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Blades of Fire! Part….Okay, it’s another ’94 CBR900RR

Location: Triumph, Illinois

Mileage: 19,089

Price: Auction

Well, a few weeks back on RSBFS, the Bimota was the bike you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting, and apparently this week’s run goes to the CBR900RR. Mike, Jared and I all have posted one in the recent days, and here’s yet another. I don’t know what else really needs to be said about the 900RR. Revolutionary? Check. New standard for power-to-weight? Check. Timeless? Check. I am comfortable saying this bike is a future collectible and I think most RSBFS staffers would agree.

Here’s what this seller has to say-

Up for sale is my un-molested 1993 CBR 900RR. The only thing changed from stock is that it has a Yoshimura muffler on it.  It has 19,089 original miles and has ALWAYS been adult owned. All 3 owners of this motorcycle have been over 35 and it’s always been well cared for. The only bad spot on the bike is where something scuffed the paint on the tail section of the bike. Tires are in good shape, front is very good and back has approx 50% tread on it. This bike has just been sitting in my garage for the past 2 riding seasons. With a growing family, a full time job and a part time business, I just don’t have time for riding. This bike needs to go to someone who can enjoy it. I’ll also be including a battery tender with it also.

And the few pictures available-

This particular bike may not be as clean or low mileage as the others. It does have an aftermarket exhaust, but the rest of it looks to be original. The seller mentions a scuff on the tail section as a cosmetic issue. If the bike has been cared for like the owner describes, then the mileage shouldn’t be a concern.

So there you have it. A short post on the fourth 900RR that’s popped up on RSBFS in the last week or so. Because of condition you may get this one a little cheaper and still go home with an icon. So go make your play!



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