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No Excuses – 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE

More 2006-era Paul Smarts have been pirated away to the dining room than the garage, a shame since they are sharp-edged tools.  This example is apparently a bona fide museum piece, lightly accessorized and almost un-ridden.

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE for sale on eBay

South African designer Pierre Terblanche presented the SportClassic lineup in 2003, and three variants were produced over the 2006-10 model years.  All used the 992cc dual-spark desmodue, but the Paul Smart styled its way back to Ducati’s 750 Imola race machine.  Modern appointments like Marelli electronic fuel injection, Öhlins dampers, and 320mm Brembo disk brakes bring the 1000LE into this century.  Faired like a 1970’s endurance racer, the low clip-ons limit utility to back roads rather than cross-town traffic.

The owner of this Paul Smart professes to have 150-plus bikes and a private race track, leaving a beloved Paul Smart short on attention.  Apart from a few quality farkles, the SE is as new, as detailed in the eBay auction:

I have all the original bits, of course.  Mirrors , directionals , mini-fairing pieces if for some reason you don’t love the full(ish) fairings as I do.  I made pretty clutch plate and cover and springs and keepers – but you can put the lame stock cover on if you are that fussy. I loved displaying it  as shown.  But everything about it is perfection. 
This is an absolutely-no-excuses bike that is going to continue to appreciate for SURE.

With only 2000 produced, the Paul Smart LE is only going to get rarer.  Look-alikes and conversions have already made their play.  This Ducati isn’t a race replica, but rather a commemorative of a few long-past seasons.  While the eventual re-sale value may be of interest, without the experience of riding the air-cooled dual spark engine it’s a paper exercise.



  • Here’s an article about the guy who owns this: https://nypost.com/2017/11/26/this-rich-dude-turned-his-backyard-into-a-formula-one-racetrack/

  • Having your cake and eating it too. This gentleman knows how to live.

    Amazing collection. Nice to see it all get used as intended, including the 2006 Paul Smart.

  • I like the full fairing, it makes the proportions of the bike look better. Without it, the tank on this and all of the similar heritage models look way too big for the rest of the bike. I understand airbox volume requirements and all, but to me those big tanks kill the look Ducati was going for. Park a 74 750GT next to it’s modern counterpart and I’d be surprised if anyone says they like the look of the new bike better. No way am I going to buy a zero mile one of these for display at $20k, give me the original and I’ll enjoy looking at it a lot more.

    And he could have at least taken some decent quality pictures of the thing instead of rolling it into this carport with crappy lighting 😆. Just when you thought your garage was getting up to snuff, this ad is a great way to realize your own stuff sucks!

  • I guess I am finally getting old as I look at these “modern” ducatis and, as when they came out, said to myself, “That’s kinda cool but they’ll never be worth anything as they are modern versions of vintage designs, not the actual vintage designs. Now I see an uncomfortable and slow modern Ducati fetching more money than my 4500 mile 1994 888SPO and I am scratching my head. Like I said, Im getting old as I fail to see the bike for anything more than it is.. and not a $40,000 anything. ever. Dave

  • I had feeling it was Alan’s, and that Bimota in the background. I so want it.

  • It’s a super fun bike. Unique. Limited numbers. Fun to ride (sure my wrists get sore). Fun to look at. Doesn’t look like a modern “2 Wheel Transformer.” It is visually interesting. Please please please – bring back interesting visual design. The 911’s development has been “evolutionary,” rather than “revolutionary.” The Mustang, the Camaro, the Challenger – all also pulled it off. Gimme a modern Honda 305 Superhawk, Honda 400-4 (using the same blue, red, yellow paint), a Kawasaki GPz 550, or Z1-R, Honda Hurricane, Yamaha FJR, FZR, Suzuki Katana, GXSR, BMW R65. Something – to look at – that is visually interesting – with modern everything else, and I’ll happily ride it around, even if it’s not the fastest in class.

  • Looks like it sold this time for $28,450!


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