2008 Harc Pro HP250RF located at our shop in Santa Ana, California. This is a full spec GP Mono bike made in Japan. Bike is powered by a Honda CRF250R four stroke engine. Only 27 bikes produced in 2008, this one is entirely hand made and is the best full spec GP Mono bike on the market in Japan.

This is a full spec race bike and much faster than the Moriwaki MD250H that is sold in the USA. If you want the best full spec GP Mono racer, then the HP250RF is the one to own!

Download full HP250RF Specs

2002 Derbi GPR race replica serie #422

2002 Derbi GPR Race Replica #422 with a scant 2395 miles on the clock. Is there anything that makes us start salivating faster than a race replica? Okay, okay maybe a OW01, 998r or some other homologation special, but with those comes the big price tag. So what better way to be the envy of…