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Featured Listing: 1983 Honda CB1100F

This mint 1983 Honda CB1100F represents a slight departure from our usual fare, as it is older and closer to a UJM than the bikes we generally showcase. But there are two things that drove this one over the edge for us: First, it’s being offered by our buddies at Iconic Motorbikes, whose stable is jammed with perfect examples of some truly, well, iconic bikes. Second, the Honda CB1100F was designed to be a hairy-chested musclebound hooligan from day one. With bigger pistons and carburetors and hotter cams than the 900cc version, it pumped out 108 horsepower at a time when 80 was seen as pretty heady.

Those ponies were encased in a steel tube chassis, which means this thing’s handling will be an exercise in embracing flex and using horsepower to overcome limitations. Your buddies CBR600RR will lose you easily, but you’ll be having just as much fun at somewhat saner speeds. Because this bike was the pinnacle of the CB line, its suspension and brakes were top whack bits for the time. It rocked anti-dive forks, remote reservoir shocks, dual-disc front brakes and cast wheels, as opposed to the smaller CB’s Comstars.

This one is close to as nice as ridden 35-year-old bikes can be, with just a couple here-and-there blemishes to show for its years and 18,000 miles.

From the seller:

1983 Honda CB1100F – Fantastic condition – Low Miles!
This very cool and classic Honda is truly a gem of a find. Becoming harder and harder to find in this condition, don’t let this one get away!

This CBX1100F is in truly great shape for it’s age and that Maui Red is so damn beautiful it’s sure to get 2nd and 3rd looks wherever you go.

The CB’s have always been one of Honda’s most Iconic models and the 1100 was the big boy on the block. Smooth ride, nice linear acceleration and classic good looks. You’d be hard pressed to find one cleaner but as with any 35 year old bike, there are a few flaws, I did my best to point them out.

We added a bunch of pictures but nothing beats a “in person” visit so fly into LAX, we’re only 15 minutes away and ride her home, you’ll love this girl, that’s a promise!

Priced at $7,250, this CB is ready to grace a classic collection as the ultimate expression of the CB heritage, and hearkens back to a time when a sport bike was little more than a hot engine and stiff springs in a street-dwelling chassis. Swing over to Iconic Motorbikes to get your hands on this gem.


  • I love vintage superbikes and this checks all of the right boxes. Never having ridden one, I wonder how bad the chassis on these old 80’s Japanese bikes really are. In my experience reputations are sometimes unjustified.

  • Come over and take her for a spin. Even if it’s just to see what she feels like, just buy us a sandwich :). Need help riding these things anyway as this modern day gas is just garbage and such a hassle to keep the bikes going. Av gas only!!

  • Ok…this thing is nuts! it has the original exhaust pipes on it and they aren’t rusted out,there isn’t corrosion on the exposed aluminum on the wheels( the clear tended to crack and corrosion set in underneath),same with the valve and engine covers.The person who owned this took great care of this bike.I’d love to have it( I had the blue version of this) but nowhere to put it….Good luck with the sale,I hope it goes to a loving home!

  • They’re actually not bad once you get them dialed in as long as you’re’ not comparing them to the new stuff of today. (Suspension set up, Brake pads, good modern rubber) and you should be good to go. Great street bike and this one has enough miles that you could ride and enjoy for a long time.

  • I grew up in late 70s (UK) riding a 250 Suzuki 2-stroke and it bucked, weaved and bent blasting around local lanes. I now have 86 Gamma with a cutting edge frame of same era – and it bucks, weaves and bends – lovely. I suspect this bike is very similar. Very different to today’s bikes. Modern riders may find these intimidating but it’s one of those experiences all bikers need to try 🙂

  • When Honda built this bike in 83, I believe they had no idea that 35 yrs later it would become an icon of the naked bike rage today. It’s a true classic to the end of the air cooled in line fours. Watch the original Mad Max and your appreciation will grow

  • I agree, my 09 Monster has way more flex coming out of a corner (I assume it’s the single sided swing arm) than my 82 900f did

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