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Old School and Air Cooled: 1990 Ducati 750 Sport

The writers here at RareSportBikesForSale have been accused of bombarding readers with Ducati’s line of air cooled SuperSports.  The first generation 900SS has been featured many times, and for good reason.  They offer a wonderful handling package that makes and absolutely amazing sound.  Neither the buy in price nor the upkeep is eye watering.  The overall ownership experience is rather appealing.  If the 900SS simply feels too common for your, the often overlooked 750 Sport might be just the ticket.

For a while these were insultingly referred too as the “poor man F1”.  Sure the F1 might have more history but that does not mean the 750 Sport does not have something to offer, and on the classic market there is even more of a case to be made.  Low weight, simple mechanicals and classic styling just ooze fun.  The weekend enjoyment use case erases all care about ultimate specifications and performance.  This is a bike purchased on emotions.  Something to stand apart from the sea of modern sport bikes at the local bike night.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

1990 Ducati 750 Sport

Starts instantly and runs strong. Always garage kept. All original body work, never dropped (Paint has a few blems and rock chips here and there, but overall is in excellent shape.) Original Ducati toolkit. Owned since 1999.

New battery last season. Oil change last week (Amsoil 20/50 motorcycle oil). Valves adjusted 1500 miles ago. New chain and sprockets around 2500 miles ago.

$1000 Fast by Ferracci pipes. NOTHING sounds better than this bike. Video: https://youtu.be/D279b8a0yDQ

Racetech springs installed in the front. Original progressive springs included with sale. Also with sale, two brand new 16” tires front & rear. (Front tire on the bike is ok, rear could stand to be changed, but is still rideable.)

Original carb was replaced by previous owner with dual PHM40mm Dell Orto carburetors. These were difficult to tune, but gave the bike incredible top end speed, but I wanted a little more power and acceleration from lower down in the RPM range, so I changed the 40mm’s for 38mm PHM Dell Orto’s. I feel these are a much better fit for the bike, without sacrificing much on the top end. (40mm carbs not included.)

Less than 1000 of these bikes made and under 350 believed shipped to the US.

I will help with shipping any way I can, but buyer is responsible for shipping. Cash on pickup, or Paypal payment only. Located just a few miles south of Memphis, TN.

No buy it now price, but there also seems to be no reserve.  This bike is from an era when all Ducati were rare as they simply did not mass produce them the way they do today.  New owner will want to perform full service as well as a decent wash before heading out on the road.  A fresh set of tires are included in the sale, the OEM 16in wheels have limited modern tire options.  Parts to keep this beauty going are available from  Ducati as well as a few well known aftermarket suppliers.


  • I think I’m the only person that ever liked these. I got my 1st one when they came out from Pat Monroe in San Francisco. Back in those days I had a hard time not crashing into things. Too bad. Nice bikes. For me they had the prefect motorcycle look. Not too swoopy. and alien looking. Just the business.

  • Hello,

    I’m the seller. Found your article by happenstance. This has been a great bike, but I have too many other projects going to ride it like it needs to be ridden. I bought this bike when I was 20 after saving a lot of money and always lusting after a Ducati! I got it from the local (now gone) Memphis Ducati dealer. They had taken it on trade for a newer model. I have a hard time selling this bike, because it truly saved my life. The first night I got it, I was riding down an unfamiliar street, going 50 in a 20, when a blind left hand curve appeared. Behind this curve was a 30′ drop off. I knew I was dead. With no time to brake and shave speed, and no other options, I just leaned it all the way over. It went around that 20mph curve at 50mph like it was the easiest thing it have ever been asked to do. Major respect for the bike ever since that night. I hope the new owners will love her as much as I do.


    • Hi John,

      Thanks for checking in and sharing the close call from that first night! Amazing that you’re the original owner offering this bike for sale. Good luck! -dc

  • Serious question – I don’t know much about these older SS, but I know it evolved into 900SS that we all love. Is riding experience really different between those two? I mean, there appears to be a lot of changes made, but also looks to be fundamentally kind of similar.

  • Hello,

    I have ridden a few Monsters and 900’s and this bike is very similar to those. I would say the handling is virtually equal. What hurt this bike is that it didn’t have the updates that the 1991 and 92 bikes had. Those being 17″ wheels (now standard on most bikes) and a 6 speed gear box. Had it had those two things, this would be a $10,000 to $15,000 bike.

    Honestly, the best part about this bike is the sound (well, and the acceleration!). You will be sitting at a red light and people will rev their engines, just to hear you rev yours, so they can hear it! And, I’m not kidding when I say this, that sound stands the little hairs up on the back of your neck every time, but in a very good way!


  • You can hear my bike run here:

    But it does sound much better on the open road!


  • eBay shows sold for just $4,050. What else can you buy for $4k that is this cool?!


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