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Fast Forward – 1995 Honda RVF400 / NC35

On the coattails of the VFR400R,  Honda updated the long-lived welterweight and extended the success 1994-1996.  Feigning to be an RC45, the fox-eyed NC35 had the tasty build quality to live up to its MSRP.  This one has Cali title and looks great for its 20,000 miles.

1995 Honda RVF400 / NC35 for sale on eBay

Honda's 399cc V-4 is the basis for the RVF400, familiar though the cam timing has changed and it is mounted differently in the twin spar aluminum frame.  Ducts now bring fresh air from the front of the fairing to the airbox.  Forks are 41mm Showa, but now inverted for lower unsprung weight.  Styling is of course updated to echo the RC45, with graphics to match.  Wheels are the same 17-inch for the RVF, easing tire choices in the long run.

SoCal friend of RSBFS Glenn has gone over this NC35 from A to Z, and as the model was never offered in the U.S., they are rare and more so with California documents.  A nice cosmetic freshening up was done, as well as renewing any expendables for  the next owner.  From the eBay auction:

Of all the classic 1990 Honda's the RVF400 is one the best, and like the NSR250 the prices seem to be going up every year...finding a CA titled one, that also becomes harder each year. This bike is registered as a 1995 Honda with a 17 digit vin, currently non op with DMV, no back fees.  You can register this bike in any state.

This is a very nice nearly stock and very original unmolested NC35.  Far nicer than most of the NC35's left in Japan that suffer from lots of neglect over the years.  This bike has been in the states for a number of years.

All OEM original Honda bodywork that has been recently re-painted in stock original colors.

Freshly painted wheels front and back.

All stock except for the slip on exhaust and braided front lines.

In the last few months the bike has had the following:

Complete service front to back

Carbs cleaned

Front forks refreshed with new seals and fluid

New NGK Plugs

New Honda 10w-40 semi-synthetic fluid and filter

New Synthetic DOT4 brake fluid and flush front and back

New Battery

Brand New Michelin Pilot Powers ( nearly no miles on these!)

Deep detail and cleaning on every part of the bike and complete going over.

Bike has seen less than 25 miles from all this work. It is turn key and ready to go. Bike runs great and everything works as it should.

Very nice as seen in the photos. Hairline crack on the right upper mid panel, hard to see. Some fogging on right side headlight lens, very small ding in tank (will try to add photos of this) some light corrosion on frame, and some scratches in a few spots on the frame spars.

Even allowing for the cramped quarters, the RVF400 delivers fun at a low per-mile price, especially when insurance is factored in.  The light weight, balance and nice equipment make the RVF arguably the ultimate 400cc V-4 ( well, four stroke at least ).  This owner has assigned a boundary-stretching Buy-It-Now but the recent work might be worth it.  Or if you're almost there, the Make Offer button is available...



  • This is not a boundary stretching price at all. It’s spot on and i realize I’m over the top with nc30’s ans nc35’s but I took my NC30 out yesterday and people were actually trying to stop us to talk about it. RC45’s are in the 35K to over 50k range so this bike at 11k is a deal for the little brother. 5 years from now, maybe a little longer, these things will hit the high teens. As far as cramped quarters. I’m 6’4 and fit just fine. Out of all my 40+ bikes…this is the most fun to ride and with CA plates, that’s an extra $2k perk at least. I’d buy it but already have one…having 2 would be cool though for friends to join me…hmmmmm

  • I live in California and am on my second RVF400. Fantastic bikes!

    Didn’t the same seller have a pristine RVF400 for sale a few months back. I recall that went for $12.5. It was super low milage (2k?) and clean but no Cali title. This one at $11k seems a little high given market conditions right now. Of course if you’re a California based fan of the NC35 (I am!) then maybe you should jump on it. These are getting harder to find.

    Following “motoman’s” logic, if the Cali title is indeed a $2k+ “premium” then it will limit the buyer pool to Californians because why would someone out of state pay a 20-25% premium extra for the Cali title? Also, does that mean the bike is worth $8.5-9k if it was titled in another state? I wonder. It’s clear the seller is targeting a California buyer who’s in the market for such a bike and figures a couple of grand extra to enjoy exclusivity worth the added cost.

    From the photos the refreshed fairing coloration is off as well as what looks like a glossy clear overcoat. I personally prefer bone stock OEM but that’s me. Listed is a sorted runner and would be a fun bike to have. The whine of the gear-driven cams is fantastic.

  • I think he is referring to the fact that with a CA tittle (or any other tittle) you can take it to any state and get it tittled. I don’t think a CA tittle has any more value than any state tittle, as each state will accept other state tittles (yes I am sure there are some obscure exceptions) but any DMV will look at it as a “tittled” Motorcycle…….

  • And….SOLD.

    Anyone here buy it?

  • Whomever bought it got a sweet ride if you do one upgrade. Do what my friend did upgrade the forks with the matris internal swap and a nitron rear shock. It takes a sweet handling bike and makes it bliss. It was the best mod he ever did to it was worth every penny!

  • I do know that California DMV makes it very difficult to get grey market bikes registered into. I think it all boils down to emissions. The California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B. are rather draconian). Hence 49 state bikes can be difficult if not impossible to register in the Cali with a few exemptions. Mileage and age affect eligibility.

    One thing for sure, an inspection by the California Highway Patrol is warranted for an out of state bike (at least it was for a bike I brought in from NV) and they look for the federal EPA sticker. A grey market bike will have none so not sure if that is a red flag or merely gets noted in the report and of no consequence to the DMV.


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