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One Owner, Low Mile 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R in Utah

kawasaki zx7r for sale

Located outside Salt Lake City is this stunning 2,700 mile Kawasaki ZX7R K2! All stock, fresh service, and nothing cut. I just wish the dealer had paid the extra few dollars to show high resolution images so we could see it up close.


1992 Kawasaki ZX7R K2 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

For your consideration is a 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX750K2. A true K model with only 2731 miles. Bike sold new at the dealership on October 30th 1993. It was purchased at Performance Cycle in Republic, MO. Bike has only had one owner. I have a copy of the original title and have the original license plate. It is completely stock OEM quality with all the warning labels and reflectors. Bike comes with original sales brochure, Owners manual, Shoei promotional helmet (size Large), Ladies Kawasaki jacket (size Small), ownership & service documentation, tool kit, and two keys. The bike looks new and has been meticulously taken care of. Never has seen the rain or elements and always stored indoors. There is no rust or oxidation present anywhere on the bike. The bike would be perfect 100% if it wasn’t for a couple of tiny scrapes on the swingarm. Bodywork is 100% no scratches or cracks. Tank is 100% no scratches or dings. The bike really does look and pass for new on our showroom. Our Service Dept has gone completely through this bike from top to bottom. Did a full service on the engine including fluids and filters are OEM new. It runs, sounds and drives like the day it was new. Bike comes with clear title and everything you see in the pics. This will be the finest example of a 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R you will ever find. No stories, no problems, no excuses with this one.


  • Looks to be in great shape, however the BIN price is laughable. Even a cherry homologation 7rr would barely fetch 15 grand, much less a base model! Seriously wishful thinking!

    • There is no “RR” for this year.

      This is the homologation for this year 91-92.

      This is not the “base model”.

      Only maybe 176 brought into North America.

      Be surprised if it goes for less than $15,000

    • Johnny B don’t know his Kawasakis haha. Love the rant post on value without any of the knowledge required to make the statement. You are laughable and Must be a pirate that can’t handle so few RRRRRRRRR’s

    • The actual buying market clearly disagrees with your opinion. I was anticipating forum genius “shad” to chime in and declare that price a ripoff, delusional, and greedy.

  • someone bought it for the wife/girlfriend, now its moving on…

  • Johnny B;

    For this generation of ZX-7, this ZX-7’R’ is the equivalent of the later iteration 7RR. This model came with an aluminum tank, solo fiberglass tail, close ratio gearbox, flat-slide carbs, etc.

    When I see the prices these are fetching now, I try not to think about the price I let mine go for about 12 years ago. Darn that 20/20 hindsight!

  • nice bike, i offered $10k but not good enough

  • Yesterday I wanted to write, that tomorrow maybe it will be sold for $15k. But now, it looks like it will be more.
    Maybe someone is surprised, but nowadays it is really more difficult to find mint ZX7R than RC30. 2 years ago there was 91 ZX7R with 1500 miles, the listing was put off with $15300 few days before auction end. OK, it is K model. And now just try to find mint M model, nearly impossible. Actually there is really mint M in Luxemburg for 15k EUR- $17k, but with 20000 kms.

    • I have been saying that forever.

      Try to find one that hasn’t been repainted, has OEM exhaust, has the front Amber reflectors, fuel enrichment solenoid, throttle switch, extra headlight fuse in original pouch on wiring harness, all the decals (especially the one on the left side rear fender), rear helmet lock, original chain and sprockets… and on and on.

      I think people get disillusioned about how many of these there are because everyone with a ZX7 likes to add “R’s” to them. Sometimes three of them. lolol

  • The guy who ends up getting this is going to wish he had hit the 15k BIN. Now that the reserve is off, the BIN is gone. It very possibly is going to be sold for more. This same seller sold a restored K model with a repainted frame for $14.5k that had more mileage. This one should be worth more.

  • hwood851.
    In the last edition of Performance Bikes magazine,they did an article comparing the Aprilia,Desmosedici and the Honda RC30..
    They chose the Honda above the other two as the bike they would most like to own.

    • We are not taking about RC30s, we are chatting about this bike. So I don’t really understand your point.

      Since you brought it up………..

      Taking money our of the equation, I would take the RC30 as well.

      But if we’re to be given one, I would take the Desmosedici, then sell it, buy an RC30 and have tens of thousands left over.


  • in europe the price of this bike is 8000 or 10.000 maximun

  • performance bikes as an objective source for motorcycle info… cease and desist my throat hurts bad enough getting over this cold let alone how laughable a notion that is

    • Yeah, you’re the forum’s best objective source for motorcycle info, “shad”. Not a Brit magazine that has highly experienced riders, access to most machines to compare them on the track, and the journalism skills to effectively communicate their opinions and findings.

    • True is, that UK guys were totaly focused on Honda and my private personal view is that not everytime Honda was correct winner. UK guys like testing bikes on common roads, but SBK bikes are designed for racing circuit, not to be compared which one is more comfortable or suitable for roads.

  • I bought this bike. Pretty stoked as have been looking for a clean one for a couple years. Now to convince my wife this belongs on a stand next to the RC30 in the bedroom. lol

    • I am happy for you and hate you at the same time lol

      Congrats man, that’s a gorgeous bike. It does belong next to the RC30. Wish there was a way you could post up some pictures of that on here.

    • Congrats!!

      Super Nice Example!!

      Only going to appreciate over time!


    • Now you just one for a daily driver.

      They are a blast to ride. (except those damn FCRs…..lolol)


    • Thanks guys. Super stoked, been drooling over these bikes since they were new lol.

  • its cute when people get upset over words on the internet… calm down have a drink/smoke etc stop taking it so serious its unbecoming

  • Seller relisted and ended listings just several times of different bikes. This dosn´t help him to look serious.

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