorite part of Terblanche’s design, next to the trellis frame. And apparently, I’m not the only one to notice. I’ve seen a couple other custom 999/749’s that strip away the fairing to reveal that heavily-sculpted piece, and Venier’s VX takes the controversial 999 and pares it back to the basics: two wheels, a tank, and an engine.

2003 Vernier 999 VX Tank

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs

I have always admired the subtlety and thoughtfulness with which Stefano Venier approaches his custom builds. They are never flashy, almost always black, and have a purity of form to them that is often lost when builders try to hard to make a statement. He does not use over-the-top components to grab the eye, but instead focuses on making a design that feels unified and whole.

Over the last few years, he has become one of the most well known and respected custom bike builders in the industry. Very few builders have had more bikes featured on BikeExif and other popular sites.

With this 999, he has taken that concept and applied it to a 999 that was formerly the race machine of fashion photographer Riccardo Vimercati. The bike was upgraded in many ways (listed below) and also has a brand new motor with only a 10 or so test laps on it. As a race bike it saw action on some of Europe’s most famous circuits, but Vimercati decided he wanted to create a street bike. We think the result is stunning. The bike is located at my shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It’s likely that almost any design to follow the iconic 916 would have failed, but the flack the 999 generated was pretty shocking, for a machine that was a definite step forward in terms of both performance and comfort. All I know is that I like the 999 as a motorcycle, but not as a Ducati. I really loved the concept bikes Terblanche did for Moto Guzzi, and I’m disappointed those ideas haven’t found an expression in their production motorcycles.

2003 Vernier 999 VX Detail

This particular custom addresses the problems most people have with the style of the bike: it’s simple and classic, and shows off the beautiful frame and sculpted tank, while retaining the high-spec suspension and engine, shaving weight off an already lightweight machine. This should be a pretty amazing bike to ride, assuming it’s been properly set up: removing the fairing can play a bit of havoc with weight distribution. Not that anyone’s likely to ride a gorgeous one-off like this very aggressively.

There are two days left on the auction, with bidding up over $11,000 and the Reserve Not Yet Met. No surprise, since the level of craftsmanship and taste on display here is pretty hard to beat at any price. One of the best, classiest customs I’ve ever seen.


2003 Vernier 999 VX L Side

Pared Down to Perfection: 2003 Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs
Aprilia August 4, 2011 posted by

Race Replica Nirvana Part II (sort of)- ’03 Derbi GPR Malossi Replica

Location: Iowa
Mileage: 5,760
Price: $2,500 BIN

So I may get blasted for writing this up, but I can’t help myself. Yes, it’s small, yes it’s only 50 cc’s, yes it can be registered as a scooter. But, I would be happy to have it in my garage and take it out to annoy my neighbors from time to time, playing Max Biaggi around a made up circuit in the neighborhood streets. Ladies and gentlemen, what I give you here is one killer, gas saving scooter, if you want to look at it that way. Undoubtedly the best looking scooter I’m aware of.

Another shot, cause it’s just so good looking-

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Derbi Gpr 50 R Malossi Race Replica

 This is a 49cc, oil injected, two stroke, six speed.  It is in excellent condition and is equipped with a Leo Vince expansion chamber. 65mph top speed. Never layed down or crashed. Runs, Drives and Looks great.  New rear tire, new brakes and fork seals. This is the Ultimate Moped. Since it is titled as a moped your 14 year old is street legal.


More photos-

So this is not the killer Yamaha YZR 500 replica posted by Ian last week. But it is a oil-injected (no need to mix) six speed two stroke that the seller claims will do 65 mph. It also looks to be very clean and well cared for with some good maintenance.

Again, many of you may not see this as something that deserves sportbike status. But I would’t be fooled by the small engine. There’s local track near my house that would be perfect for this bike. Not a big track, but big enough that you could spend the day with a grin on your face. And then you can always blow down to the old 7-eleven for a snack on it, and turn plenty of heads.

I dig this bike. Bash away if you must. But if you see what I see, start the bidding!


Aprilia June 19, 2011 posted by

Colin Edwards Replica Aprilia RSV Mille R 2003

Now here we do have a nice rare bike with 461 produced worldwide.  In 2003, Aprilia produced an RSV Mille R Edwards Replica with a livery inspired by the Aprilia RS3 Cube MotoGP motorcycle riden by Colin Edwards, as with the Haga replica from 2002, the motorcycle came with a circuit kit, which included Akrapovic exhausts, a more pressurised airbox, an Eprom injection unit and 57 mm (instead of 51 mm) throttle bodies.  The Mille also featured a type of slipper clutch, which worked by using a vacuum on a closed throttle from the inlet manifold to give the effect of slipper clutch, but only on a closed throttle, whereas most modern examples use a ramp mechanism in the clutch basket.

