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Suzuki October 31, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: One Careful Owner – New 1985 Suzuki RG500

10.30.2017: Last seen in February of last year, this RG500 is back on eBay for $68k AUD, which is roughly $52k USD today, representing a bit of a discount since the last time we saw it for sale. Good luck to buyer and seller! -dc

Within a hair’s breadth of a 1985 Grand Prix machine, the RG500 has a water-cooled two-stroke square four between the alloy perimeter frame.  The 498 cc’s generate 95 hp and the entire package weighs under 350 lbs., both numbers improvable with some professional tuning.  Suspension is right-side-up forks and Full Floater monoshock rear, and brakes seem small for the expected 146 mph top speed but appropriate for the weight.

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 left front

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 cockpit

A pre-production marketing bike and never run, this is as close to a time machine as there could be.  Not a mark on it, and includes a nice certificate of authenticity from Suzuki Australia.  From the eBay auction:

Lets start by saying this bike has been for sale before and is not suitable for those who are going to ride the bike. It is a collectors bike only.
Secondly the bike shows 9kms on the odometer from being pushed around at various shows by Suzuki Australia prior to the RG500`s release in 1985.

This is a genuine new/never started RG500 that was previously used by Suzuki Australia as their show/demo/promotional bike prior to the release of the RG500.
It was never a “spanner” bike for dealerships apprentices to practice on.

The bike is what it is. The only thing I have added is the single seat option. It also comes with many now unavailable books, brochures, factory Gamma stand etc
No Vin Plate.
Will export worldwide at buyers expense.
The bike is in “as new” in condition and and has a supporting letter of authenticity from Suzuki Australia.

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 right front wheel

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 right rear wheel

A four-time 500cc GP Championship winner, the RG500 is very close to being the racer with lights you’ve heard about.  The four flat-slide Mikuni’s, the 12,000 rpm redline, the different sized wheels, 16-inch in front to help turn-in, all state the facts.  But this one is of course a bit different.  Likely never to be run, it has survived three decades on display and in storage.  It is the sportbike fan’s Barcelona chair or Alessi tea set  ( a little more exciting ), exquisite but better to use something else and save this for the next generation…


20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 binnacle

Featured Listing:  One Careful Owner – New 1985 Suzuki RG500
Bimota May 10, 2011 posted by

Smoke gets in my eyes – 1998 Bimota V-Due Evoluzione

1998 Bimota V-Due Evoluzione with 201 miles in Florida!

I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up around them 2-stroke smoking machines, so I don’t get all misty eyed like some of my fellow RSBFS contributors whenever a Suzuki RGV, Honda NSR250, or Aprilia RS250 comes up for sale.  I do, however, being a bit of a Bimota fan, the V-Due gets my attention every time:


Please check pictures, as you can see this 1998 Bimota V-DueEvoluzione is in good – very good condition. This bike has been in a collection for many years and still needs to have the electronics sorted still – as it is completely original and has not been modified except for the stainless collector pipes. This bike is being sold AS IS with a Bill of Sale only and I do not know what country it was imported from.

Since the bike has been sitting so long, the battery is dead and the carbs will need to be cleaned. Also, as you can see the bottom of the fairings are damaged from gas leaking on them. To my knowledge, the bottom of these fairings may still be available in carbon?

The front fairing on the white number plate has a small scratch, but the rest of the bike is close to perfect (except for the lower fairing).

If you are familiar with Bimotas V-Due project and lineage, then you are also probably familiar with the need for the electronics to be sorted out on the bike for it to run at its full potential.

This is a late model V-Due and does not have fuel injection. The fuel injection was removed and replaced with carburetors at the factory to help fix some of it’s running problems (didn’t really work that well), but does make it easier to tune the bike. Also the later model V-Dues have a digital tach, and a different paint scheme.

The V Due was a bike very significant in that 1.) it was Bimota’s first and only (and ill-fated) attempt to develop an engine in-house  2.) it was supposed to be with cutting direct injection technology (on a 2-stroke!)  3.) styling was and still is absolutely drop dead gorgeous  4.) it broke Bimota.

Since a few V Dues have been listed before on RSBFS and we have written quite extensively about it, I’m going to be lazy and ask everyone to click here to read about them in our previous posts.

The one for sale here is the Evoluzione version – which means it is the later carb-ed models after the initial fuel injected production batch were plagued with running problems, so much so that a recall had to be issued.  The good thing is that carbs are much easier to tune than Italian fuel injection systems.

The bad thing is, as the seller states:”…still needs to have the electronics sorted still.” which could mean anything on a 1998 Bimota.  The good news, however, is that there is a good following of V-Dues and there are websites (and passionate enthusiasts) dedicated to it, so I guess if the will is there, any V Due can be made to run properly.

