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Between Successes – 1974 Rickman Triumph 650 CR

Rickman-framed cafe racers have had a steady if not frequent presence on RSBFS, but mostly using Honda CB750 and Kawasaki Z-1 drivetrains.  Just before, they had produced but a few dozen Triumph powered CR’s.  This diamond in the rough has been in storage since just 3,000 miles, and is ready for a makeover.

1974 Rickman Triumph 650 CR for sale on eBay

Derek and Don Rickman made their name designing and fabricating beautiful and world-beating frames for the scramblers they loved, the lightweight and nickel-plated chromoly tubing being a usable showpiece.  They turned their attention toward the street starting in 1970, and provided the recently nationalized BSA-Triumph a market for their T120 twin of 46hp.  The twin carbs and factory 5-speed were good news, and Rickman added alloy rims and disk brakes, as well as large-diameter forks.  Careful fabrication was Rickman’s calling card, with lovely fiberglass work augmenting the frame.

Undeniably tired and ready for the next chapter, this CR appears substantially complete.  The pittance of miles will have to be swept away in a flurry of renovation, but the new owner will have a beautiful rarity when complete.  A thoughtful test rider or British specialist will be required with the right-side shifter, left foot brake.  Comments from the eBay auction:


Rickman won the Queen’s Award to Industry for their exports in 1974, but had to change horses when Norton-Villiers-Triumph could not resolve their labor troubles and were forced into liquidation.  Before that the Bonnies had been a big success so basic mechanical parts for this CR should be easy to source.  With its long lost history it’s a soup-to-nuts project, but a worthwhile endeavor in this complete and seemingly undamaged example.


Between Successes – 1974 Rickman Triumph 650 CR
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Mechanics Special: 1974 Rickman Kawasaki CR1000

This is definitely not our usual material, but you may have notice Mike has returned to make regular contributions on the site. He’s a bit of fanatic when it comes the tuner specials and felt inspired to write this one up. Let us know what you think in the comments! -dc

RSBFS does not normally post work in progress project bikes, basket cases, or “piles of parts” specials. But what if the motorcycle in question originally came that way? Because what you are looking at is a Rickman CR, offered to consumers in kit format. Provided with a frame, bodywork, suspension and wheels, the avid buyer needed to supply engine, tranny and electrical – usually from a donor bike. Thus, this is somewhat true to the original kit offered by Rickman. Does that make it fair game?

1974 Rickman Kawasaki for sale on eBay

The Rickman brothers created wonderful toys – think of them as the UK equivalent of Bimota. With handcrafted frames welded in stainless and evocative fiberglass bodywork that rivaled the best the Italians had to offer, Rickman kits were assembled into fantastic creations. And as the bodywork and the frame were the biggest pieces of the kit offering, this appears to be your chance to get back to the kit bike days and build one of your own. With no manual, instructions or parts list the risk is definitely on you – but Rickmans are not exactly available on a daily basis. This is rare indeed, although not as desirable as a clean, running example.

From the seller:
Here is your chance to own a rare Rickman Kawasaki CR. Mostly complete with tons of parts and upgrades. Like fresh orient express big bore kit, D ported GPZ head, original body work. The list goes on. All parts are in good shape and a great start for your vintage road race project. Sold with bill of sale. ((No Title))

This is NOT the bike for sale, but a good representation of what the finished product could look like:

This project could make for an awesome cafe racer – but you need your rose-colored glasses for best effect. There is much work to be done between the current state and the finished product, and there are a great many unknowns in between. If those chasms can be successfully negotiated, you would have yourself a rare bird indeed; if not, this remains a pile of parts. With a starting bid of $4,500 USD and a BIN of $6k, everybody must be wearing optimistic lenses these days. I can see the potential, but historic values might suggest this is priced closer to a runner than a collection of cool parts. Check it out here and let us know what you think!