Up for Auction: an Aprilia Rare Colin Edwards Replica, one of 461 made world wide – street legal track bike – race kit on each machine – Rotax engine, 57-mm throttle bodies, Eprom injection unit, with racing chip – engine management, six speed close ratio transmission, carbon fiber larger air box and snorkel, Akrapovic titanium exhaust, slipper clutch, 16 tooth sprocket, four piston Brembo double floating disk brakes, Olins suspension front and rear, olins steering damper, Heli bars, OZ Blue forged aluminum Anodized wheels on Pirelli’s…rides like a dream – top speed 180MPH.

I bought the bike from a friend who spilled it with 62 miles on it, scratched it up, complained to the insurance company that parts were hard to get and they gave him most of his money back. I had some panels repainted, made sure it was all straight and rode it! It is a wonderful machine but I can only ride one motorcycle, I hate to let it go but…….. I have a low reserve on this bike, that originally sold for over $19,000.
Please ask all questions before bidding, email through ebay, the winner of the auction is responsible for picking the bike up or for shipping to anywhere. A deposit on your Master Card or Visa of $1,000.00 at the end of the auction – the rest in three days. Bidders are welcome to come and view the bike in person, I tried to take as many pictures are allowed to show off the bike and also to show some of the minor scratches.

The eBay Listing can be found here.

RSV Mille R’s are very nice bike sand this example is rather special with a low mileage.  It has got a few bumps and bruises but on a bike such as this it should not be an issue.  Price wise these are a bit of a bargain particularly when compared to other Italian bikes, this would seem to have a value somewhere in the $7k-$9k range based upon other examples being sold.  Happy bidding.


Kawasaki June 3, 2011 posted by

DC10, Stalker-Walker, E.Boz, Yanagawa and this Bike Have What in Common?

They’re all still faster than you are — all these years later.

750s went away when 1000s were homologated for top of the food chain racing. And in the four-cylinder world, the only company who still makes a 750cc full-on sports platform is Suzuki. But the Kawasaki ZX750P (1996 – 2003) is still one of the most iconic sports motorcycles of an era, and some say one of the best looking. It also was easily the most powerful carbureted 750’s of its time. A slip-on and jet-kit could eke out 115 rwhp, even on conservative dynos. For measure, a stock Honda CBR900RR (919cc) would pull about 116 rwhp. The stock header was a full-duplex type, so advanced and clean that Craig Erion went on record in his own catalogue as saying, basically, that it was so good they couldn’t make it better without making it out of hand-tigged Unobtanium. The 43mm USD fork was highly regarded as offering the best feel of any front end of the era, and the 320mm front brakes with six-piston Tokicos would probably still outbrake many modern, more expensive setups.

No, this isn’t the 1996 ZX-7RR Super-Homologation-Special with an alloy fuel tank, FCR Flat-Slide carbs, adjustable suspension geometry, or trick close-ratio box. But in many ways, its better. The ‘RR has amazing track-cred and pedigree. But to be honest, it’s not really well-suited to street riding — like the other factory race bikes of the same time period. If my memory of the sales slicks hasn’t completely failed me, this bike should be a 2002. Depending on your perspective, this livery may be a welcome departure from the standard, Corporate Green.

The seller’s details are appreciated, but a bit more info wouldn’t hurt:

9280 miles // Stirring Damper // Rear Wheel Huger (Targa) // Radiator Cover // Front Wind Shield Smoke (Targa) // Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines & Clutch // Radiator Hose Set (Samco) // Custom Tank Cover // Custom Aluminum Stand // Hindel Exaust Muffler // Set of Michellin Pilot Power (Brand New)//////

What makes this example rare is that it’s all intact, with turn signals and rear fender and stock paintwork on the frame — all for ask of four-grand. Again, it’s all perspective, but I think there’s nothing worse than two pair of truck-cab lights, drywall- screwed into the fairing and tail section. The Hindle pipe isn’t awful, and if you really wanted a stock can, they should be plentiful on everybody’s favorite auction block. While you’re there, see if you can pick up the Euro ZX-7RR headlamp assembly, which features a projector beam on the dipped (low-beam) side. It’s all about the details, and that’s a highly sought-after one.

Fly in to Toledo Express just outside Swanton, Ohio and ride it home. Just let the seller know you’re coming. $4k feels like a bargain for this one.