The auction currently sits at $10,000 with 7 days to go – a good indication of just how desirable these bikes are. Did I mention that there are only – surprise, surprise – 500 (probably more like 300 by now) of these out there?  If you’re feeling lucky,


Sport Bikes For Sale November 15, 2010 posted by

1986 Suzuki RG 500 Gamma

1986 RG500 Gamma

11,433 Miles

$22,500 (BIN)

Here we have a clean example of the venerable Suzuki RG500 Gamma for sale. Gammas have frequented this site before, check out some prior listings here. This bike is from the Canada and it appears to be in good condition. The Gamma sports a square four 498cc 2 stroke motor generating 94 HP in stock trim, although the owner claims to have a dyno run showing 108 HP on this model.

Riders have been using these bikes for virtually every purpose under the sun, sport/race is the obvious way to go, but people have sport toured these bikes and there is even a naked street fighter version out there.

Personally, my favorite thing to do with this bike is rip the motor out and stuff it into a RGV250 chassis, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Some outstanding conversions of those customs can be seen here and here (see “ultimate RGV”).

Principal modifications consist of Jolly Moto pipes and forks from a GSXR 750. An excerpt from the seller:

The 498cc square four two-stroke engine is unrivalled and unbelievely light. Handling is simply incredible. The unique Posi Damp forks can be pre-adjusted to suit load, road surface and riding preference; the Full Floater rear has been specially constructed to give you superior shock absorption and power delivery. Stopping power is terriffic. the perfect motorcycle to control 95 horse-power. (mine is aroung 108 HP) you have to pass dyno to know exact HP.

This RG 500 with original 18000 km / 12000 miles was kept in a dealer place for the last 7 year since this year. Exaust pipe cost $3400 ca, front fork was change from GSX-R 750 and the clutch is new. Brake, tires are perfect. Motor is perfect with full compression, thebike was tune-up and just pass full inspection at Quebec SAAQ #6878390. I also put Originale from flasher from Europe. The side from light are there to fill the hole of the big flasher that was there before. The back flasher are from FZR6. The paint is original except for the buttom of the gas tank that also are small buble aroung the gas cap.It start on first or second kick.Everything on the dash, light, sppedo,rpm work perfectly. Investment to make this RG500 the way, is more than $7000.00 that was done (Front fork, Pipes, Clutch, Motor, Tune-Up etc). So the new buyer can enjoy driving it. I was having a lot of two stroke since 1985 and this one is driving better then any other rg that i drove before. I also have the passager seat in perfect condition that include in the auction.

If you have any question, you can write to me using contact the seller and request question.

Street Legal and plate. I am in Qc, Canada and i will help to ship it every where is Canada or USA.
I can ship the bike to anyplace in Canada or USA.

The bike is titled in Canada and I am not sure how the title transfer process works. I concede the condition appears to be solid (the bike sat for 7 years); however I am left scratching my head regarding the asking price. The opening bid is close to market, if not a little high, but the BIN is stratospheric considering this is a relatively pedestrian version (not a bad thing) and the miles are not particularly low. Check out the document.write(”);full listing complete with more descriptions, videos, and additional photos.


Sport Bikes For Sale June 3, 2010 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Nicely modified…..!

These things are…. well, just plain cool. Based on KR’s (Kenny Roberts) YZR500 from 1983 this V4 500cc 2-stroke packed quite the punch in 1985 with about 80hp at the wheel. The bike was  quite  heavy at about 470 lbs but if you are lucky you can find the super rare RZV500R which was a Japanese only bike that was about 30 lbs less because it sported a cool aluminum frame. Dripping with bitchn’ 80’s technology like 16″ front wheel, anti-dive valve forks (with an INSANE 37mm diameter), this baby is like the mullet, ( business up front, but all party in the back). Not available in the US because of our new EPA laws at the time, most of these bikes came in from Canada. This one seems to have just about the right mods and probably makes some decent hp.

Located in Simi Valley California on EBay with a BIN for $12,500 it only has 3 days left, click now for the jump.

The bike is currently bid up to $7745 at the time of this writing so it will be interesting to see where it ends up. At the $12,500 BIN price it still seems a bit steep even though it has a host of mods. Nice clean RZ500’s are getting harder and harder to find and this one seems like a fine example, do a search on our site  for RZ500‘s and see what others have been doing and selling for.  With the 125GP supposedly ending in 2012, it will be a sad day when we see the last of the 2-stroke era.

Ciao for now….Jay

Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!

[AffomaticEbay]Yamaha RZ[/AffomaticEbay]