Mechanics Special: 1974 Rickman Kawasaki CR1000
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Rickman, Round 2: 1978 Kawasaki Rickman CR900


If you wanted to get yourself a Rickman, but the last one we posted was either A) too ugly, or B) too far away (Italy), then here is another chance. Rather than a Predator CRE, this particular Rickman was the bread and butter of their street bike lineup. Powered by a 900cc Kawasaki drive train, the CR900 series is pure 70s vintage cool. We have seen several of these CR models in the past, and they are always striking machines. Sporting a nickle-plated frame (known as the Metisse) and bold, red fiberglass bodywork (most CR models seem to be finished in extraordinarily bright, fishing-lure type of colors), this bike looks to be finished to a very high standard. It is also readily accessible in California. A collectible that you can ride today, prices on the CR900s I have seen are all headed to the clouds. Is this your time to get in?


1978 Rickman CR900 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
You maybe looking at one of the rarest bikes on the planet. This bike is titled as a Rickman and not as a Kawasaki. The bike is titled as a 1978. The I.D. plate fixed to the steering neck indicates September, 1977 chassis and is the correct id plate for this bike.

Almost all of the Rickman CR900’s, of which few were built, were finished in green This bike has the orgiinal gel coat in red. The bike is original in color and I know of no other with this color. This is an original machine in pristine condition and rides like a rocket ship with the responsive and light frames built by Rickman powered by the Kawaski 900 cc motor. This bike performs as good as any modern bike today. The 900 cc motor number is Z1E 238xx.

This Rickman chassis was purchased in England by the original owner while vacationing there. The milage on this bike is less than 9,000. Most of these miles were accumulated prior to the motor being installed into the Rickman. Thus this Rickman frame has seen very limited use. The original rear sprocket shows virtually no wear. The saddle looks near new. The instruments are from the original Kawasaki and show the mileage covered by both the kaw and the Rickman chassis. If you are looking for an original colectable motorcycle that is sure to increase in value look no further. Rickman motorcycles, are extremely rare and have proven in the past to be highly desirable and with their limited production should continue to increase in value.


With only a handful of days left on this one, there have been *plenty* of watchers, but no takers (yet). That might be because the BIN for this beauty sits at $25,000, or best offer. That is pretty steep, but far from the high water mark we have seen for a clean and well-presented CR900. Check it out here and let the Rickman fantasies begin!


Rickman, Round 2: 1978 Kawasaki Rickman CR900
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Ricky Racer: 1980 Rickman Kawasaki CRE 1000 Predator


In the magnificent world of The Frame Game, there are a few legendary marques. Bimota is often the first to spring to mind, along with the requisite Harris and Spondon. But the Rickman brothers – who started out with trails and off road machines before turning to road racing – are surely top of the class for quality and longevity. First started in 1960 by building complete bikes, Rickman eventually went the kit bike route as well, offering basic frame, suspension and bodywork components which could be assembled with a motor, trans and leftover bits from a donor cycle. Sometimes the assembly was done by the owner in the garage, but some of the cleanest bikes came out of professional shops offering this service to well-heeled customers. This appears to be one such bike.

1980 Rickman CRE 1000 Predator for sale on eBay


Kit bikes are a mixed bag in the collecting world; rare models will always be coveted, but not all have equal value. Vintage Rickmans from the “original Rickman” era are definitely rising stock these days, and this one appears to be from the period of time right before the Rickmans sold the business. The Rickman name lives on to this day, having passed through a number of hands, and Rickman products are still available via Rickman Motorcycles Ltd


From the seller:
Rickman CRE 1000 Predator
model year 1980

Super rare model, 2 owners from new The first owner ran the Rickman owners club for many years

Bike has extensive history file, frame was supplied to Maitland Racing who built the bike and supplied a tuned engine. Engine Z1000J motor fitted with a Wiseco 1105 big bore kit, electronic ignition, Goodrich oil cooler, full build sheet & dyno chart included. Dyno’d at 118bhp.

Converted to mono shock and 17″ wheels.

Starts and runs with no smoke or rattles, only known fault is the speedo requires attention currently fitted with a Sigma digital speedo.

Correctly registered (English documents) as Rickman


This bike is not entirely new to these pages. It has made the rounds on eBay before, having been posted in March on our sister site Classic Sport Bikes For Sale by staff writer Tad. This gorgeous Rickman (it is noted that beauty may be in the eye of the beholder) still has a few days left at auction, and the bidding is still below 5 Grand. There is a reserve in place, so no way of telling what will let the current owner let it go. It is an interesting example of the “build it yourself” breed, and is worth checking out. Jump here to grab all the details, and then be sure and let us know what you think!



