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New in the crate: 2001 Honda RC51 SP1

Dan 7

Located outside Montreal, reader Rod sent in this brand new RC51. Pictures seem legit though listing on Kijiji is slightly suspect for something of this caliber. Listing states make offer but the price listed is $38,990 CAD, which is $28,770 USD as of today. This bike falls a couple years short of the 25 year import rule but this was a bike offered here in the U.S. the same year. Not sure if that helps but on the other hand, it destined to remain a display model the rest of it’s life so maybe it doesn’t matter.

2001 Honda RC51 on Kijiji in Canada

From the seller’s listing:

Only one ,brand new Honda RVT, 0km one owner. Just one in the world. Time capsule. Make an offer.
Unique au monde, Honda RVT SP1 complètement neuve, un seule propriétaire . Dans crate origine. 0km
Faire offre sérieuse svp.

If you’re looking for an RC51 you can actually ride, Black Market Motorsports has this 2002 SP2 model with just 6,500 miles available:


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Featured Listing: One Careful Owner – New 1985 Suzuki RG500

Donn 30

10.30.2017: Last seen in February of last year, this RG500 is back on eBay for $68k AUD, which is roughly $52k USD today, representing a bit of a discount since the last time we saw it for sale. Good luck to buyer and seller! -dc

Within a hair’s breadth of a 1985 Grand Prix machine, the RG500 has a water-cooled two-stroke square four between the alloy perimeter frame.  The 498 cc’s generate 95 hp and the entire package weighs under 350 lbs., both numbers improvable with some professional tuning.  Suspension is right-side-up forks and Full Floater monoshock rear, and brakes seem small for the expected 146 mph top speed but appropriate for the weight.

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 left front

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 cockpit

A pre-production marketing bike and never run, this is as close to a time machine as there could be.  Not a mark on it, and includes a nice certificate of authenticity from Suzuki Australia.  From the eBay auction:

Lets start by saying this bike has been for sale before and is not suitable for those who are going to ride the bike. It is a collectors bike only.
Secondly the bike shows 9kms on the odometer from being pushed around at various shows by Suzuki Australia prior to the RG500`s release in 1985.

This is a genuine new/never started RG500 that was previously used by Suzuki Australia as their show/demo/promotional bike prior to the release of the RG500.
It was never a “spanner” bike for dealerships apprentices to practice on.

The bike is what it is. The only thing I have added is the single seat option. It also comes with many now unavailable books, brochures, factory Gamma stand etc
No Vin Plate.
Will export worldwide at buyers expense.
The bike is in “as new” in condition and and has a supporting letter of authenticity from Suzuki Australia.

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 right front wheel

20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 right rear wheel

A four-time 500cc GP Championship winner, the RG500 is very close to being the racer with lights you’ve heard about.  The four flat-slide Mikuni’s, the 12,000 rpm redline, the different sized wheels, 16-inch in front to help turn-in, all state the facts.  But this one is of course a bit different.  Likely never to be run, it has survived three decades on display and in storage.  It is the sportbike fan’s Barcelona chair or Alessi tea set  ( a little more exciting ), exquisite but better to use something else and save this for the next generation…


20160201 1985 suzuki rg500 binnacle

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Never Started: 1985 Ducati 750 F1

Dan 9

1985 Ducati F1 750 for sale

We’ve seen an unusual number of never ridden Ducati’s this week, and here’s another to add to the pile: A 1985 Ducati F1 750 available in Australia. This one could’ve benefit from a detailing before the pictures were taken, but you can clearly note how shiny the paint is nonetheless. The signals are hanging from their wires, which the seller states is how these were delivered — can anyone shed some light on this? In any event, if you “never ridden” Ducati collection is missing an F1, this might just work.


1985 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay AU


from the seller:

Here is a bike for the serious Ducati collector, a brand new 1985 Ducati 750 F1

I purchased this as is from Dallas, USA about 10 years ago, it has full Australian import approval for road use

VIN # ZDM1AA3L6JB75195

Engine # DA3J7502239

apart from the collapsed blinker stems, which was standard for the F1’s it is a brand new bike, has the factory fitted battery, not activated yet.

I have had interest from overseas and can crate and arrange all shipping either domestic or worldwide, at buyers expense.

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Nearly New 2001 Ducati 748 For Sale in Scottsdale

Dan 12

Ducati 748 for sale

Following the even lower miles Ducati 851 we posted the other day, here is another virtually unused Ducati superbike. This one is typically even lower on the desirability scale than even the 851, especially since it’s not the uprated S model. But with just 60 miles on the clock and the reserve met at a mere $6,200, I think you’d be hard pressed to better for less even if some refreshing is in order.


2001 Ducati 748 for sale on eBay


From the seller:

This 2001 Ducati 748 Monoposto

This is a brand new only has 61 miles on it and I put most of those on it. What can I say it speaks for it self it is a flawless beautiful bike that has been crated its whole life until last week when I opened it.

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1989 Ducati 851 with Just 4 Miles!

Dan 20


While the 851 is generally looked down upon compared to the later evolution of the 888, there’s no denying that one that has existed for 25 years without ever being fired is something to take note of. This example is in Australia and according to the description has been recently uncrated for photographs and is suitable for a museum. Buy it now price is $33k.


1989 Ducati 851 for sale on eBay


From the seller:




this bike has never been fired, turned over for oil to be kept were needed

has never had a battery!

this bike will suit museum/private collector or investor

sold with Aus compliance for registration

original crate is available for shipping worldwide

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8 Mile 2001 Ducati 996

Dan 10


Nope it’s not in Detroit — it’s in Florida and has just 8 miles showing on the odometer. The description is very thin but the pictures definitely show a spotless Ducati superbike. One interesting thing in the description is that the seller states it could be an S model. Though there isn’t any markings on the outside the bike to confirm this as I’ve seen on other S models, some internet research bears out that not every market had S models with the triple clamp badge and other decals like the U.S. got. And because I believe at this point there was little difference between the standard and the S specification, it could be. Either way, bidders are active with the current bid at $8,200 and the reserve is met. Yes it’s 14 years old now, but a new Ducati superbike for less than $10k sounds very attractive.


2001 Ducati 996 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

this is one of my favorites bike on my collection i love this bike but is time to let it go this is a one owner bike the bike has never been use since the day i bouth it same millage that apears on the day of sale!! the bike is NEW the bike starts perfectly we started all my bikes ones a month everything works i also took all my 8 ducatis to the dealer to have them inspected everything is perfect the only thing that i would change are the tires they have never been use so i recomend changeing them. according to the vin # at the dealer they told me it is a 996S but the new owner will figure it out thank you! i have to say YOU WILL NEVER NEVER FIND ANOTHER LIKE THIS!!


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Double the fun: Two Brand NEW Suzuki RG500s

Mike 14


Pour the Fosters into the gutter. Forget about the shrimp on the barbie. Give up on the opera house, the great barrier reef, Ayers rock or any other tourist sights. Ditch the Men at Work cassettes and your AC/DC CD collection. Turn off the tube – you can watch that Crocodile Dundee marathon some other time. The most significant Australian contribution to humanity is here, and it is not even Australian in origin. Behold what must be the last 2 “brand new” and original Suzuki RG500s left on the planet. Well, at least the only two currently for sale. These two bikes come as a pair – with interesting history – and will not be separated. So clear out that 401k, raid the kids’ college funds, pawn the wife’s jewelry, re-mortgage the house and sell a kidney and a lung: Vintage historic two strokes do not get any newer than this.


Two BRAND NEW Suzuki RG500 Gammas for sale in Australia


From the seller:
Suzuki RG 500 X 2….
Both “Brand New”
Both have Never Been Started Or Had Fuel In Them


More from the seller:
Bike With Single Seat Cowl Shown In Pics Is A Standard Production RG 500
Taken From Crate In 1995 And Put In House As Display
Comes With Factory Stand & All Books
Has Never Been Touched


More from the seller:
Other Bike Is A Pre Production RG 500 Previously Owned By Suzuki Australia
There Is “NO” Compliance Plate On This Bike

There Are A Few Differences On This Bike Compared To The Production RG 500
* Fitted With Different Tyres
*Different Gear Linkage Set Up
* Muffler Ends Are A Different Shape
*Rough Cast Top Triple Clamp
*Some Nuts, Bolts & Washers Are Of A Different Type Or Colour & A Few Other Things

This Bike Also Comes With A Verification Letter From Suzuki Stating What the Bike Is


To call these bikes rare is to make a mockery of the word. This auction represents the Holy Grail of rare bike collecting, to put it mildly. Already have a collection? I’ll bet you don’t have two of these, much less an unused, pre-production model authenticated by the factory. Don’t have a collection yet? Bid here and you will have a terrific start. As to value, bring all you’ve got…and more. Bidding is currently above $95k AU (which converts to just under $89k USD) and the reserve is still in place. Worth it? Depends on what you value. I doubt that any buyer will fire these bad boys up and ride them to the local 7-11, but I’m sure they will be tempted. Check it out here, and start planning that trip Down Under!


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Brand New 1990 Bimota Tuatara!

Dan 14

1990 Bimota Tuatara for sale

In 1990 this was the fastest production bike in the world with a top speed of over 175mph. It was one of only 60 built and it was Bimota’s fastest ever offering. Dry weight is a scant 370lbs while boasting 150hp from the Yamaha FZR1000 motor with Bimota added fuel injection. Styling was probably avant-garde in it’s day, but it’s a bit awkward to my eyes from some angles. Nonetheless, this time capsule is as perfect as you’re likely to find and it is advertised as zero miles. While £13,000 (about $22k USD) is a chunk of change, I tend to think the numbers add up really.


1990 Bimota Tuatara for sale on


from the seller:

Collector’s opportunity! Very rare (1 of 56 made) brand new 1990 Bimota Tuatara. This motorcycle has been neither started nor ridden since leaving the factory 23 years ago. In mint condition, and possibly unique (I’ve been collecting Bimotas for ten years, and have never seen another unused Tuatara).
Powered by Yamaha’s FZR1000 engine; factory installed Weber-Marelli fuel injection. These bikes produced approx 152 bhp which was phenomenal for the day, and were arguably the quickest production motorcycle of their time, possibly only rivalled by the ZZR1100, a much heavier machine.
Adjustable Marzocchi USD forks, digital dash, Brembo brakes, Oscam alloy rims.
Viewing possible in Cheshire strictly by appointment only.


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