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Storage Wards – 2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary

Sometimes you have to look past the head-scratchiness of an offering, because it is just that special.  This strange auction of a contemporary classic R1 in 50th Anniversary Roberts colors, along with its storage unit buddy ( a 2012 Panigale TriColore ) is one of those times.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 front

2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary Edition for sale on eBay

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 right front

The liter-bike wars were raging in the mid-2000’s, and the bikes were getting downright serious, closing in of 200 hp, but without today’s electronics keeping an eye on things.  Yamaha’s flagship had a Genesis 5-valve head and booked 174 hp.  The swingarm had been lengthened 16mm to stabilize the handling under acceleration, and the R1 reviewed as not very flickable but rock-steady when set in a corner.  The beautiful castings of the Deltabox frame were accompanied by top-line Ohlins suspension, tuned by the racing department.  320mm front discs are grabbed by radially mounted 4-piston calipers, with 220 mm rear.  Forged Marchesini wheels were also part of the 50th Anniversary special, and reduced unsprung weight significantly.  The knife-sharp bodywork was available in corporate blue or black, but the Roberts team colors were part of the 50th edition.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 right

Parked in a Vegas storage unit before it was ever registered, this is a no-mile superbike.  Not much in the way of photographs, but the owner says this in the eBay auction:

I am selling both motorcycles as a package deal, and I am willing to sell them separately since they quite expensive for both.

The photos speak for themselves, pristine condition, not a single scratch on either bike and the 2012 Ducati 1199S Tricolore edition only has 2700 miles on it.  Yamaha has never been registered and engine has been sealed to prevent any damage these last 10 years it has been waiting for a good collector to realize the value of such a magnificent motorcycle.  
But if you are a true collector and interested in the Yamaha R1 50th Anniversary Edition with 0 miles and kept in pristine condition reach me to discuss options.  Email is possible too.
Yamaha is a Limited Edition model, only 500 of them are made and it has a VERY special number stamped on it.  I will not e-mail you photos of the number because too many people simply want to collect photos every time I have put this up for sale previously.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 front

There’s almost always a travel deal going to Vegas, so a live inspection should be possible and is always better than any pictures.  Especially at the ask, it’d be hard to imagine putting this zero-mile 50th Anniversary special back on the road, but it would be a ground-shaking ride.  And the number ?  Kenny Roberts rode a lot of number 2 machines, and was partial to 1 also, maybe the new owner will comment and say what’s stamped on this R1 ( and maybe why Starry Night )…



  • Silly money for the bikes, and his eBay ad is filled with negative under currents.


  • “and it has a VERY special number stamped on it”…. lol.

    Why didn’t he say say earlier, that make it worth 10 time more..

  • Best. Paint. Ever.

    • Did you mean “Best painting ever”? Beautiful and colorful, a masterpiece painted by a Master. LOLOLOL

  • I bet it’s number 69

  • The truth is bikes do not go up in value. I had the Nicky Hayden Ducati you can get them for the same price new or less so the same would apply for the Yamaha even though limited edition you’ll never get what you paid for it taxes in. Bikes just don’t make money expecially sportbikes not until they are at least 20 years old … becomes a parts issue and cost of maintenance and restoration. Another failed attempt at thinking a sport bike is going to reap rewards. only exception I can think of are the rz500 or rg500

    • Ducati Supermono has increased in value, 1st year editions also seem to be doing well if they were milestone bikes (CBR900RR, R1, etc) but overall I concur, “limited edition” bikes don’t climb in value unless they are pristine, low miles and at least 20 years old

  • “What goes on in Vegas…”

  • I’m surprised no one has commented about the different tires and windscreen on the R1 pictured outside. Odd for a zero mile bike to have smoked windscreen and non original tires.

    • Lololololol


      Good eye on the tires!

      Impressive…….most impressive.


  • is the painting included in the sale? these are the details we MUST know

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