Ricky Racer: 1980 Rickman Kawasaki CRE 1000 Predator
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Rare, Orange, and 70’s, but not a Laverda: 1971 Rickman Enfield 750 Interceptor

Its not unusual for small motorcycle manufacturers to take existing engines and slotted them into redesigned frames, offering improved performance while keeping reliability.  In the last 20 years, Roehr tried this with the HD motor, Fisher tried it with the Hyosung, Bimota did this with their S/D/Y series bikes.  And this practice isnt unique to this century…Norton did it back in the 1970’s with their Triton bikes (Triumph engine in a Norton frame).

Rickman Enfield 750 Interceptor for sale on eBay


The Rickman Enfield Interceptor was another “good engine into an aftermarket frame” bike, although with a slightly unusual history.  Rickman was a frame builder and in the 1970s they began selling chassis kits for Japanese bikes like the Honda CB750 and Kawasaki Z1., two of the original superbikes.  Rickman road bikes were the first to use disc brakes both front and rear and other innovations included the use of large diameter telescopic forks  and oil carried in the frame tubes to help dissipate heat and save weight.


Apparently, after the Royal Enfield factory closed, a little over 200 Royal Enfield Series II Interceptor engines were stranded at the shipping dock in 1970.  The engines were originally on their way to Floyd Clymer (of Clymer repair manuals and Enfield “Indians” fame) in the United States but unfortunately he had just died.  The export agents approached the Rickman brothers for frames and as the Rickman brothers’ main problem had always been engine supply, a limited run of 137 Rickman Interceptors were built.
From the sellers listing, it appears that this is one of the 137 bikes.


All in all, a tasty bit of orange for anyone to tuck under the tree…


Rare, Orange, and 70’s, but not a Laverda:  1971 Rickman Enfield 750 Interceptor
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It’s all in the frame: 1975 Rickman CR frame kit

For Sale: 1975 Rickman CR frame kit

Different strokes for different folks. We all know that Ian can spend hours looking at illicit pictures of radiators, but for me it is all in the frame welds (like these). And when it comes to frames, few are as famous as those welded up by the Rickman brothers of the UK. Delivered as a frame/swingarm + bodywork kit in the 1970s, Rickman frames were legendary for their handling prowess.

This is a CR series frame, built to accept a Honda 750cc inline four. The donor bike of the day would have been a CB750. CR frames were also made for Kawasaki engines with the 900cc & 1000cc engines being the choice for the bigger bore rider. We have posted a few completed Rickmans on both RSBFS as well as CSBFS, so be sure and check out what the finished product might look like to get some inspiration.

From the seller:
Unbelievable and rare find, original circa 1970’s Rickman CR nickel plated frame for the Honda CB750 SOHC along with the nickel plate swing arm and the original fiberglass tank, seat and rear fender. PLUS correct near mint 38 mm forks and headsets with dual brake disc monts, Lockheed dual front brake calipers and Lockheed brake master cylinder Plus Lockheed rear brake caliper Plus Rickman rearsets and misc parts along with some plates and misc fasteners. The nickel plate is in outstanding condition and just a little needs polishing with NO heavy pitting. No cracks in welds or any of the frame and no bends or problems and never had a repair done to it. Has concentric adjustable swing arm. Original fiberglass gas tank and seat and rear fender were repainted at one time very poorly but you can see the original orange paint under it. The tank had a repair done near a petcock. No other cracks or repairs on any of the pieces. Alloy fuel cap and original petcocks. Ready just as the original kit was to put wheels, engine and misc bits off your CB750 and have the Rickman of your dreams. Will work with any year SOHC Honda CB750. I have shown a photo of the completed bike but you are just purchasing the frame/swingarm, tank, seat and fender and misc parts shown. I have seen other Rickman bits including a Rickman chain guard as well as other parts that sold recently on eBay UK and USA. Offers considered but really, when will you get a chance at another? especially one that does not need re-nickling.

Unbuilt Rickman frames in kit form do not come our way often. If you are looking for that perfect summer project – you know, the one that allows you to spend long afternoons in the shop working on something unique and fantastic – this might just be for you. There is adequate info on these bikes and plenty of pictures of completed projets on the internet. You are not alone, and yet you will have something completely personal to you when done.

