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For a Beemer – 2004 BMW R1100S

After a 20-year break since the R100/S, BMW’s re-entrance to the more sporting side was thoughtfully  considered, with lots of new engineering, and as they approach classic status, a great success.  This nicely-updated R1100S looks excellent and fans of the brand would say, just broken in with 22,000 miles.

2004 BMW R1100S for sale on eBay

The R1100S arrived with concepts new to sportbikes – the four-valve 1085cc boxer, Telelever  front and Paralever rear suspension with shaft drive, single-plate clutch, ABS, and some things newer to BMW – clip-on handlebars and underseat exhaust.  BMW kept their vaunted build quality and usual Bosch fuel injection, but tried to leave the weight behind.  The engine is a stressed member of the aluminum chassis, and the supersport fairing flows from the beak, over the tank to the pillion cover.   Great power at 98 hp with 72 ft.-lbs. torque, and with a dry weight of 505 lbs. it’s light for a BMW.

Offered by an Illinois dealer, this R1100S looks well taken care of and has the optional grey / orange checkerboard.  A more sporting build since the ABS, centerstand, and heated grips were left off.  The owner has upgraded to Ohlins dampers on both ends, and added conspicuity lights on the fork legs.  The bags look like they just came out of the closet where, handy as they are, they should be returned.  From the eBay auction:

This 2004 BMW R1100S has only 22,370 miles and has had all of its maintenance performed by Cycle Werks in Barrington, we are an authorized BMW dealer.  This bike comes with BMW Saddle Bags, Ohlins suspension, Aux. Driving Lights, and much more!

For a BMW it’s sporty, light, and this one with low miles, and though succeeded by the R1200S, the R1100S is regarded as the better track machine.  The bike was the source of many years of the Boxer Cup, a single marque support series, resulting in the special edition Boxer Cup Replica.  But you can find an R1100S at almost any track day or racing school, just look for the guy with no trailer, he’ll be riding it home…




  • Saddle bags and driving lights. The mark of a pure sports bike.

  • Like a beautiful woman, she looks better with out saddle bags. I keep my bags on the shelf most of the time, but while sport touring, at which the R1100S excels, those well designed BMW bags sure are nice to have. With 80K miles, my bags have been all over North America.


  • the light attached to the front fork threw me off, what a strange place to mount it…I think maybe zee german engineers had spent a bit too much time at oktoberfest, yah?

    • The forks are a popular place to mount aftermarket lights. Mounting the lights down low creates a light triangle that makes it easier for drivers to judge an oncoming bike’s distance and speed.

  • Not rare, not a sportbike, barely even an interesting bike. Just in my city I know of two of these in this exact color and 4 others in different colorways that are the same model….you’re really stretching here and I’m not sure why. The posts over the past couple days have been great, truly rare, or interesting pieces. This, on the other hand, is one of the dullest and most regular bmw’s made in recent times. I’m assuming you thought it was up the alley of your target audience, which is fair, but that’s not what we come here for.

    • This posting has been more than compensated by the KB3 posting. However, I wouldn’t knock this bike until you try it. The R11S doesnt anything great, but it does everything well.. It’s a heavy bike and at 98hp the acceleration will not blur your vision. It will carve up the canyons on the way to PCH and then take me all the way up the coast and back without having to seek out a chiropractor. The boxer is bulletproof, low maintence with no belts to replace. I have ABS that saved my bacon and those of countless other owners on the street. I have a BCR with case mounts but have never had them on yet. The asking price for this one is quite high, given the mileage. You can find a Boxer Cup with similar miles which is a more valued bike.

    • Exactly. A bit off the mark this time.

      There are 5 for sale in my area. 2 of them are 2004 models. 1 with bags. Interesting, maybe…but certainly not rare.

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