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Featured Listing: One Careful Owner – New 1985 Suzuki RG500


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

10.30.2017: Last seen in February of last year, this RG500 is back on eBay for $68k AUD, which is roughly $52k USD today, representing a bit of a discount since the last time we saw it for sale. Good luck to buyer and seller! -dc

Within a hair’s breadth of a 1985 Grand Prix machine, the RG500 has a water-cooled two-stroke square four between the alloy perimeter frame.  The 498 cc’s generate 95 hp and the entire package weighs under 350 lbs., both numbers improvable with some professional tuning.  Suspension is right-side-up forks and Full Floater monoshock rear, and brakes seem small for the expected 146 mph top speed but appropriate for the weight.

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 left front

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 cockpit

A pre-production marketing bike and never run, this is as close to a time machine as there could be.  Not a mark on it, and includes a nice certificate of authenticity from Suzuki Australia.  From the eBay auction:

Lets start by saying this bike has been for sale before and is not suitable for those who are going to ride the bike. It is a collectors bike only.
Secondly the bike shows 9kms on the odometer from being pushed around at various shows by Suzuki Australia prior to the RG500`s release in 1985.

This is a genuine new/never started RG500 that was previously used by Suzuki Australia as their show/demo/promotional bike prior to the release of the RG500.
It was never a “spanner” bike for dealerships apprentices to practice on.

The bike is what it is. The only thing I have added is the single seat option. It also comes with many now unavailable books, brochures, factory Gamma stand etc
No Vin Plate.
Will export worldwide at buyers expense.
The bike is in “as new” in condition and and has a supporting letter of authenticity from Suzuki Australia.

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 right front wheel

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 right rear wheel

A four-time 500cc GP Championship winner, the RG500 is very close to being the racer with lights you’ve heard about.  The four flat-slide Mikuni’s, the 12,000 rpm redline, the different sized wheels, 16-inch in front to help turn-in, all state the facts.  But this one is of course a bit different.  Likely never to be run, it has survived three decades on display and in storage.  It is the sportbike fan’s Barcelona chair or Alessi tea set  ( a little more exciting ), exquisite but better to use something else and save this for the next generation…


20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 binnacle


  • Here we go! Hard to hate this one, but if it can be picked apart, this is the site that will do it.” I think I see a corrosion atom, or maybe it’s a molocule, I can’t really tell, under the powder coating on the wheel, inside the tire”! This bike (while not an RZV) is fooking awesome! More please!

  • I find it funny that Big Bang is the one complaining about people hating on bikes on this site. You are more guilty than most. Don’t have to go far to see it..just the last 2 posts on the site:

    “There is something about these that bug me… Maybe its because they just suck. Big time”
    “Compared to a modern sportbike these are quite the watered down turd”

    Multiple personalities or is complaining about your own complaining just in your nature?

    Back to the bike:
    Very nice, very clean. Would love to ride one.

  • Ahh yes, the Australian zero miler again. I think it’s amazing that it survives and was stored perfectly- so what if it stays as is, and not ridden? Why can’t one example of an iconic sport bike remain flawless and perfect? Just look for another one that’s been used if you want one to ride. So what if they want what you might think is too much money? It’s a free market, and the seller can ask whatever he feels it’s worth, and keep it longer if others here disagree on value.

    If nothing else, it’s as good as it gets for restorers to use as a perfect reference. I’d sure be looking at the pictures closely if I was.

  • If I am not mistaken I saw not one but 2 matching gamma’s with 00 miles for sale in Australia, maybe one was sold and this is the other one. I had a Gamma for a little while and while everything you read about them is true I sold it to try something else, while the bike I replaced her with is way superior I miss the 2 Stroke missile. Good luck with the sale

  • This is a pre-production bike. It will be the only pre-production RG500 in Australia. This bike has been bought and sold several times and each time at a higher price. The pre-production status and supposed rarity imply extra value, but just what percentage that adds to the actual value is uncertain. That is up to the next buyer to determine, and will depend on how deep his/her pockets are. I think it has reached the point of being ridiculous now. Note the seller has a feedback score of 2. Speculation and optimism at its finest.

    As a pre-production bike, it was supposed to be destroyed, as all pre-production models should be, when the production bikes were released. While it does make this a very rare bike, for those that fancy those sort of details, it also means the VIN will not be found in any database and the likelihood of ever being able to get an ownership for it is extremely remote. Of course, it isn’t likely that it would ever be ridden anyway, so perhaps that doesn’t matter.

    Does pre-production status justify the $53,000 US price? $53K seems a bit steep, but if you have the cash and need a new piece of office art this might be the bike for you. Then again, if you had that kind of cash you might be chasing an NR750 and buying an actual investment rather than an overpriced, yet curious, example of a mass produced bike.

  • please to be using objects of lust for comparison that are actually lust worthy… a chair and a tea set smh

  • JR the bike in question has not been sold several times. The current owner bought it direct from Suzuki Australia and is the first and only owner of the bike.

    • Really? I’m certain I’ve seen it before and others have made the same claim over the past few days. My mistake I guess.

      Is it yours Bob, or do you know the owner?