The parts list included with this auction is pretty impressive: the frame and swingarm, along with a tank, seat pan and rear cowl area. All of the fiberglass looks like it could use some serious prep work, but that is all part of the build, right? This auction also includes a front fork, period correct dual Lockheed disks and Rickman rearsets. The Rickmans I have seen all have some sort of fairing (and they do seem to differ), so that is one major component that you will still need to source.

The only thing standing in the way of you and your new Rickman CR project is this auction. The seller is looking for $7k OBO, which might sound pretty steep considering the number of completed Rickmans that we have seen for that sum. But if you want to build your own and are willing to pay for the priveledge, this is a great opportunity on some rare pieces. There are some great pictures and lots of detail from the seller, so click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


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Restored And Wanted: 1974 Rickman CR900

 Restored And Wanted: 1974 Rickman CR900

It looks like there are some anxious bidders out there in cyberspace waiting for this auction to end.  This beautifully restored 1974 Rickman has generated quite a bit of  interest and why shouldn’t it? Just look at the pics.

I’m generally a latest and greatest sort of guy but I think I’m in love.  I know it’s the details that make a good restoration but the photos point in the right direction.  That is a good shot of the Rickman nickel plated frame.

We’ve listed a couple Rickman CR’s in the not too distant past (here and here) but neither were, shall we say, as bright as this one.   Lets get a little history:

1974 Rickman with Kawasaki Z1 motor.  What is the hottest trend in Motorcycling today?  Cafe Racers!  This beauty is the Mother of all Cafe Racers.  It just does not get any cooler!

This bike has ben completely restored.  Every single nut, bolt and other items are like new.  The gauges have been rebuilt by Z-Resto.  The engine (Z1E –2447) has a fresh top end.  Switch gear is NOS.  NOS cables.  New Progressive Shocks.  New K & N filter pods.  NOS Kawasaki exhaust system. 

Rickmans were hand built in England.  They were much lighter and better handling than factory bikes.  They kicked ass in road racing.  All body work is perfect and painted the correct green as it left the factory.  All Rickman bikes have chrome moly frames with bronze welds.  All Rickman bikes have nickel plated frames.  This frame is freshly nickel plated.  New windshield.  Very rare Borrani hubs and wheels.  New Pirelli Sport Demon tires.  Bike has only been run to insure no flaws or problems. 

There is not a single flaw on this bike.  It is not often you can say perfect but this bike is perfect!  10 plus condition.  Very rare and beautiful.  Draw a big crowd where ever you ride it or put it in the middle of your collection.  Includes many magazine articles from the era, Rickman assembly instructions and parts catalogue.  Also includes a complete and new set of chain adjuster discs.

Extra style points for the seller matching the color of his text to the bike.  Since the bike is obviously in mint condition, the only conern for a buyer is if the restoration if up to snuff.  When you get into high dollar bikes people will get picky and rightfully so.  Sometimes “restoration” means different things to different people.  My guess is some $$$ was spent on this one.


Pretty from front to back, top to bottom. 


Of course chicks dig Rickmans!  Check out this link for some nice pics of Rickmans from a thread on the Kawasaki Forum.  They are  quite a few lovingly cared for Rickmans out there.  This example is quickly approaching $10,000 with a few days remaining in the auction.   If the pictures won you over you can place a bid for this one here


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Catching up at Our Sister Sites: and

Yep, did you see how I snuck that in there? I’ve started a new site just for cafe bikes and conversions for sale. I can’t deny that I’m on the bus and love what they represent. But for the most part, we try to only post original or lightly modified machines on both Rare SportBikes For Sale and Classic SportBikes For Sale. So I figured why not make another site dedicated to these great rides and show off some of the better looking cafe’s and conversions for sale! Here’s a taste of some recent picks:

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If you’re a fan of cafe bikes, or curious like me, I hope you’ll consider subscribing and discussing these bikes with us. I’d really appreciate feedback as we get started there!


And over at CSBFS, there hasn’t been any shortage of beautiful bikes either. Please welcome our latest contributor, Tad, on CSBFS!

So you want to be a player? 1974 John Player Norton

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Thanks for looking and feedback is always appreciated!