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Corsa Triplo: 2003 Benelli Tornado Tre Novecento Limited Edition


Located in Southern California is this gorgeous Benelli Tornado Tre Novecento Limited Edition. The LE model is the hot setup in the Tornado Tre world; with up-rated components and sharper focus, this was the model utilized as the basis for competition on the racetrack. Numbered and produced in low (homologation) numbers, the LE was a very expensive alternative to the base Tornado Tre. If there is any criticism of the LE model, it is that it is too similar to the base bike – only sharp eyes will spot the differences that an LE brings to the party. If you are expecting your extra cash to raise the bling level and make a statement, the Tornado Tre LE is a bit of a functional mute.


2003 Benelli Tornado Tre LE for sale on eBay


From the seller:
You are bidding on a very rare 2003 Benelli model Tornado Tre Novecento Limited Edition. 150 models were produced worldwide to homologate the base LE model for World Superbike competition. This bike is #130. Less than 30 bikes were imported into the USA. This bike is an original owner motorcycle, always garaged, never down, never raced in immaculate condition. Oil/filter change and new battery July 2014.

This bike differs from the base model in the following respects:
Full carbon fiber bodywork, fenders and fuel tank
Carbon fiber clutch cover
Sand cast engine cases
Dry clutch
Adjustable swing arm pivot
Ohlins suspension front and rear
Marchesini forged aluminum wheels
Titanium muffler for Benelli by Arrow

The bike comes with the OEM muffler and a separate Benelli race kit case containing: swing arm pivot inserts
swing arm shaft
rear sprockets
Custom factory cover/case with Benelli labeling
Benelli rear paddock stand
Battery Tender


If you are curious about the naming, it’s all pretty simple. The “tre” refers to the three cylinder engine. “Novecento” is Italian for 900. The engine is placed so far forwards that the radiator was relocated to the back. The turbine fans are not a gimmick; they pull air through the radiator at slower speeds. Most reports indicate that the Tornado Tre is a competent machine – perhaps not the fastest or most potent – but decent power and handling wrapped up with character. These are pretty rare motorcycles. Check it out here and let us know what you think!



  • Ironically the Benelli triple engine was developed by Laverda but as the company struggled the designers never got paid. Then Francisco Tognon sold Laverda to two italian brothers but took the rights to the engine with him (which the sued over but lost). So in a way the Benellis are what the new Laverda triple was supposed to be.


    • That is interesting. As a Laverda fan who often wishes they were still building bikes, I guess I now have to start saving up for one of these… Any idea just how hard they are to get worked on?

  • Interesting fact, never knew that. I just like how different this bike looks, it demands a second look with the crazy fans in the back, the cool materials and just the lines themselves. I doubt I can afford this one but I’m going to throw a few more bids out and see what happens. Heard one of the race bikes at Laguna Seca a long way back…such a different sound too, this would be a fun addition for certain!

  • Such a neat bike . Though I know so little about it compared to V-four Hondas , I still consider it a bike ahead of its time , As such it still looks like it fits in with todays crop of Sportbikes (even nicer looking I would say ) . Interesting features such as the cool fans and even the classy briefcase , wow !

  • Fast By Ferracci had one for sale in his showroom a few years back. Very cool looking in person.

  • The green and silver paint scheme is purdy in person.


  • Would anyone know if it is possible to convert the speedo to km/h for international markets.Does it have an internal programme in the speedo head that can be converted or does it require a new cluster assembly.

  • I’ve wanted this back ever since I saw it in an article back in 2000 where it made an appearance at Isle of Man. So sexy

  • The speculator, I have one of these bikes in my collection and the speedo I think converts. I’ll check for you. The bike sounds great, looks great, fit and finish is wonderful. If you are a short rider you will need a step stool and go go gadget arms. Bike seat hight is tall and the tank is little weird where you naturally want to lean on it too reach the clip ons, but that’s about it, for my complaints. You can see the carbon fiber under the paint, which is really cool as well, reminds me of the look of the F-50. I park this bike right next to my Mondail Piega, they make a neat pair :).

  • Crap… I want this more and more. Plus the seller sent me a great email on the bike and it’s history. May have to dig a little deaper and sell my NSR to pay for it. Starting to realize I don’t like collecting bikes I can’t ride anyway…

    Wish I knew what it’s really worry though. I’ll look up other sales this weekend. Anyone have a ballpark value on her?

  • Adam, I think at $9,300.00 it’s close to where it should be. I paid just a touch more for mine and it has a fifth the miles on it. But market could be moving north on this one. very limited bike for sure

  • They are nice bikes, handle very well, and the dry clutch and carbon fiber on the LE version is very cool.

  • I’m in for 10k as I can pick it up locally but that’s my cap. Bidding now 🙂 Thx for the advice gents!

  • Went a bit higher. Too rich for my blood. Oh well, thought it may go higher

  • $10,350.00 Is over what I paid for mine that has far less miles… Market moving up? 🙂 Coolest bike you’ll ever find for $10,000

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