      The rest of what I said still applies. It’s interesting, but not $53K interesting.

  • Not to be a hater, but If I understood the post correctly as “ever started?” why would there be 9 kls on the clock?

  • Gary, the bike being a “pre production” unit has been wheeled from show to show to promote the model in Australia prior to its official release in 1985. It has accumulated the kms that way. Note the disc`s have no markings at all.

    • Bob
      Thanks for that info on the miles, now that does make sense…………………

  • Hi JR,
    there is another new Australian complied bike in Melbourne. It is a fantastic example and has also been on the market before. It is a genuine “0km” bike as well. Yes I am the owner and no offence taken but I think is worth every cent of the asking price as it is a one of example and can only go north in value I think. Cheers

  • There is no price on priceless, period. Definitely rare, and sporty. Zero k’s on the clock means, effectively rolling back time, to, well, zero. How much would a zero mile 1969 DZ Camaro be worth? It doesn’t exist.
    This bike however, does exist, and I hope it is never started. It is truly a priceless piece of art, and deserves to be admired and preserved as such.

  • Beautiful bike Bob, very jealous! Best of luck on the sale. If I had the disposable income, I’d definitely buy it for that price and then ride the heck out of it and enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed.

  • the golden era of sportbikes lived from 1984-1992 (similar to the musclecar era 1964-1970) I just got done watching Barrett Jackson this weekend and I’m still amazed at how much money a low mile stock example car of that era brings – several hundred thousand dollars. This bike will bring the cash and go up in value without a doubt, enough people know what it is, and how rare this example is.

  • Hate to have to correct you at “Rare sports bikes for sale”
    But this bike is NOT the one that was seen on E-Bay in 2013 as you said…
    This is a “Pre Production” bike..
    The bike that was advertised in 2013 is a “Brand New, Never Touched Aust Complied Bike”

  • A bike that cannot ever be run is virtually worthless to most. A shame nobody ever rode it, and a bike like this will require thousands to put back on the road. Sure it may start up initially but the seals and gaskets have gone the way of the Bowie. Of course the objective for owning a bike like this is to rub it with a diaper in a deep corner of the gameroom in front of those with lesser means and original hip joints. Those with and without the means will always say “well if you can’t run with the big dogs…” but if the classic car market hasn’t spoken loud enough these will tank even harder. Parts availability horrid for these – alas no Jegs or Summit for 30 year old bikes. For the true enthusiast that will actually enjoy such a bike, an example with a few to several thousand miles over the years is best. Those in the biz of ‘restoring’ these never quite get it right – always flying too close to the sun with your wallet in tow. Wait 5-10 years when these bikes will be affordable when their completely uninterested grand kids sell, and then ride the heck out of ’em!

  • Th way I see it, purchasing a bike such this one here is more of a privilege, I would think someone would spend that kind of money to enjoy that privilege and that’s got very little to do with performance, riding, market value or anything else. I personally know someone who owns a brand new Ducati Green Frame , he started listing the bike to obscene amount $$$ few years ago just to see how much someone is willing to pay,when he was asking $100k everyone thought he was crazy, 5 years later he has $200k offer but now he’s asking $250k, who’s willing to bet that in 2 years h Cann get that kind of money.?

    . While the bikes are a little different I though the story applies here as well.

    • what country is the new green frame in?
      I may have a interested buyer.
      email mikei750@yahoo.com

  • It’s a shame not to start this beauty and thrash the bejaysus out of it as it was intended but it has evolved into office art now, and they won’t be making any more, so the value will always rise, it’s still way cheaper than a Ferrari from the 50s, and you can fit it under the stairs.
    Or hide it from the wife.
    Old strokers are something you either get or don’t get.

  • Did you just say wait 5-10 years when these bikes will be affordable? Thats truly the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  • You just don’t start a “never started” anything, ever. If you want to ride the tits off something, fine, find a runner, and go big!
    This one is truly a time capsule, hence it’s pricelessness (sic).
    Start showing me examples of NEVER STARTED grey bikes, I may think along different lines, but to fire this up would be like whackin off on the Mona Lisa.
    Yep, everyone has two things, an opinion, and an…

  • really blows goats speculaters have gotten into purchasing classic bikes, greed ruins everything

  • I don’t know what all the fuss is about , RG500’s are a “dime a dozen” down under , virtually everyone has one or two . My grand mother rides hers to church most Sundays when she gets tired of her RC30 .

  • Thanks shad you`r a champ 🙂

  • Thanks Shane, you obviously know your bikes 🙂

  • yeah its so passe driving my veyron down to starbucks *yawn*

  • I might be in minority here but I do appreciate the never started /kept as new bikes, there is something unique about being able to see and appreciate all the little details such surface materials, paint, high performance components before being all beat up,little details that usually wear off with use. I know several collectors who own hundreds of motorcycle in their collection and never ride them, in that case I would assume they’d much rather have the bikes as they left the factory and not used or restored. There are more bikes than riders out there, never shortage of inventory anywhere but only few time capsules left original. I think this bike would find a new home and someone will pay pretty penny for her. Good luck with the sale

  • sorry to confuse your bike with the previous post Greg, glws !

  • No worries DC 🙂

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