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My kind of basement: 1996 ZX7RR with only 477 miles


Here we have a nice bit of near unobtainium in almost brand new condition, a 1996 Kawasaki ZX7RR N1 with only 477 miles.  The ZX7RR was a true homologation special and Kawasaki only imported 500 of the designated “N”/street legal models, the minimum required to meet requirements for use in Superbike racing.  Not only was the bike rare in and of itself, the ZX7RR was the last of the Kawasaki 750cc/3-quarters homologation bikes.

The ZX7RR was quite a different beast from the standard ZX7, coming with track oriented tech such as adjustable steering head with inserts, front forks with different internals that allowed more adjustments, larger/41mm flatside carburators, carbon fiber goodies (including an airbox), close-ratio gearbox, 6 piston Nissin brakes (instead of the standard Tokico), different rear shock, no passenger pegs or seat, and a trick muffler hanger.


1996 Kawasaki ZX7rr for sale on ebay

From the pictures in the auction its clear this particular ZX7RR is owned by a Kawasaki ZX7 enthusiast and has led a pampered existence so far.  The seller states that it has been indoors for the last 15 years, that fuel was drained and battery was removed.   While technically you could do as the seller states and “add a battery, fill with fuel and ride away”, you would probably also want to spend a few bucks/pounds/euros and replace brake fluid and possibly rubber/tires.


Engine bay looks pristine and goodness that exhaust looks perfect, no “it got scraped while moving the bike” marks.


Is this almost new bit of near unobtainum worth the $20,000 USD asking price? Well this is an opportunity to acquire what is essentially a factory fresh ZX7RR which doesn’t come up often and bidding is already quite brisk at $13,000 USD.   As supplies of homologation specials like this dry up prices will go up. While you could have picked up a “bitsa” ZX7RR a few years ago for far less, one in this condition is quite rare.

Personally I think the current bid is already above value but if a ZX7RR is what you need to complete your 1990’s homologation collection, then you probably won’t find one much nicer than this.  It would certainly look great parked next to other homologation bikes such as the Honda RC30, Ducati Desmosedecci and/or Harley VR1000.



  • People have gotten ridiculous with these prices. No way it is worth even 13k

    • As I type this it’s at $14,300.

      Am I surprised? Yes.

      Could there be some shill bidding? Who knows.

      Sure do like the purple/green colour combo though.

      But don’t let the VFR750R owners hear you say that the prices are too high. Unless of course, you own one of these 1996 ZX7RRs! Lololololol

      If you do, then that’s OK! Lololololol


  • I was bidding on it for a while before it showed up here but it’s way too high at 20K. At the point you’re approaching RC30 / OW01 ranges and as much as I love ZX7RR’s, 20K is just crazy!

    Maybe I should start collecting scooters, all my favorite classic sport bikes are getting out of my reach 🙁

    • Yes you are correct.At this price you may be better off stretching the extra $10,000 for an RC30.

      Unless you are like hwood851 as speculate on collecting series 2 MV Ago F4’s and F4 Sennas.

  • it’s worth it guys. At 20 not even close on a RC-30. This was the best one.

  • Love this bike! Looks to be in amazing condition. Not worth 20k, but 15k is probably correct. It has only 477 miles!

  • The upper cowl shade green doesn’t match with the fairings.

    • Good eye! I didn’t even catch that. Maybe some crash damage?

  • I’ve never understood guys who bitch about bike appreciated values… You would think we all would all be happy to see what we love to continue to climb in value… However, this site seems to have followers who would rather see bikes worth dirt… I have an RC30, owo-1, desmosedici, K-1, and a few other homologated bikes… all of which seem to come up for sale more frequently than this bike… Hope it hits $30k!!!

    • That’s exactly the problem. You have a bunch of exotic bikes that only get more valuable the crazier people get about crap like this bike that’s posted. If you think it’s a good deal, you should buy it. 20 gand for a ZX? GTFO. Your RC and Desmo will likely still hold value, well, your RC will always go nuts, but this bike? No way. Maybe in 50 years or something.

  • Yep,good to see the experts/haters in full swing…again!!!
    “It’s not worth that,its not this,listen to me,I’m an expert/hater of rare and unobtainable weaponry”

    Some,supposedly,educated fossils who troll this particular appendage to the world are under the misguided belief that they, and they alone, are responsible for setting the price point on every featured homologation special,fortunately you’re not,”market forces” kiddies.
    Now,let me put my slippers on,kick back,relax and watch those late to the “homologation special collection” party slit each others throats.

  • kyle kozak is right. You all guys try to compare price with RC30. But facts are, that this bike was produced in quantity around 500 and is together with 89 GSX-RR maybe the rarest one to find. Also this bike is nearly new. You compare 20-25K RC30 bike which was produced in 4500 quantity and at this price you will have bike with 10K miles and more.
    OK, just make a test. Try to find out RC30 bikes for sale all around the world. You find 15-20 bikes today. Try to find ZX7RR, you will find 1, luckily 2 units, and that´s it. Ofcourse RC30 was more hi-tech in its age than this ZX7RR in its age, and also had racing success. This make RC30 very interesting. But also in continuous with RC30 value rise, will rise also value of Kawa´s K,M and N models.

  • Homologation bikes of the late 80″s and early 90″s, along with grey market 2 strokes will continue to rise in value and be more collectable as time goes on. The market is what someone will pay, peroid. You may not like it, but acceptance is the first step.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^ (what he said)

  • Well, some of us know the guy and the person he got it from. Shill bidding is shill bidding and it’s dishonest. It’s got nothing to do with market value. Mark my words you’ll see it back up on eBay a couple of months from now because of no payment…

    Wake up people. Stop being SHEEP….

  • I also noticed the color difference between the side fairings and the front fairing and front fender. I did a little research and found out that the same seller recently sold a 96RR side faring and pulled the other one from auction end early. They had scratches on the bottom due to hitting a ramp while loading the bike. My guess is that he changed out the originals due to the scratches and put on this set. That would be unfortunate. Hopefully I am wrong. Here is the ebay item numbers for those side farings. Posting a link is not working. The item numbers are 141732156048 and 141732143514. Check it out and post your opinion.

  • Not rare. This is the third one in a year. Pump and dump!

    • Another for sale on Craigslist Raleigh.

  • Hwouldnt851, I’d be happy to buy your RG500 or ZX7RR on the cheap, cause they are not worth much- according to you. Let me know.

    • I don’t have a RG500 or ZX7RR…..

      I just have 3 ZX7R K1’s, and a 1989 GSXR R for the Homologations Generation.

      Only approx. 172 of the K’s came to N.America and try and search the last time on came up for sale in nice condition in North America.



  • Hwood851, have both the bikes you have guess great minds think alike, my k-1 is still in the crate. I often wondered if there was another one still crated?

    • Do you have also OW01 in the crate ?

  • wonder what the owner has the reserve set at?

  • 916 yes I have the owo-1 crated as well

  • K3: I saw your pictures of K1 and OW01 in the crates somewhere on web with your story. I think that in that time you did the best you ever do, because I don´t know about any K1 or OW01 in the crate. I just know only about Yamaha RD500 in the crate.

  • final bid was 17.2k usd, reserve not met

  • I’m still waiting for an M1 or M2 to come up for under $20k. I might be waiting a bit.

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