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Ducati In A Box: 2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16RR

Ducati In A Box:  2008 Ducati Desmosedici  D16RR

This may be the most visually boring post I’ve ever done but  believe it or not this is not the first Desmosedici in box we’ve seen here on RSBFS.

Yep, more box.  The seller is asking a premium for the pleasure of opening the box with bidding starting at $69,000.  He is basically asking the original MSRP.  I really find it hard to believe he will get much action with pristine Desmosedici’s coming up for sale regularly in the mid 40’s to low 50’s.  15 years from now a boxed one might fetch a premium but I’m not sure about now.

Yeah, still a box.  Are you asleep yet?  This should wake you up.  It’s Rossi’s new ride with the much talked about aluminum frame.



From the auction:

Ducati of North America has told me this bike is the last bike in the crate that hasn’t been warranty registered, Own a  piece of History.


If you like your bikes in cardboard you better click here.






  • Best RSBFS.com post EVAR!

  • oops, I meant to say write up- Best write up EVAR!

  • Sir, I’m going to have to delete your comments for their sarcasm.

  • The box is damaged on the bottom. That has to be worth taking $10k off the bid.

  • this is just a few miles up the road from me. I can go inspect the crate if anyone’s interested…….

  • Nice post, Ian. I now have crate envy.

  • i lust over these bikes. a complete fantasy. so then some douche with a bunch of money thinks that he can make a few bucks by purchasing my dream bike, requesting that it doesn’t get unpacked, and thinks that he can flip it and make some money buy exploiting my dream. i am SO HAPPY that this guy, probably a mortgage broker, is going to lose some nickels on this thing.

    stop fucking with my dreams.

  • […] bike is the last bike in the crate that hasn’t been warranty registered, Own a piece of History.Via raresportbikesforsale.com Filed Under: News Return to top of pageCopyright © 2012 · Magazine […]

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