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Bimota September 23, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 1999 Bimota SB8R for Sale

Update 10.12.2017: SOLD. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 9.23.2017: Back on eBay with fresh pictures and a buy-it-now of $9,000. Seller note: Open to trades, would consider a trade up or trade down on a RC30, RC45, NC35 and possibly an Ow01 or Ow02, already have an NC30 so I’m good there. Yes, I realize the RC’s and OW’s are quite a bit more but if the offer is fair, I’ll make up the difference in cash. Would also consider a Hypermotard (only bike I miss after I sold and want another one soon!). Open to all trades I suppose, just has to be interesting and not run of the mill… Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Two nice Bimotas in one week! Today’s SB8R Featured Listing that can also be found on eBay doesn’t bother with a traditional Italian powerplant like the DB2, but does stick with a v-twin, in this case the liquid-cooled, 996cc unit from Suzuki’s TL1000R. The TL-R may have been flawed as a sportbike, but there was surely nothing wrong with that engine, and Suzuki supplied it to Bimota and Cagiva to power their Raptor line as well. The engine was largely stock, although Bimota used different fuel injectors to bump power to a claimed 138hp. It’s reliable, sounds great, and offers up plenty of performance in this lightweight machine.

Styling certainly isn’t as svelte as the Ducatis it was pitched against, but the look is distinctive, with lots of exposed carbon on the bodywork and frame. Of course, that frame really is the centerpiece of any Bimota and the SB8R uses a sophisticated, composite design that uses aluminum spars and carbon fiber side plates, a design inspired by the one found on Cagiva’s Moto GP bike. That curvy tail is made of carbon as well, and is self-supporting. Up front were beefy Paioli forks and a traditional Öhlins rear shock replaced Suzuki’s troublesome rotary rear damper. These components helped shave nearly 50lbs compared to the TL-R and improve both the power-to-weight ratio and handling of the SB8R.

Suzuki donated the headlight and the gauges as well. They don’t look quite as special as you might hope for on a pricey Italian exotic, but they also actually work, something that wasn’t guaranteed on other 1990s Bimotas, so it’s a sensible choice. Those huge carbon intake tubes may hearken back to a late 1980s Kawasaki ZX7, but that beautiful top triple they frame really shows the incredible details found on Bimotas of every era: innovative frames, trick bodywork that removes with just a few fasteners, machined from billet frame parts, footpegs with eccentric adjusters, and top shelf components. If you don’t like what you see at first, just look a little bit closer.

From the Seller: 1999 Bimota SB8R for Sale

This example is number #18 out of 250 ever produced, with just 50 SB8Rs officially imported into the USA.  Hand built Italian super bike weighing in at around 380 lbs dry and 135 HP. This Bimota is truly stunning, especially considering it’s 18 years old!  The red paint is a vibrant red, white is very clean and the carbon work is amazing.  The only imperfections that are all quite minor are the barely functional mirrors (look good for display though) and a tiny little crack in the “carbon tube base” where it meets the fuel tank (I pointed it out in the picture with my finger) but even that would be a very easy touch up, if you even noticed it.
The bike is pretty much stock other then a carbon Arrow Exhaust, 6 pot ISR calipers (rebuilt in 2016 with receipt), aftermarket kickstand (stock ones are known to collapse) and adjustable rear sets.  I have the stock exhaust and a few other things in a box.  Bike starts right up as it should with the choke engaged and is currently sitting in our warehouse under a soft cover.  Will need tires pretty quick though if you’re planning to ride.  If you want to fly in and ride it back, I’d be willing to have new tires installed prior to your arrival at your cost of course…the labor would be free though.
I’ve been a huge Bimota fan since they first came out but back then they were out of my budget and just a poster bike.  The workmanship with the beautiful gold forks, CNC’d fork legs, carbon fiber frame and beefy swing arm are truly Italian Art.  The reason the SB8R is one of my favorites is that it utilizes the TL1000R motor which means you get the Italian style and an exceptionally easy motor to work on whereas some of the other models are belt driven Ducati’s and much more expensive to keep running.  This is one of the few collector quality motorcycles that you can actually ride.  It’s not a small bike by any means (I suspect it may be large for anyone under about 5’10) but it’s exceptionally well planted on the freeway, excellent torque, fantastic brakes / suspension and much more comfortable then many of my prior bikes.
I’ve been shopping for one for years but they were not the condition I was looking for or perhaps I didn’t trust the source.  So why sell after a short stint of ownership?
My son had went down on his Daytona 675 last year (see it on my other ebay auction), he’s saved up enough for a new ride so we stopped to see a pretty special bike on the way to Laguna Seca last week.  Turns out, he has my UNICORN of motorcycles…the one bike that I’ve never been able to get my hands on, a beautiful condition RC45!  He also has the CBR400 my son was looking for.  Here’s the catch, he’s getting up there in years and cleaning house.  He will only sell me the RC45 if I take all 7.5 of his bikes (the .5 is a  rolling chassis)…  I’ve never really wanted a large collection, just a handful at the most, not to mention I just picked up some classic sport bikes in the trailing weeks to fix up with my son.  SOOOO.. seeing that I can’t pass up this RC, looks like I’ll be selling some of these others once I get through all the paperwork and figure out what I want to keep (tough life I know…HAHA).
Bear in mind, I’m not letting the Bimota go for cheap, if it doesn’t find the right owner then I’ll focus on selling some of the others.  Fact is, this SB8R is in such great shape, I feel bad to ride it… just too hard to find bodywork and I’m not the kind of guy that just looks at my bikes. The RC45 comes with 2 set of bodywork which is perfect for taking her out and new skins for showing it off :).
Thank you again Frank, my son and I are very excited about the new arrivals!!  I know you watch the ‘Rare Sportbikes for Sale” site daily as we try too so you’ll undoubtedly see this post.
Title is clear, in my name and CA registered.  If you want to ship, no worries.  I use Federal Transport (owned by Allied Van Lines), great guys!
PS.  This bike has had a few owners, as such you can search SB8R and see some of the prior postings as well as many other pics.  Last owner was a great guy!  He babied the bike and just sold it to get something that was a little more of a daily rider.  I’ve already waxed it as well so she’s looking spiffy!
The SB8R was one of Bimota’s most successful models, a much-needed win for the financially troubled company. With a starting bid of $8,000 and several days left on the auction, there’s still time to pounce on this bit of Italian exotica, so head on over and bid at eBay if you’re interested! This example has been thoughtfully upgraded with six-pot calipers and a set of classic Arrow cans, as indicated by the seller. There are just over 7,000 miles on the clock, which is low enough for collectors, but not so low you’d be afraid to put on a few more riding your handbuilt superbike.
Featured Listing: 1999 Bimota SB8R for Sale
Bimota September 4, 2013 posted by

Could I Get That With Some Extra Carbon Fiber Please?: 2000 Bimota SB8R Special

sb symbol
sb right

While we know we are always bordering on Bimota fatigue with RSBFS readers it looks like we haven’t had a SB8R Special posted here since 2011.  This one meets all the usual Bimota requirements, including not being ridden.  The odometer hasn’t clicked over 900 miles yet.

2000 Bimota SB8R Special

sb carbon

Those with a carbon fiber fetish can rejoice.

The story on it from the seller:

Greetings, it is with a heavy heart that I must list my Bimota SB8R Special for sale. I never thought I would part with this bike as personally I think it is one of the most unique (other then a Tesi) and beautiful motorcycles ever made. I bought this bike from a collector and have had it garaged ever since. When I bought it, the Bimota had123 miles on it. Three months ago, I had all the brake fluid changed to fresh fluid including the clutch, a new battery installed along with a battery tender connection (trust me you do not want to change the battery on this bike), oil and filter and brand new Dunlop Q2’s. The SB8R S is always stored in a heated garage along with a dehumidifier.

Everything on this motorcycle is stock except for the addition of the $500 optional fuel trimmer. I have not hooked the fuel trimmer up but it is on the bike. One of the issues with this bike is its ability to run properly down low and that is where the trimmer comes into play. However, I have found this bike to run flawlessly with no glitches down low. I have been following the manual for the proper break in and have not deviated from that. At 1000 miles you are free to open it up and ride like the wind. I have all of the manuals, along with the original sales brochure and three copies of Superbike magazine where they tested the SB8R when it originally came out of Italy.

I have the title in hand. I will not ship the bike but I am willing to assist the shipper if the bike is picked up for transport.

There is no warranty on this bike and it is being sold as is. If you are near I would suggest you view the bike in person and if that isn’t possible, I am more then happy to discuss it on the phone and send more picture of anything you would like to see.

I will let the pictures speak for this beautiful bike.

sb front
sb scoops
There should be no shortage of air reaching the  TL1000R engine hiding in there.  I still say the Suzuki cluster looks out of place (cheap) on the Bimota.

sb arm

The sellers story about the fuel trimmer reminds me that we’ve had plenty of comments from Bimota owners, stating they can be a work in progress.

sb left

The auction is for keeps for #25 or 150 as the reserve has been met.  Click here to bid or stare at pictures.


Could I Get That With Some Extra Carbon Fiber Please?:  2000 Bimota SB8R Special
Bimota December 27, 2011 posted by

Midweek Art: 2000 Bimota SB8R W/1500 Miles

Midweek Art: 2000 Bimota SB8R W/1500 Miles

Update 12.27.11: Posted in November and not meeting reserve, this SB8R is back on eBay with a buy-it-now of $12k. -dc

Some people go to an art gallery to see art, others huddle over to see a little art. Bimota’s never disappoint in that department. Here is a little pick me up to get you over that midweek hump; a super clean, low mile SB8R that needs a new home.

This is why we buy them. I typed “we” in an attempt to convince myself that someday I will own one.

The info on this one is straight forward:


If the headlight was good enough for Suzuki it was good enough for Bimota. You won’t mistake that front end for a TL1000R though.

Frankly, SB8R’s are the Honda Civic’s of RSBFS. Common as can be. We’ve consistently have them listed here. They’ve listed for as high as $17,000 and as low as $8,500. Most low mile examples have had asking prices in the $10,500 to $11,500 range. As of this writing, this bikes was around $8,500 and the reserve had not been met. Bid accordingly.

As usual, unmolested. I do know though, we have one RSBFS follower that rides the heck out of his Bimota so I can’t say all Bimota owners just stare at their bikes.

Put your rear end in the seat.


Bimota August 25, 2011 posted by

Carbon Dreams: 2000 Bimota SB8R Special

Carbon Dreams:  2000 Bimota SB8R Special

I don’t care how much it is.  I’m not really concerned about the specs.  This is simply about pleasing the eye and please it does.

Among Bimota’s,  SB8R’s are half way common.  The SB8R Special, well not so much.  I’ve seen claims of a production run of 150.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the carbon fiber sets the “Special” apart from your ordinary SB8R.

As is mandatory with all Bimota purchases, it hasn’t been ridden.  910 miles put on by one owner.  Entry fee is $16,995.  Break the news to the wife that the house isn’t getting painted this year and tell the kids the economy has forced you to eliminate their allowances.

I’d never noticed before but that is just a standard spec Suzuki gauge cluster.   That is kinda rinky dink.

That isn’t standard Suzuki spec.

Stop starring or your coworkers will think you are looking at porn!  Get back to work or go lay down some coin here.



Bimota May 4, 2011 posted by

She’s Easy On the Eyes: 2000 Bimota SB8R-S

She’s Easy On the Eyes:  2000 Bimota SB8R-S

Update 5.2.2011: . -dc

You know you are getting jaded when you have a really sweet looking Bimota to post and you forget to post it.  In my humble opinion this is the best looking SB8R we’ve listed (these may be the same two bikes)  and all for one simple reason:  those wheels.  I’m  astounded how much those wheels dress up the SB8R.  Yes, it is an exquisite exercise in engineering but I always thought the SB8R was a bit frumpy looking.  Me likey this one though.  If my bank account had a few more zeros I’d be game for this one.

Why post a couple of boring close ups?  To show how dog gone clean this thing really is.  That is show room clean right there my friends.  Yes, that is a ti exhaust. 

Do Bimota’s have a healthy smattering of carbon fiber?  Do bears crap in the woods?

The info on her:

I am selling my 2000 Bimota SB8R-S (Special).  Very Very RARE.  Only 150 world wide.  It has only 3203 highway miles (all the miles were put on last July when I went to a bike show in San Francisco – Reno).  This was the first and last time I have ridden the bike.  I bought this bike BRAND new last year with 0 miles and an open MSO.  I registered the bike last year so I could ride up to Laguna Seca last July.  Since then, I have decided not to ride the bike anymore as I got too nervous about damaging any parts.  The bike is as clean as a new bike and looks fantastic.  You wont be disappointed.  There is over 10K in modified parts when bought from Bimota USA.  It was their last bike left from their inventory when they closed their doors.

– Suzuki TL1000 engine (996 cc Vtwin) fuel injected 
– Full carbon fiber nose piece, side fairings, and complete sub frame seat section
– Carbon fiber frame and rear hugger
– Gold anodized aluminum chain sprocket
– Gold adjustable racing foot controls from billet aluminum
– Gold colored Paioli front forks 
– Gold colored rotor hat with cross drilled rotors
– European headlight system with HID lights.  This was only offered in Europe
– Ohlins steering stabilizer

Aftermarket parts that were put on by Bimota USA as a special order. 

– Motocorse full titanium exhaust – $5600 (only produced 10 of these units) They are no longer available
– Marchesini 5 spoke rims – $5200 (only produced for this bike as an addition)
– Clear LED taillight 
– Power Commander PCIII custom built map – $600 (This unit has corrected the fueling problem that was common on the bike)

I can guarantee that you will not find another bike this new.  It is very clean with no scratches or dirt.  Never dropped, crashed, or raced.  It is 100% immaculate.  I have found some SB8R for sale in the UK at $17,000 but not the “Special” version.  

I have everything that came with this bike.  Manuals, Certificates, Extra keys, brochure, and leather key cover.  This is truly a collectible and will be worth twice as much in no time

 She’s got a healthy set of………..scoops up front.  Since I was late in posting this one the benefit is knowing the auction is for real.  The reserve is off as the bidding has risen to $14,000 as of this writing.  Definitely more than the “common” SB8’s have been going for but this one does have some drool worthy extras and it is an “S” version.  Heck I was sold on the exhaust and the wheels alone.

Here is the rest of the Bimota porn.