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Obtainable: 1993 Honda CBR900RR

After a spate of Laverdas, Benellis and unobtainable Ducatis, this loved and used 900RR is a breath of fresh air. Here is a bike that begs to be ridden – and you CAN ride it because it is not a zero mile, museum quality garage queen. This is something mere mortals can own. And given that it is a first gen RR Honda, mere mortals *should* own one. At least once.

1993 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

Created with the singular goal of mass centralization, the CBR900RR was essentially an upgraded CBR600 chassis stuffed with slightly less than a 1-liter powerplant. A true factory hot rod, this was literally the size of a middleweight – but punched in a much, much higher weight class than that. It may see a bit tame today in the eyes of 200 HP rockets from the Big Four and BMW, but in the early 1990s this was revolutionary. The CBR900RR was the poster child for the hyperbike. It was all about handling and speed, and the 900RR delivered. In time the line evolved to the 929RR and 954RR, but the bike that started the revolution was this one: the Honda 900RR.

From the seller:
This is a great example of a classic un-molested low miles fireblade.

Comes with a clear Nevada title in hand with keys ready to ride home today.

14k miles (if you aren’t familiar with the 900rr they have legendary longevity when it comes to Japanese sportbikes look into it)

Also has original tool kit, original front turn signals, service manual, And also Original brake reservoir cover and matching tank cover (not shown in photos)

This is an absolutely iconic sport bike, and most consider this color scheme to be the most sought after of the bunch, It just has that look of the 90s. I won’t toot its horn too much as I will assume most people know what it is.

The seller has included a video of the bike in question as well. You have been forewarned: jump to the 1:02 mark, or turn your speakers off. The canned music is truly horrible. Thankfully the video includes the bike running, which makes up for the first minute of torture:

This is a used bike that has some 14k on the odometer. Like most vehicles that are nearly 25 years old, this one has some minor aging issues. The seller notes the various items in the ad. The Two Brothers exhaust looks and sounds good. I’m not a big fan of the rear fender delete (or the saggy turn signals), but it looks like a pair of stock units are included in the sale; these look like the front stalks, so you might need to inquire about the rears. Other than that, this appears to be a pretty well-kept survivor.

The best part of all of it is that this is a no reserve auction. Somebody is going home with a new-to-them motorcycle by the end of it all. Bidding is currently in the $3k arena at time of writing, and there are several days remaining before the gavel comes down. Bidding has been relatively active, which shows that there is interest in both this model as well as this price range. Check it out here. We do not see all that many first gen 900RR models, and when it comes to valuation these are likely the first to serious appreciate. Share your thoughts in the Comments section, and Good Luck!!



  • I bought a bike from this guy, he failed to mention in his ad or via phone it barely ran, wouldn’t idle or rev….Buyer beware !!!

    • Surprising considering the seller has over 1,000 transactions on eBay and 100% feedback. Were you able to reach resolution with the seller after the purchase? -dc

    • Dan, I didn’t bother…I just rebuilt the gummed up carbs. It obviously was like this, just saying there wasn’t full disclosure on the listing.

  • Sold for $8000 US

    • If he got 8K, I’m Sanat Klaus

    • click on the listing and see for yourself. Unless he bought it from himself 🙂

  • Dude shoulda just bought this and saved himself $6k

  • Congratulations to the new owner – this is a milestone Honda model!

    • New owner here. Yeah, i have been looking for a 1993 in this condition for like this for over 3 years. there was one that went for $14K about a year ago. other than that, these things just don’t come around in this condition; with title and having actually being ridden, this is a gem. I have a mint RC-45 and NC-35, so something like this rounds out my collection (which i ride), so 8K for me is a no-brainer. For those of you that say “I could have saved myself some money buying something in Australia.”, don’t understand quality, authenticity and the fact that i don’t live in Australia. I’m stoked at this bike at 8K. If you think it is overpriced, that is awesome, there may be an import/export business for you in Australia. If you are bummed that you couldn’t get it at this price, i feel you pain.

    • Congratulations on your new ride!


    • Thanks for sharing your story, and congrats!


    • Wow,I can’t believe it. The listing jumps from $4000 to $8000 in one swoop.
      Hey, if you say you paid that much, who am I too say otherwise. Makes me consider letting some of my old GSXR’s go.
      Best of luck with the bike.

  • Congrads on the bike. I’ve had 3 of them over my life and just sold my last one last year (it wa a 94 with the black/purple/yellow scheme with 13000 miles, mint condition). Awesome bikes. So much character. I miss mine already and would buy another in a heartbeat. Love that white/ blue/red color scheme. Probably my favourite. Did you pay too much? Don’t know and it doesn’t really matter because they just keep going up in value every year anyways. Enjoy!

  • Hi All,

    I am working with the owner to get it delivered to the Bay Area (Cali, for those of you in AU), and will update you all on the experience. Again, price if relative, and It bums me out when someone says I “overpaid”. There is no such thing. You pay what you want and the market dictates if you get the item you are wanting to buy. Pretty simple. I paid 6 dollars more than the guy bidding against me…6 bucks! He is a real guy, BTW, and probably reads this blog. Id love to hear from him on why he wanted this bike too.

    Is my NC-45 worth 60K? probably not, but will someone pay that for a legally registered, original RVF in California…all day long. Thanks for the positive thoughts on the CBR, however. @Ben, I am pretty sure i saw your bike for sale a year or so ago. I just didnt dig the color scheme and really wanted the ’93. 94’s are a bit easier to come by. Sure, i could have bought aftermarket body work, but that defeats the purpose of an original RSBFS, right? Realistically, there is a reason that we all come to this site…it is for the “R” in RSBFS. These machines dont come along often and are all unique pieces of work. Anyhow, keep the rubber side down. Hope you all have a great weekend and ride safely!

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