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Derbi September 10, 2009 posted by

Derbi GPR Update

Hello, again!  We have four Derbi GPR50s currently for sale from across the country.

2001 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Austin, Texas is a 2001 Derbi GPR50 with a 70cc kit.  The seller doesn’t state the condition of the bike other than that it “…runs great.”  The pictures look like the bike is in very good condition.  So, the bike looks to be in very good condition and the seller states that it runs great; they are asking only $900 however, which makes this either a very good (read: awesome), this bike has issues the seller isn’t sharing, or it is a scam.  Always be careful!  If you’re interested in this cheap, but nice looking, GPR see the Craigslist post here.


2003 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Crestwood, Kentucky is another very nice 2003 Derbi GPR50.  This bike looks to be in good condition and is only priced at $1,575.  See the Craigslist post here.


2003 Derbi GPR50R

Located in San Diego, California is a decent 2003 Derbi GPR50.  This bike has needs a new battery and has been dropped once, resulting in some scratches that aren’t detectable in the pictures, however it is noticeable that the bike is missing a rear cover and mirror.  This bike is listed at $1,800; six months ago, I would have said this price was market correct but it looks like GPR prices have deteriorated somewhat lately.  See this nice example on Craigslist here.


2006 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Timonium, Maryland is a very sexy (I feel these are visually the best Derbi 50s) 2006 Derbi GPR50.  This example has only 100 original miles and has no defects whatsoever.  Again, six months ago I would have said this is a low asking price but it’s great for buyers if this is market correct!  And if you are wondering, no, Rossi never rode a Derbi in competition.  See the Craigslist ad here.


If you’re in the market for a GPR, I hope one of these strikes your fancy!


Derbi July 29, 2009 posted by

1999 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Graham, North Carolina is a, titled and registered, 1999 Derbi GPR50R with 864KM (536MI).  This example has been fitted with a 72cc kit and the bike looks to be in perfect, original, condition.  If you’re looking for an earlier GPR,


Derbi July 7, 2009 posted by

2005 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Baltimore, Maryland is a 2005 Derbi GPR50 with 59 original miles.  These are fantastic full-size mini bikes and this low mile, original example, gives you the opportunity to own a new one.  The asking price is $3,650 which seems very fair at this mileage.  See the Craigslist ad here.


Derbi May 29, 2009 posted by

Derbi GPR50 Overload

Today, it seems, Derbi GPR50’s are quite prevalent.  If you’re in the mood for something cheap on insurance, neat, rare and able to be wrung out within posted speed limits; the Derbi GPR50 just might be your bike–especially with several available across the U.S.  Listed below is a sample of Derbi’s currently available in the U.S., I have excluded the ones in less than desirable condition and there may be some that I wasn’t able to find.  Let us know if you are aware of one we haven’t posted, if you would like your rare sport bike posted, or, if you’d like us to find a particular model you haven’t seen yet.

2003 Derbi GPR50 Millbrae, California $2200

8600 miles, original exhaust plus Arrow from Team Calamari, rear stand, manuals, both keys and clean title.  See the San Francisco Bay Craigslist ad here.


2002 Derbi GPR50 Burbank, California $2950

2250 miles, Arrow exhaust, 24mm Mikuni carb and newly registered.  See the Los Angeles Craigslist ad here.


2001 GPR50 Lawrence, Kansas $1700

Ducati replica, new piston, water pump, etc. (Rebuilt motor?).  See the Lawrence Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Fairfield, Iowa $2400

Titled as moped.  See the Des Moines Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Fishers, Indiana $2100

1400 miles, premium gas and oil only, ABS (it’s what the ad says).  See the Indianapolis Craigslist ad here.


Two (2) 2005 Derbi GPR50’s Kenesaw, Georgia $3600 & $3200 (See ad)

272 miles, 2 of 100 imported to US, MCO (MSO) title, owners manual, tool kit, 24mm Mikuni, modified Derbi exp. chamber. $3200

230 miles, 72cc Metrakit engine, Arrow exhaust, premix only. $3600

See the Atlanta Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Greensboro, North Carolina $2000

4700 miles, 72 cc Metrakit, Mk Sp Exhaust, Mk PRO Crank, Mk PRO Clutch, 19mm DelOrto Carb, Engine was completely rebuilt and ported professionally at 2500 miles, Oil injection taken out – Premix only.  See the Charlotte Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Baltimore, Maryland $2000

5300 miles and clean title.  See the Baltimore Craigslist ad here.


2005 Derbi GPR50 Georgia $3000

No specific information listed.  See the Tampa Bay Craigslist ad here.


2000 Derbi GPR50 Smallwood, New York $2200

448 miles (shown), 80cc big bore.  See the Fly Kitty Motorsports ad here.



This post is quite old, but here are some Derbi’s for sale right now: