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Distant Rumble – 2004 Ducati 1000DS SuperSport

Long and lean, Ducati's 1000 Dual Spark SuperSport impressed reviewers with stable handling and sensible seat height.  Its 85 air-cooled hp don't snap the bike upright but do just fine making the cars and bikes behind get smaller.  This 2004 model has miles but recent maintenance and a very factory appearance.

2004 Ducati 1000DS SuperSport for sale on eBay

Ducati used two sparks plugs ( and valves ) per cylinder to help increase power.  Similar 90-degree L-twins powered the Monster and Multi Strada, trading the stable temperatures of liquid cooling for the simplicity and lighter weight of air cooling.  Many updates were made to the heads to improve valve angles and gas flow.  The classic trellis frame provides a solid platform for the 43mm Showa forks and alloy swingarm with Öhlins shock.  The dry clutch is also all aluminum to save weight.  Gold line Brembo calipers are found over dual 320mm front disks and 245mm rear.

Despite 24,000 and 14 years, this 1000DS looks very good.  As a 2004 it has alloy swingarm, Marchesini wheels, and Öhlins rear shock that were later value-engineered into cheaper components.  It also has the rarely seen aluminum mufflers and factory turn signals.  I had thought that Ducati only offered the 1000DS SuperSport with full fairing, but maybe this example snuck in under that wire as well.  Maintenance history from the eBay auction :

Work at 17,000 Miles :

  • Valves Checked (No adjustment needed)
  • New Timing Belts Installed

Recent Work at 21,000 Miles :

  • New Brakes

Just Installed at 24,000 Miles :

  • Oil Changed – 100% Synthetic, with new mounts on the oil cooler
  • Ducati Air Filter
  • New Front and Rear Tires
  • New chain
  • Both sprockets (front and rear) are new, geared for the highway
  • New Battery
  • New Rubber Oil Cooler Mounts


Fans might differ on the complex Terblanche design, but the basic facts of a nicely faired 1000cc sportbike remain, with the fanfare of the big L-twin on approach.  Some afficionados recommend buying the very latest of whatever model you choose, but the 1000DS SuperSport is an exception, this 2004 being better equipped than later years.  Since the last year of the model was 2007, all major improvements are on board the '04.  The simplicity of the desmodue also lends itself much better to hobbyist maintenance than a new bike, and this well cared-for example is worth a look-see...



  • I just can’t get over the look of this bike. It’s just so…melting ice cream.

  • “Terblanche” is that look your face makes when you look at one of his bikes.

  • HAHAHA…Never understood this bike. Looks like it was just thrown together to match a TLS or ?? Headlight doesn’t flow into sides. Side panels appear to stick out way too far on frame…just boring. I can find beauty in all bikes but this one takes A LOT of beers! Ducati designers were on holiday during this one for certain!

  • A great starting point for a custom!

  • It’s s little busy, I’ll give you that. Anything following the 1991-1998 900 Supersport was going to fail aesthetically . I like it, but what do I know, I owned a Paso and an Alazzurra.

  • heh yeah…it kind of looks like I set the wrong resolution on my monitor and has been elongated horizontally.

  • Hey Turin,
    You are absolutely right about the ’91-’98 900ss models, pure art. As for your Paso and Alazzurra, don’t be so hard on yourself!

  • Droopy drawers!
    Looks like the fair slid down the frame and heading for the ground. What?! Terblanche must have forgot to install some cadillac elbows to finish it off.

  • The mechanical upgrades over the ‘91-‘98 ss were significant on this later generation but the bodywork is head turning in the wrong way. Being old I guess I have an affinity for slab-sided bikes; these rigs look somewhat like a carpenter ant.

  • From what I see (and I’ve owned one) this “half fairing” is a full fairing -that has been doctored to emulate the half- by cutting/removing the lower fairing attachment points. If you compare the actual Half Fairing it has a much more finished edge treatment (especially at the rear/lower corner portion of the piece)… the fairing on this bike appears to have simply been trimmed off; nicely done – but trimmed.
    As to styling (and in response to the haters) I agree… the look was controversial to say the least. But a quick scan of other bikes from that same era (late 90’s) will reveal that many other makes followed suit by mimicking a bit of the style as well. Just saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and having “held one” myself – I loved it, and the attention (wanted/unwanted) the bike got every time I rode up to a group of other bikes. I can count on one hand the times there was another “Terblanche SS” in the gang, and mine was YELLOW to boot ! (Yep… Let the vitriol flow gents – LOL) I loved it, and if I didn’t already own a ’93 SS, I’d be likely telling my wife “Honey, I’m gonna’ buy a bike!”

  • too bad about the fairing, but @jonnie you need one and backup… 🙂


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