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Endangered Species? 1995 Honda RS125

For Sale: 1995 Honda RS125 race bike

There have been quite a few race bikes coming up for auction lately; some are super rare, exotic factory machines, while some are complete unknowns like the EMC bikes Ian just posted. This is neither. This is an off-the-shelf racer that practically anyone could buy in the day. What makes it rare? It now belongs to a class fallen by the wayside, another senseless two-stroke assualt by the inexorable four-stroke march of progress. You heard it from RSBFS: Count this one on the endangered species list. First the bikes will be cheap and spares plentiful, and then the former will go way up as the latter become scarce.

The RS125 was produced from 1988 to 2009 (although the 2004-2009 bikes were nearly identical). That is a pretty significant run for racing machinery, and hence there are a fair amount of bikes available on the market today. Looking back at the impact the RS125 had on the world, this racing class produced a huge list of champions – you might have heard of a few of these guys: Loris Capirossi, Daniel Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso and Tom Lüthi. All won World Championships on a Honda RS125. There is no doubt that learning to ride an RS125 fast does much to hone your racecraft.

From the seller:
Just finished motor rebuild and only rode around the block 2 times and ran great. Will need carb adjustment to suit your environment. Brand new crankshaft comp, piston kit and replated cylinder, gaskets, seals, o rings, oil, ets. Spares include, Honda RS125 service and parts manual, front and rear sprockets, main jets, needles, slides , coil, new clutch plates and basket , bearings, new dunlop rain tires, tire warmers, good used crank and head, new front fender, seat tail section, front and rear Battle Factory stands, carbon fiber under tank air box comp. and more. Fun bike to ride, race, stare at or collect. This is a production road racer, there is no title and no warrenty. Dates on pictures are not correct, I took these pictures today.

Look at the economics of it all: This RS125 has an openign bid of only $3k, with a BIN of $3,500 (cheap!). A Morowaki MS250H – a comparable four-stroke entry – will set you back $10,000 – $13,000. And Moto3 hardware such as the Honda NSF250R? Better bring closer to $30k, pal. The best part is that the RS125 will continue to be lusted after as a purebred racing machine; and when the world becomes nostalgic of the popcorn sound of a smoker, values will start to rise once more.

These things look like an absolute hoot to ride – check out these RS125 videos I found online. Great speed and great sound, even if they are not of this particular bike for sale. Video #1 comes to us from the Botniaring racing circuit situated in Southern Ostrobothnia, Jurva, Finland. This track is used for national races and is approximately 1.6 miles in length:

Video #2 is from VIR in the U.S., and shows a RS125-mounted rider playing with a Moriwaki. This is another fun video to watch:

This bike looks pretty good and comes with a decent supply of spares and miscellaneous bits to help you on your next trackday outing. Hard to believe World Championship level machinery is available at this price point but as they say, nothing depreciates faster than last year’s race bike. That is, of course, until nostalgia kicks back in. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!



  • WoooooooooooooooW !!! My 6’3″ 235 lbs ass wants one ! Sadly though I don’t think I will be able to bend into a comfortable riding position . Though it would look good in my living room ! Maybe a 250 though……. !!

  • 250 GP bikes aint a whole lot bigger, to be honest. Just a little bit wider in the tank. Still pretty tight for a big dude.

  • You are right but somehow I manage to contort myself onto an RS250 ….but I tried a RS125 and I just can get my legs to bend ……I would need to be a few good inches shorter …..so it’s the living room for it if I pick up an RS125 . They are a good price though for what you get performance-wise . That video is a great seller for the bike too !

  • Boy, it didn’t last long!

  • It looked to be a great bike at a bargain price. Congratulations to the buyer and the seller!

  • […] This Honda RS125 sold for just $3500. Wow, what a great track day starter for so little cash! Closed Auction | Our Post […]

  • I picked it up — can’t wait to ride it. Will be my first track-only bike.


  • Congratulations, Brad. That looks to be an awesome bike! Make sure you check back in with us and let us know how your track day goes.

  • Just got it. Rode it up and down the street a bit. It’s a great bike. Going to chuckwalla next month with it. Trying to find out which sprockets I should use for that track.

  • Thanks for the update, Sig. Good luck on your track day, and consider all of us very jealous!

  • The RS 125 is a great little bike , in South Africa we have a class on short circuit racing, the latest mod is to fit a CRF 250 , so the rules allow 125 two stroke and 250 four stroke, its a very competitive class.
    Spares are getting to be a problem , I need a complete ign , coils ,wiring and control box as well as the rubber inserts in teh back wheel which locate the sprocket for a 1995 model.

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